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Mission News 2010

December '10


2010 National Missionary Convention in Lexington, KYThis is a snapshot with a cell phone taken from the left balcony at a typical morning or evening service. It was verified more than 8,000 people attended the NMC in Lexington!  With having churches Rapid Register, it is tough sometimes to know just exactly how many people attend one day or even the whole weekend.

There were 118 first-time decisions, and twenty-five more who came forward for prayer! That is great!  1,400 teens were there!  I could not tell you exactly how many college students were there, but there were hundreds!  We had a good booth in a good area. Hundreds came by our booth. I can think of twelve of you that helped us hand out 1000 "Bread for Life Flyers". Saturday afternoon Paul visited fifty booths with a personal request for prayer regarding Sudan hunger and the January National Election.

Paul, Marilyn and Bev had a very busy six weeks traveling meeting with people and churches in OR, MO, IA, IN, OH, VA, WY, NE and KY about SAM. The emphasis has been to inform as many as possible about the "Bread for Life" plow program. $360 or $30 per month will purchase a Sudanese family a plow and have the seed to plant in order to feed four families with food for the year.

2010 S.A.M. BoothBev talked with children on "Needs & Wants" which we thought would be good for the students (and adults). I was surprised when I stopped to think about how many "needs" we think we "need" when they are simply "wants" in Sudan...clean water, electricity, farm equipment, nice beds. Our want list is much bigger than our real need list.

Jan. 11, South Sudan is to go to the polls and vote to be a Democratic Nation.  18 million will be given opportunity to vote to stay under Islamic or a democracy rule?  All 18 million want a democracy. A huge Multitude have taken their stand in Sudan under the flag of Jesus Christ..


In one month Southern Sudanese are due to vote on their independence as a nation. They are  already a semi-autonomous region, in accordance with a 2005 peace deal. An overwhelming vote for independence is expected by most observers on Jan.11th."  (Prayers are requested. God is in control. It would take pages to record what God is doing to bring this nation into existence!)

2.1 million new voters have signed up in South Sudan during the last week of November 2010, 10,000 Sudanese have registered in Ethiopia. Southern Sudanese in exile all over the world are getting their absentee ballots mailed in. North Sudan has mistreated the southern people for many decades. Paul's Conclusion is there is no doubt about their independence but God is in control.

Also in the news:  President Al-Bashir is under indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide allegedly committed in Sudan’s westernmost region of Darfur. The charges are linked to atrocities committed by government forces and its allied militias in a counterinsurgency campaign against rebels who rose up against the central government in 2003.

Paul is often asked: "How much power does the Islamic President Bashir have to fight against the election Jan. 9 to11th?"  The news tells us "President Al-Bashir was forced to cancel his trip to attend a Euro-Africa meeting in Tripoli on November 28 after the host country of Libya asked him to do so under pressure from 83 Western countries who threatened to walk out if Al-Bashir showed up. (I try to be as neutral as the news is but yes,  I want to inform the public to whom I write, not to stir up anger but encourage prayer.  Yes, God is in control.)


I wish I could knock on your door and step in as you welcome Marilyn and I into your front room with a hug. and a big smile. We would lay our head upon your shoulder and cry a pray of thanksgiving for you being a part of our lives. We would laugh with joy for having a part in the Sudan African Mission that God is leading. Thank You and Merry Christmas and yes, Happy New Year.
With Christ for the Sudanese, Paul and Marilyn and Bev.



Hospital NewsI could fill the complete  page with info about the Malek Christian Hospital. The water well is complete, A beautiful wall is built for protection. More equipment has arrived by plane. 1000 a day are being treated at this hospital and two  clinics.

New white ceramic 12"x12" floor tile arrived at the hospital a month ago. The existing porous concrete floor was hard to keep sanitized. Now the 20 bed, women's ward is bright, clean and shiny. Yes, the men's ward is equally more cheerful. Our staff work hard to keep things clean.

Paul and Marilyn met at FAME group's warehouse  in Indianapolis Nov. 24th to tour their warehouse of medical supplies. They have good hospital equipment that we very much need in Sudan. We started plans to ship a 20' container filled with much needed equipment as soon as possible.

I estimate it will cost $2,100.00 to buy a 20 ft container that does not have to be returned and about $18,000.00  shipping by truck/rail/steamship and again a truck in Kenya to Sudan from Indianapolis to Malek. We will gather funds until Sept.

Loading and shipping takes about three months from Indianapolis to Malek. It has to arrive to the South Sudan border by Nov. 15th when the rainy period is over and the gravel/dirt roads are passable in Sudan. Yes, lots of new roads have been built by the South Sudan Government. A 75ft right of way with a double lane gravel road goes by our Hospital with a 30 mile straight road to Aweil Town.


Every morning 7 days a week I wake at 6:30 am, walk 7 ft to the bathroom, take a store bought tooth brush to brush my teeth with hot water. Click a button to shave my whiskers, get dressed, go 20 feet to my office to click one button to pull up my e-mail, read it before breakfast. Drive 6 minutes to the PO in comfort to pick up the SAM mail from many people.

Why all that personal data? Well, Yournew has a stick of wood he has chewed on for weeks that is like a brush on the end. Yes he has good teeth! He walks 1000 feet to the water pump and pumps some cold water to wash his face or carry a bucket of water to a 4ft square mud brick shower stall with a sand floor.  Now to eat some ground corn and get ready to go to Aweil town (if the road isn't washed out) to confer with government leaders. Boy! Does that beat up Toyota 4x4 pickup rattle, bounce, shimmy and shake for an hour and a half exhausting trip getting the 30 miles to town. Maybe to get building material or availability of food for 150 students and workers back at the compound that he is responsible for. Mail? no that is another 1000 miles south by plane in a month or two. E-mail? It is risky practice to use a government office. When he comes to Nairobi, Kenya we will write every day for a week or two and Yournew is off back to Malek. Folks, did I take you for an interesting excursion or what?  I hope I did not give you culture shock!


Classes are being taught every week. All of the students are involved in registering voters that have not been given a chance to vote by their government for 21 years. Some weeks there are 50 students attending but always at least 40. Two or three of the  older Evangelists still come to live on the compound for three weeks at a time to teach their block of time on a particular subject.


Those walls just didn't happen. My vision of a nice Hospital was transferred to Yournew and so it was built with hard work from him and you.  What a team. We We and WE!


Funds are coming in steadily. After the first of the year big steps will be taken. The need is great!

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November '10


Share it with your family and Bible Class (and your Minister). I hope 2000 Christians respond with $100 each for plows.

Bread for Life Click logo for a full color PDF version of the November Newsletter
  • Challenge your congregation to help us supply plows for food for hundreds in Sudan.
  • The South Sudan government is praising Yournew and the  Church for the most profitable project in S. Sudan.
  • Carol Nichols of the Loveland, CO. Church put this flyer together from articles I had written in previous SAM Newsletters. She gave me permission to use it as November newsletter.
  • Marilyn, Bev and I will fly to Kansas City this Friday morning to pick up our car and drive on to Keokuk, IA for both morning services Sunday AM Nov. 7th and a special youth Sunday night.
  • The Church there is reported at 800 membership.
  • They have been cheering for us to come for many months.
  • Keokuk has asked Bev to come and challenge the K-6th grade and Junior and Senior High classes Sunday Morning.
  • Bev will fly back to the Gresham office Tuesday, Nov. 9th then join us again at Lexington, KY for the NMC on Nov. 17-21.
  • Look for SAM in Booth # 918 at the convention.   6000 plus are expected to attend.
  • Pray for good acceptance everywhere as we travel.
  • Don't forget to pray for  the Sudan voting for 18,000,000 withdrawing from Islamic North Sudan on Jan. 11, 2011.


Sudan African Mission"Bread for Life” is a program sponsored by the Sudan African Mission (SAM). SAM has been faithfully spreading the gospel in the Sudan for over 19 years, and seeking ways to improve the living conditions of this war-torn country. SAM’s projects have ranged from providing clothes, to digging wells for the people to have a source of safe, clean water.

The Bread for Life program provides a plow and seed to a family. It is a way for families to cease their reliance on food rations and provide for them­selves. SAM’s goal is to teach and equip the Sudanese to provide for themselves.

When this program was introduced in 2004, those who received a plow saw a 7 fold increase in their crop yield. This simple plow allows a family to produce more than it needs for their own consumption. The reduction in time required to plow their fields allows them to rent their plow to others within the village. One plow has the potential to feed 40 people.

working fields to plant foodIn recent years, flooding has been an issue during the rainy seasons, destroying many of the crops. Those with plows were able to replant after flood waters subsided and were still able to produce a crop.

Your Your tax deductible contribution will help bring dignity to a people who endure considerable suffering trying to meet their daily needs. A donation of $360.00 will purchase a plow, seed and personal training of their oxen and ship it to the Sudan. However, a contribution of any amount is appreciated and will be a blessing to the Sudanese People.

How Can I Help?
A by check or credit card is the most common and convient way to give. You can commit yourself to giving $30 per month and in one year you will have donated the $360 needed to give a plow. Checks should be made payable to Sudan African Mission or SAM, and sent to:

PO Box 187 Gresham, OR 97030
or online by clicking one of the Donate buttons (located in both the left and right side columns above).

Ox Plow Project
By Yournew

Yournew Teaching"The distribution of the ox-plows, to our churches went very well. We were able to group the people and use the plows in their own farms where our Pastor Joseph Wol took care of the project and did very well. You will find the details report of the same prepared by Joseph Wol, there is more request for seeds to send to Aweil as soon as we have the funds in our hands. As you know we had a rain shortage last year. That made many people poor and they do not have seeds for this new season.

Dear on behalf of the Bread of Life Project, I would like to express my appreciation toward you and our donors for the wonderful job they have done. Concerning the twenty (20) ox plow, as pastor Yournew arrived at the airstrip in Malek, we received twenty (20) set of ox-plows where 212 are benefiting by sharing the plow. We thank SAM for sending of seeds, SAM brought 69 sacks of sorghum seeds and distributed to the family who received plows. W e offloaded the plows with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts, unknowing what to tell to those who donated them for us, while the very most of us are vulnerable and in need but only dreamed of benefiting from the project, started jumping up and down with excitement and amazement singing “long live SAM, Long Live, Paul and Marilyn, Long live Donors because our lives are being rescued from the bondage of hunger and dependency that was leading to helpless and hopelessness.”

In their cries of joy, Yournew heard their weeping also for vegetable seeds. Yournew sends Sam a request for seeds needed June 1st when the rains are best. 4000 packets of vegetable seeds. 50 bags of sorghum seed. 50 bags of peanut seeds. 3000 pounds of corn seed. Millet, peas are some that were lost in the decades of war. Besides some families have returned “home” from refugee camps with just the shirt on their back.

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October '10


Yournew Preaching to his PeopleMy first report of Yournew was when he was a strong 15 year old with a responsible position as a "garden foreman" pulling weeds in their family food garden. Many aggressive lions were in the area and humans were part of the lion's food supply. It was Yournew's responsibilities on the edge of the garden to protect the 20 siblings working with him. He saw the lion creeping thru the tall grass toward them and kept calm until the lion leaped with a roar. Yournew swung his spear and the lion landed on it. His village cheered for their hero and physically, permanently mark him as their "Statesman" with three football shape cuts on his skull from front to the back of his head.
  When he was 20 the Islamic brown armies raced across his land. All men were killed. Women could not run with their little children so were bound and taken captive as slaves to the north. Yournew fled 500 miles north, along with 1200 boys of his own tribe ,who became known as the "The Lost Boys of Sudan". Two million people died. Hundreds of thousands  fled to Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Chad or Egypt but Yournew's group went north to Khartoum to report  his tribe's bloodshed to Sudan the authorities. He found out it was his own country's  troops doing the raiding to wipe out the worthless black slaves of the south.
   In Khartoum he entered a trade school to learn diesel motor repair and graduated with honors in couple years.  In 1988, when he was 26 years old, Paul was sent by IDES to help these poor suffering black people. Paul came to Khartoum looking for a native translator and  helper for the Khartoum Hospital. A business man named Rafeek told me of this exceptional man, Yournew. As Rafeek and I drove across town, driving through a million people walking in the streets, Rafeek bellowed out "Yournew!" and Yournew emerged from the crowd of thousands. I knew Yournew was sent of God to be my helper!
  Paul spent two years training Yournew to be the Maintenance Engineer" for the three Khartoum Hospitals. Paul did not realize yet the hatred the brown people from Arabia had against the black Sudanese. Even a well trained black man could not be a boss over a brown man. He could only be a slave of a brown man. What a shock! What prejudice! What ignorance!
  This is not the first time the Devil played into the hand of our Mighty God. Yournew said I want to be a Christian and serve your God! We baptized Yournew and a month later Paul and Marilyn returned to the USA.  Yournew went back to the refugee camp on the edge of Khartoum to teach the two million other refugees living there about The Christ he had encountered.

Six months later in 1990 Paul returned to Sudan with more help for the hospitals. Paul met Yournew who had tears in his eyes. The brown people had confiscated his little Honda generator and slide projector including his Bible teaching material. They said a black slave could not own such things.

Too late guys! Yournew had 21 dedicated black Christian teachers teaching the Bible in 21 different congregations right in Khartoum! (In 2009  after 20 years Yournew made a trip to Khartoum and found The Church still alive and well).
  Yournew recognized he needed college help to do his "Calling" as a Church Leader. The Zimbabwe Christian College in Harare, Zimbabwe seemed to be the answer and soon he was there studying the Bible. Soon came Kuac and Michael, chosen from the 21 Leaders of the Khartoum Church.
  Oh yes, there was Garang that came to college also. Garang's uncle which was one of the 21 teachers back in Khartoum who provided the money for Garang to fly to Zimbabwe for Bible College but Garang could not handle the intense study.  As he left  I remember being at the airport with our arms around him in a big circle, we wept and prayed with him, then he flew away back to the Khartoum refugee camp. His Uncle wrote me a letter later saying Garang had seen Heaven in Zimbabwe but he himself choose to return to Hell.

   In 1992 Yournew graduated from the Zimbabwe Christian College. I attended his graduation then we flew 2400 miles north to Nairobi, Kenya.  From there Yournew found his way 1000 miles north to Malek, Sudan to find his family who  thought he had died in the 1983 invasion. The scars on his forehead  and scalp that had been put there by his own people a dozen years before bore testimony he was indeed their loved one who perished (they thought) Statesman.  They had a great welcoming feast and Yournew preached with great joy "The Christ he had found". Tens of thousands have become Christians. He has the joy of being "Home". Yournew truly is a miracle from God !! If you have read my Sudan African  Mission (SAM) newsletters for the last 20 years, you know the rest of the story.



Many times in life I have come up against a task finding myself too weak to accomplish it. I found there was a handy bumper jack to lift the heavy car, a strong house jack to lift a house, a loving Christ to lift my sins away, friends to take away my sorrows. The Church to lift my soul to God. Our Jesus said ("Go," and in my path loomed a frightfully big, far away, Christ less country called Sudan. How do I raise the Banner of Christ above this nation? The simple answer was to enlist the help of strong Christians to help carry the load of the Banner, and so, we all did it! So, the Sudan African Mission (SAM) was brought into existence so easily by the strength of God. Lift your voices of thanksgiving to God for thousands of us being under the Great Banner of Christ waving over Sudan today. Paul, Marilyn and Team


We have stayed pretty close to Gresham for a year. Well, that is a comparative statement. Some years we have seldom been home. Bev Campbell has learned our tasks here at the SAM office, banking, quickbook recording, Post Office and phone. We use Bev's cell phone 503 729 4631 for the SAM office 9 to 5 week days for information.  
   Marilyn's birthday party is Sunday afternoon on Oct 10th and our bags will be packed for Monday morning. We are allowing time in our travel this time to stop by your house or business and visit a few minutes.  Paul always has his cell phone in his shirt pocket. 1 503 720 3237 for personal arrangements.
Ontario, Or.  Lunch at the Sizzler 1:00 pm Monday.
Burley, ID Monday night at Super 8
Cheyenne, WY Tuesday night.  Four contacts on Wednesday.
Scottsbluff NE Super 8 on Wed night. Contacts on Thursday.
Kearney & Hastings, NE on Friday lunch. Kansas City Fri. night.
Sedalia, MO on Sat and Sunday the 17th.
Cincinnati, OH and Union City, OH  19th to Oct 24th.
The following are reports from four of five young men SAM has supported in Nairobi that are true orphans who have no living father or mother. Yournew took them off the Nairobi streets ten years ago. SAM has paid for the housing, schooling and food  through grade school  and now in high school.  Yournew is also teaching them to be appreciative.
Dear Paul and Marilyn and SAM contributors 
"I hope and trust that by the grace of God you are fine and always praying that God would protect you wherever you go.  I always thought of telling you how thankful I am for the support you have done for me.  No one knows better than you two what this means to me.  You have been splendid and I don’t know what I would have done without you. I am really working hard and promising you that I will never let you down.  I really know that I have worked better each term.  I once again thank you very much for taking me this far.  Paul, You are my first role model and I will learn as much as you taught me.  Next term we will open on the 6th September 2010. I should say again Thank you for everything".  Richard Deng Wol

Malek HospitalI could fill the complete  page with info about the Malek Christian Hospital. The water well is complete, The wall is built for protection. More equipment has arrived by plane. 1000 a day are being treated at this hospital and 2 clinics.

Damiu Deng. writes: "Warmest greetings to you all.  Congratulation in the name of our Heavenly Father who had given me this opportunity to address the word of appreciation to you all.  It is my pleasure to give you thank for your concern and continued support, you have offered me throughout my study.  I thank God and pray that God will bless you and open all the doors in whatever you have to do."
 Malith Amer writes: "I am grateful to have this time to let you know what the Almighty Father has availed to me through you.  I am so happy that at least I am seeing myself growing smart plus other children of Malek-Alel community.  I always pray that God would guide you and protect you so that you witness how your children in Malek Community are prospering and exacting to good life."
Joseph Akot writes: "Dear Paul and Marilyn and supporters.
 I greet you in the name of the Almighty God, it has been so long term that we had and God has carried us through our studies up to this moment.  It is my pleasure to have this time to say hello to you and your family.  I am very grateful and thankful for your support towards my education and for that I always thank God for you, for being there for me in all the times of need.  I am a semi-candidate for awards this year."

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September '10


I want you to be aware of one great opportunity for The Church in Africa. We are encouraged to hear from many of you and your concern for the Sudanese Orphan Children.
  Older sister cares for familyThere are hundreds of war orphans that live under trees and rob for an existence. They have no living Mom or Dad. It is common for a 9 year old big sister caring for two younger ones. Right: Here is an older sister trying to care for "her family".
  The haunting memories of their cold, skinny little hands tugging on my arm as they ask for food and help still grips my heart. Yes, many have died for the lack attention and funds.

  • But, in 1990 the Evangelists going to Bible College to save souls was more important than children's lives.     Paul and Marilyn sold their house in Parkrose Heights to get the first dozen men through Bible College.
  • But, in  2004 Yournew said "How can I persuade my people of the Love of Christ when they are dying in pain in my arms" So the hospital took priority to show God's Love and have save the lives of thousands.
  • Sad Memories 22 years ago of seeing many little white bags of small children's bodies piled up like cordwood every morning at the Khartoum Hospital. They had been left on the streets to die. Too much time to cry to myself. So now is the time for an Orphan's Home.
  • But Enough is too much! Enough children have died.
  • WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN 360 ACRES OF PRIME FARM LAND that has been reserved for an Orphans Farm by the area Village Chieftains. IF we cannot establish a home they will turn it over to someone else.

Brothers: What is there we can cut out of our Church budgets and our personal budgets to get the Sudan Orphan's Home into existence?
 Yournew writes "Concerning the Children project, the plan is in place, we are just waiting for the USA Churches to give us go ahead. It will be the best project in our mission, if we can started as soon as possible. The Children's Farm can produce enough food for the Children's farm and the Hospital when it is up and operating. The land is there, I do not have a picture for it but I can send it as soon as I return back to Malek. With this project we are going to deal with the Orphans only. The most of them are not school. We are ready supporting all of the Children in our mission compound we can with the best we can do for them.

Thank you and God Bless You, ...Signed Yournew Wol"

There are several major factors we face regarding the Children Ranch.  We are not complaining, we are blessed! ...But!!

  • We have $30,000.00 per month expense for Evangelists, Doctors Medical assistants, compound workers pay.
  • We have hospital upkeep and equipment to be bought.
  • We have relief supplies for Children that we need to keep up with.
  • We have 40 Bible College Students this year to feed, house and teach on the Compound.
  • The above totals $60-70 thousand a month which is hard to keep up with.

Yournew originally asked SAM for $220,000.00 budget for the next two years. That included two farm tractors.

  • A $40,000.00 permanent stone fence is needed. We could start with a $14,000.00 bamboo fence that rots away in 3-4 years and animals can break through.
  • They can start with plows pulled by a couple $2000.00 oxen instead of a $50,0000.00 tractor. The ground has grown up with large trees during the last 20 years of war. It is hard to remove one foot stumps with an ox.
  • Traditional mud huts can be a start. We’d have a center mud hut and 4 small "sleeper huts" around the center one. That would be better than their previous "street living" But, to show them family style with central meals and Mom and Dad surroundings in a safe, durable concrete block 3 bedroom house is a dream.
  • Can we dream of a ball field on part of the 360 acres. God is moving in the heart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA ) to help level a field and provide discarded major league uniforms.



Above is a group of Christian workers who are clearing trees from a 30 acre field to plant food for the poor widows & children. Instead of guns and swords they have grubbing hoes.
 A Dinka man would not only give the shirt off his back, he would even give the skin off his back. Their generosity is entrenched deep in their culture. Their problem has been they have not had a "democratic" factor in their customs to work together as a nation. Christianity is giving them that vision. Shall we call it a "National Attitude Adjustment".  PTL

20th July, 2010 Report from Simon Angui
   We are writing from Wannaname Church to inform you of the work we are doing & things happening to us.  We thank God for the last two months we were with good rains and many people joined our church and 13 people were baptized into Christ.
  At the end of the month of June the heavy rains started and our church was completely flooded.  We do not have a building and the community around us are all displaced by the rain and flood.
  The church is on the lower land, not only were people displaced, the crops were also damaged this year with most of the major farms under water.  They will not have a good harvest. This is a sign of hunger next year.  We need to pray to God so that other doors would open for flood control in Sudan.  We believe that God has a purpose for our woes. 
   Our church ministry is going on well.  We have never stopped serving God.  We pray to God to bless Mr. Paul with the funds to send to our suffering people in the Church, so that they can have medicines, food and mosquito nets that are seriously needed.  If you come and see how much suffering the mothers and the children are in you will cry as you pray to God to have mercy on them.  I believe God is great, He will provide the way.
 We ask you to pray for the Referendum in Sudan. Thank you.

Luka Manot  Greets you in the Name of Jesus from the Church of Christ.  We do pray for you and  other brothers and sisters in U.S.A. for your support to our churches in Aweil plus Aweil Bible College.
Church activities
We continue with evangelization in every evening hour.  This month we converted 14 women & seven men were baptized.
Last month 15 men were baptized as a  result of much evangelization.  We Thank  God .  Last Sunday we baptized 13; 7 women and 6 men.  Thank God for these are Christians.

Sunday School  The teaching Sunday school children continue in both churches.  We have 90 children in two classes, 45 per class.  Peter  Deng and Moses Athian (recent Grads from ABC) are committed teachers.
Immediate Request: Sunday School Stationery for Math, English, Mother Tongue, Songbooks, Agriculture and Science: Cost $420.00 Also The Church needs more hymnbooks and  Bibles for evening bible classes.  Thank you.
Next year 2011 the plan is like this for Wannaname Church
We have 30 acres for crops to feed the poor  In January the clearing of land will start, cutting trees down and put them in one place to be burnt.  After finishing the whole clearing  the land will remain ready for cultivation. In May, the cultivation began for the period of 30 days.  The month of June and August  for weeding twice in each year.   The month of November it is harvest time. The most important thing that needs to be done is fencing.  The whole acreage needs to be fenced around to keep off cows, goats, donkeys and thieves away. Sudan Church of Christ members request all members in Sudan and USA and elsewhere to pray for long term plan to succeed. Thank you.

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August '10


Paul's house growing upHere in August 2010 Marilyn and I looked back at what God had been doing with each of us. Paul's life started Jan. 22nd in a blinding snow blizzard with five men helping Dad shovel snow to enable the doctor to come to this "white house on the point" 2 1/2 miles east of Stevenson, WA where I was born. That garden in the foreground didn't happen by itself. I learned to work hard as I grew up. At age 15 in Jan1942 I woke with flames roaring in my bedroom wall. As I ran down the hill barefooted to the barn, (just out of sight to the right), to get the water hose, the frozen ice and snow on the hill was very painful. I cried out to an unknown God to help me. As I look back I can witness that God was guiding and had my hand. Even though every board in the house burnt in the next hour, still God had my hand.

The basement was engulfed in flame and the first floor linoleum was bubbling from heat as I raced to my 3rd floor bedroom to throw the last bucket of water into the wall and to throw my geometry study book crashing through the east window onto the lawn below. Just as I raced down the steps my Dad crashed Mom's singer sewing machine out the ten foot front picture window and Dad took my hand as we raced out the front door as the floor exploded at our heels, but with God holding my other hand.

2-1/2 years later I was the first of Dad's 9 sons to graduate from high school. Another 2-1/2 years I knew I was on the wrong path and I had heard of "Elder Bill 'Pop' Shoemake who was a Christian in a church in Portland, OR so I picked up a phone and said "Pop, I need help, I want to know about the Christ you know." I listened and believed. I have never missed a Lord's Day service since that day in 1947. On Aug 7, 1947 I held God's hand in Faith as I climbed out of the baptistry of The Church at 550 NE 76th. I remember saying "I don't know why I am crying, I'm happy! A few months later as I was driving back from a revival meeting I was asked," Paul, have you considered Bible College?" My answer was "Yes, and I am leaving in one hour to drive 700 miles to San Jose Bible College" and so I did. Since then, God has lead me to be a Husband, a Father, a Leader of my family, a Christian, a Teacher, a Preacher, a Deacon, an Elder, and for 22 years God has obviously held Marilyn and my hands as a Missionary in remote Africa.


GOD still has my hand. I look around me and I see a multitude in USA and Sudanese stepping along beside me. The grip of my hand is weaker but God has a stronger hold, my Faith in Him is stronger, My step is sure, My voice is strong. My helpers are multitudes. Thank You .

In 1990 Yournew and 2 other Dinka  men , Kuac and Michael went to Bible College in Zimbabwe.  Then 17 graduated from the Great Commission Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya.  Our third graduating class of 40 is just finishing Jan 2011 at ABC ( Aweil Bible College) in Sudan.  This will make 140 Bible College Evangelists that have graduated  from our own Dinka speaking Bible College.   Even these last 40 student Evangelists are out preaching the good news of Christ each Sunday.


Church GrowthMalek and Malualkon are large congregations. Their mud buildings have been destroyed by torrential rains. Their straw roofs and log beams were lost when the mud walls collapsed. Above picture are many concrete blocks being made as cement is available for their new buildings. Truckloads of cement bags have to come 800 miles over treacherous roads from Uganda. $30,000.00 is now in our building fund. $30,000.00 more is needed.


Thanks to Paul & Wanda Sauls..And Rick & Della Deighton we are under way with a total of $2250.00 ..Yournew and workmen are clearing brush by hand from 90 of the 360 acres today.


In 1988 when we were asked to go to Khartoum, Sudan, we had no idea what God had in store for us. From the time we were married in 1950, we had talked of going to a foreign work, but that never seemed to develop. But when we were asked about going to Sudan, we prayed about it and gave it very serious thought. Our nest was empty, none of our five were still living at home. In 1980 Paul had graduated from the University of Nebr. In Kearney with a Master of Science degree (Msed)in Education. IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) had sent a Mobile Maintenance shop into Sudan to repair the hospital equipment and they were looking for someone with the credentials to go teach the native men how to repair their hospital equipment. Khartoum had three large hospitals. Sudan is a very undeveloped nation, ruled by a strict Islamic Government. They do not want anyone in their country with Western (Christian)ideas. But because of Paul's degree and willingness to go, we were granted a Visa into the country. We didn't know much about the country of Sudan and there was not much in the news about the country. We knew it would probably be hot (but not how hot)! Khartoum is on the east edge of the Sahara Desert. We even took sleeping bags with us because we had no idea where we would be living. We thought we could sleep on them if not in them.

In the book Genesis chapter 12, we read of God saying to Abram, "leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." So Abram left as the Lord told him. He wasn't a young man. He was 75 years old!! He had no children, only his wife, Sarah and his nephew, Lot. Do you think Sarah was a complaining wife? Leaving a nice home, servants, family and all she had. . They apparently walked the distance. But he did as God had told him. Things weren't always GREAT for him, but when he did as God told him, he was blessed of God and became a GREAT nation.

Now on to living in Khartoum. After leaving PDX on October 25th, 1988, 30 hours later we landed in Khartoum, Sudan about 2 A. M. We had no one to meet us and didn't know where we would be staying. We waited in the terminal and as it began to get daylight we called a taxi and asked to be taken to a hotel. The driver drove around town stopping at several hotels, but all hotels were afraid of Islamic retaliation for helping an American. Finally we got a room at the Government run Grand hotel located on the Nile River.. It cost $106 a night. The nice thing about it was it was on the Nile River. We could sit out in the cool of the evening ( At midnight it was still 90 degrees ) with a Pepsi and watch the people. We were in this hotel 8 days and then found a room at a non-denominational guest house. The hotel had guards with guns at our door watching our every move. We found a little safer place at a private fenced guest house with a watchman at the gate.

We prayed for someone we could trust and work with Paul in the hospitals. God led us to Yournew, a Dinka man. He spoke and wrote English, Dinka and Arabic. He became our trusted daytime hospital interpreter and night watchman at our house.

We were in Khartoum for three months and then back to Portland for more supplies. I told Paul I wanted to take my Bernina sewing machine, so it was on the plane with us. I took lots of fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, patterns and things I could think of that I might need. There was fabric available in Khartoum, but it was very poor quality. I made dresses, shirts, and pants of various sizes. I knew there would be someone in the surrounding Dinka villages that could wear them. Nothing was wasted. I made two quilts with the scraps. I even made a polka dot teddy bear for one little girl. I was thankful I had my machine with me. I still have it and it works very good. My work of letter writing for SAM, I don't have time to use today. We were there almost two years. One thing really impressed me was seeing the Lepers begging as we drove down the streets. They would walk or crawl to the cars stopped for traffic and begged. It was a common to see beggars everywhere. Even young children were out trying to get something to eat.

Our CPA accountant tells me I do not need to write you a receipt every month because our computer will send you a contribution printout in Jan 2011. But my heart is with you. My computer is cold and heartless.

Thank you for years helping me and God Bless you. Marilyn

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July '10

MALEK CONGREGATION: We have made this picture large for you to study the people. It is not a wide angle lens to see all the multitude. We also lightened the picture so you can make out their faces and clothes. Notice anything different from your USA congregation? Yes, see how many young faces there are, also the absence of old faces. Notice their "Sunday Best" clothes but all live in poverty. Notice each neatly dressed young Evangelists are the oldest people. Notice Dut on the left side, their beloved "Worship Leader "with the pink shirt and his drum on his chest. One young man asked me: "Are you a Christian" I told him "yes". He exclaimed to me, "I am going to run home and tell my father of you because my father says 'Church is just for children".


I see something else in this picture. Twenty years ago when Yournew went back home to his people, none were wearing clothes. Maybe some had a rag draped over their shoulder. 96,000 pieces of clothes were shipped in two 20ft containers to Sudan from the 2004 Peoria National Missionary Convention. Until then Yournew preached modesty at church and people stayed in their huts not coming to church.

This is a picture of the 2007 Malek congregation with their large new church building in the background with the cross on it. The church building was the first "Super Hut" in Sudan built like their10 ft living hut. Many poles held up the church roof but torrential downpours of rain for a week left too much water (tons) trapped in the straw roof and the roof collapsed. The mud walls dissolved. So the church in Malek has been meeting under a tree and a large tent for over a year. This year (2010), SAM is laying aside $5,000.00 a month in a "Malek building fund" for a building with concrete walls, roof trusses, insulation and metal roofing, like the blue Bible College roof to the right next door.

Do you wish to have a part with an extra $100.00 this month for building a church building? It is being used to win thousands to Jesus Christ their Lord in Malek and nearby villages.


"The work  of the ministry is going on well. Our Lord is doing very great work among our people. Church ministry is growing well. There are lot of people called to his Church. We have 47 baptisms from the April - June 2010. I will send you all the details in my report when arrive in Nairobi.

The Malek Christian hospital has grown and is treating about 600 people a day. Especially children and women are blessed by this hospital. We pray to get more funds for medicines and floor tiles. I am working on the report with proposals for the Sudan Church in Aweil area before I come to Nairobi. We are very grateful for all the support you have been sending to our people. It has made a big difference in lives of our people in Aweil.  

We thank God that has blessed us with the good rain in Aweil area this year. The Ox- Plow project is going well this year. The lower land flooded because of the heavy rain and the higher land will gain more crops now than the lower land.

We need funds for three important projects for the Church.

  1. Building the Malek Church building.
  2. Floor tiles for the Hospital.
  3. The Orphan Children's 360 Acre Ranch.
Pass my greetings to Sam and our donor in USA." Yournew


When we look at people like this man sitting on the edge of a hospital bed at the Malek Christian Hospital with great pain. Our hearts go out to them. He is just one of eighteen thousand that came to the hospital last month (600 a day). Dr. Garang does his best to nurse back to health. Our Bible College students and leaders tell them of eternity and Jesus The Christ who loves them and gives them salvation and peace with God.

Such occasions focuses a saying I always keep in mind.

Time is

Too Exhausting for those who struggle

Too Agonizing for those who Suffer.

Too Slow for those who Wait.

Too Swift for those who Fear.

Long for those who Grieve.

Too Short for those who Rejoice.

But for those of us who Love,

Time is Eternity

I thank God every day for those of you that have stepped up to the door of Mercy and have begged to enter in to march along with Paul and Marilyn into Eternity with such peace in our hearts that we are doing all we can for the Sudanese Church.


I was able to spend a week at camp at West Central Christian Service Camp near La Monte, MO June 13-18 with the high school campers. In addition to teaching a class, each evening I did a mission moment and presented SAM. It was exciting to interact with the students and see their excitement for missions. These young people will carry their desire to help others on throughout their adult life and they will be the ones encouraging the congregation where they attend to support missions in the future. Sunday morning June 20th, I was able to visit the Sunday School class in Eldon, MO. This class of first and second graders have brought their offering every week and the money has been given to SAM for several years.


This is the second appeal. Last month it made many of you blink your eyes in amazement. What an opportunity to have a self supporting Children's ranch with Food, Meat, Vegetables, Milk, Many homes, warm Beds, Christian House Parents, Prayer Chapel, Guarded Gates and love: James 1:27 "This is pure religion" (Now 100's roam the streets stealing). Yournew and Paul have stood looking many times with tears in our eyes at 360 acres (one square mile) of prime, rich, level soil. The community carved a cross into its bark of a large tree to designate it for the Church. None of the returning refugees have built upon it because the Community has set this acreage aside as " Dedicated to God " for an Orphan Children's Home.

The cost? Free to the Church. Fifteen years ago we prayed and dreamed for God to lead us: SO the Malek Compound with the Aweil Bible College with preachers had to come 1st and then. Yournew cried "How can I convince my people of the Loving God when they are dying in my arms"? SO the Malek Christian Hospital came next. Yet hundreds of homeless children roamed.

Again in 2002 we stood on this 360 acreage and controlled our trembling enthusiasm realizing the expense involved.

  1. A crop without a fence would be devastated by wild animals.
  2. Children without a house to live in is beyond reason.
  3. What's a Children's Home without Mom, Dad & Caretakers?
  4. $200,000.00 is coming in. but "It will come". Next month SAM shall start a list of "Children Ranch contributors!"

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June '10

Gleaned from the world wide web by Paul

On May 17th, the Sudan election took place; most everything went smoothly. President Kiir was reelected as president along with the Vice President, all his government officials, and cabinet members for another three years. They have established their offices in Juba, which is in the south part of South Sudan.

In our American language the South has declared their declaration of independence. On May 27, 2010, the new officials were sworn into office. The planning details are complete for the referendum election vote in January 9, 2011. This vote will say yes or no to separate the South as an Independent Democracy from North Sudan.

Twenty million black Sudanese are in dire need of our prayers. The brown northern regime from Arabia has been plundering the southern black people for decades. Millions have died holding back the northern armies. A peace treaty was signed on Jan. 9, 2005, which says they would try to exist as two nations existing as one nation for six years, then vote on Jan 9, 2011. Today, many of the South is gathering under the Christian flag. Do you see the need for Prayer?


ABC GraduatesSo far 100 of the best of young men of the land graduated from Bible College. All of them passed the pre-test of the ability of studying from English books and writing reports in English. Three of them from Zimbabwe Christian College, twenty from the Nairobi Great commission College. Now 100 have graduated from our own Bible college in Malek. Their classes are taught now in their Dinka mother tongue in which they will preach. Fifty two graduates from Aweil Bible College in January 2010 makes the 100 dedicated leaders. These graduates were divided into two pictures because Paul did not arrive with 30 more blue gowns. OK boys: Backstage & share your blue graduation gown. Teachers are in red.

ABC Class


We opened the ABC classes in January 2010. We received 40 students. They are busy studying Bible classes. Another 20 may come 2nd semester. Pray for all of them!


We would like to thank everyone that sent card, notes, and e-mails to us for our 60th anniversary on May 14th. At last count we have received over 75 cards and 40 e-mails to mine and many to Paul's.

We had a dinner with some of the family at the Rheinlander on Saturday evening. We spent two days at the Beach (one of our favorite places).

We had celebrations for our 40th and for our 50th and have been to all 50 States, have been to Africa many times so spending time at home was good.

Paul left May 17th for Nairobi and was gone six days.

We spend lots of time with the Sudan Mission. It keeps both of us busy. Thank you again all of you. We appreciate your prayers and support for what we are doing. With love, Marilyn


June 13-18, Bev will be teaching Mission Classes at the West Central Christian Service Camp near LaMonte, MO. She will be updating the Sunday School class in the AM on June 20th at Eldon, MO. Bev will be back to Parkview Christian in Sedalia Sunday night to update progress in Sudan. If you are in the area stop by camp and visit any day or evening. Bev.


The Sudan African Mission has been assigned booth number 918 on Nov. 18 -21st at the Rupp Convention Center in Lexington, KY. The theme is "Harvest of Hope". See You!


We have a new SudanAfricanMission, SAM Facebook Page. News and pictures are added almost every day. If you have a computer, comment or sign up for current news.


New Graduates Need BikesIn Jan. 2010 fifty two most talented Sudanese men completed their three years of Bible college. 14 of them posed for a picture with me before they left, walking to their home preaching point. All are reporting multiple baptisms but are hindered for lack of transportation. Who will team up with one of them and provide a $175.00 bike to win more souls? Really 30 bikes are needed! No roads, no cars, just dirt trails and multitudes.


In Alok the work of church is going on well. On February 2010 we had Bible study and 4 people accepted Christ and were baptized into Christ February 13th . We have a good congregation during the dry season because Alok is by the river where many people from different places come for fishing from January - April. Most of the people do not have water in their villages so in May most of the families will be going back to their villages. They come to Alok to get fish. In the month of May we are going to have few members in the church. Because many people are going back to their homes for the farming. Pray for the congregation and the growth of the church in Alok. We are praying so that God will open doors for you get some funds, so that we can be able to build a church.


Land for the Orphan Children's Home!Yournew and the Land Commissioner stand where Yournew and Paul have stood with tears in our eyes many times. We stood by the tree with a cross carved into its bark which designates it for the Church, on 360 acres (one square mile) of prime, rich, level soil. None of the returning refugees have built upon it because the Community has set this acreage aside as " Dedicated to God " for an Orphan Children's Home.

The cost? Free to the Church. Fifteen years ago we prayed and dreamed for God to lead us: SO the Malek Compound with the Aweil Bible College with preachers had to be and then. Yournew cried "How can I convince my people of the Love of Christ when they are dying in my arms"? SO a Malek Christian Hospital came first. Yet hundreds of homeless children roamed.

Again in 2002 we stood on this 360 acreage and controlled our trembling enthusiasm realizing the expense involved.

  1. A crop without a fence would be devastated by wild animals.
  2. Children without a house to live in is beyond reason.
  3. What's a Children's Home without Mom, Dads & Caretakers?
  4. $200,000.00 still isn't in our hands but "It will come".
SO : 2 weeks ago in Nairobi, in a trembling step of faith, Paul & Yournew agreed to claim the land and today Yournew has a group of community men clearing trees from 90 acres of the land."Tomorrow" a fence and homes and happy children come.

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May '10


The sun is up and Mary is cooking breakfast for 75 people on an open fire and planning for 100 for a normal day for lunch. The airplane along with a load of medicine, plows and Bible College class papers, dropped me off yesterday and another 1000 mile flight from Kenya will bring in another load of supplies in 5 days to pick me up for the 40 hour flight home. Yournew and I go over accomplishments the last months and discuss plans for growth in the next year. There's so much to do and we must be diligent. God raised Yournew and I up for today to guide the Church and yes, a nation. We dare not fail. Thousands will look to us today with longing eyes. Yes, I will smile when the day is done.


First, let me explain this is the first election Sudan has had in 24 years. But even before 1985 the black from the south had no influence in government rule. War has raged against the black south since 1988 but the north could not conquer the South.

Have you found you can go to and then click on the map of Sudan on the left side that says "International Sudan News" and find much information about Sudan? (CPA) is "Comprehensive Peace Agreement" that was made in 2005 between the North Government and the Southern Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA).

Both North and the South have been functioning as two separate nations since 2005. For 5 years the North has ruled the north from their capitol in Khartoum by Dictator Bashir and the South is ruled by President Kiir from their capitol in Juba. Their Parliament (Congressmen) meet part time in Khartoum and part of the time in Juba. President Kiir has been re-elected with all his South Sudan governing officials starting Jan 11th 2011 when the final vote is taken by approximately 20 million in the South to become a separate nation.

Paul and Steve Holsinger plan to be in Nairobi, Kenya on May 18th looking for supplies to ship to the Malek Hospital


"It has been four months since I left Nairobi with the relief supplies for Malek. The trip was very good, all the relief supplies arrived in a good condition. I was received by the Christian community at Malek Airstrip with joy and happiness of receiving medicine for meningitis and 20 ox plows.

It was a blessing for our people to receive antibiotic injection in good time. There was an outbreak of meningitis in Aweil area and getting worse, but after the medicine's arrival, many sick people from Malek and the whole of Aweil county were filled with joy and gave glory to The Almighty God the Healer."


Malek Christian Hospital has become a blessing to the Southern Sudanese. Many people are praying to be blessed by our services and large numbers are seeing how God is doing His good will through SAM and SCOC. We serve both physical and Spiritual needs. We have a big responsibility to serve our people. It is good that SAM is sending support to Malek Hospital that alone serves 100 people per day. Also many needy people come to the Panthou Clinic, 40 miles southeast and Malualkon Clinic 30 miles east. We always send medicines where we hear there is a problem so doctors can give them treatment, which the government cannot do at the moment. All 3 of our clinics are working effectively. Many people form long lines looking for treatment and good service from our clinics.

Doctor Garang sent this report: "In Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr. we treated 6945 patients. 6549 walked home. 396 of them died at the hospital. PRAY FOR STRENGTH AMONG US WORKERS"


We opened the ABC classes in January 2010. We received 40 students but 20 students who registered did not report in the first term because of the election, which affected many activities in the country. We look forward for the best student group ever. We face the problem of accommodation. We pray that God will bless us with funds to build two dormitories and classrooms for the students. In 2010 we brought 20 bikes to the Evangelists to travel to their local churches to preach. They celebrated with live growing branches from trees by the river on their bikes.


May 14th, my Mom and Dad, Paul and Marilyn Douglass will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Sixty years.... WOW! Dad and Mom have worked together in the ministry their entire married life. Prior to 1988 when the Sudan African Mission was founded, they served as a minister or in various other leadership roles in churches in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Oregon. Mom and Dad have six children, 13 grandchildren and by the time you read this, 21 great grandchildren. Should you wish to send Mom and Dad a card, please do so to PO Box 2432, Gresham, OR 97030.



"The distribution of the ox-plows, to our churches went very well. We were able to group the people and use the plows in their own farms where our Pastor Joseph Wol took care of the project and did very well. You will find the details report of the same prepared by Joseph Wol, there is more request for seeds to send to Aweil as soon as we have the funds in our hands. As you know we had a rain shortage last year. That made many people poor and they do not have seeds for this new season.

Dear on behalf of the Bread of Life Project, I would like to express my appreciation toward you and our donors for the wonderful job they have done. Concerning the twenty (20) ox plow, as pastor Yournew arrived at the airstrip in Malek, we received twenty (20) set of ox-plows where 212are benefiting by sharing the plow. We thank SAM for sending of seeds, SAM brought 69 sacks of sorghum seeds and distributed to the family who received plows. W e offloaded the plows with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts, unknowing what to tell to those who donated them for us, while the very most of us are vulnerable and in need but only dreamed of benefiting from the project, started jumping up and down with excitement and amazement singing "long live SAM, Long Live, Paul and Marilyn, Long live Donors because our lives are being rescued from the bondage of hunger and dependency that was leading to helpless and hopelessness."

In their cries of joy, Yournew heard their weeping also for vegetable seeds. Yournew sends Sam a request for seeds needed June 1st when the rains are best. 4000 packets of vegetable seeds. 50 bags of sorghum seed. 50 bags of peanut seeds. 3000 pounds of corn seed. Millet, peas are some that were lost in the decades of war. Besides some families have returned "home" from refugee camps with just the shirt on their back.


1 . Joseph reports, "Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our congregations send their love to you and our sponsors. We give you the appreciation for the support you sent to us to do the work of Christ. We thank God that for the work of Wannaname church. Everywhere at Wannaname village people welcome us to their homes to share the word of God. The church membership is increasing every day at Wannaname, it is because of the hard work that our Evangelists are doing for our Lord. This year we have the following baptism; 18 people baptized Feb. 23rd, 26 people were baptized on Mar. 19 th , 23 people were baptized on April 22, We are happy the support you always send to us. Most of our time we spent it at the village door to door evangelization.. Also we have Home Bible study and children Bible study. The good thing we are teaching at primary school as part time teacher to help children understand the Bible, pray for us. Pray for Sudan.
2 . At the Basuat Church 77 were baptized.

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April '10


There is no need to print a little picture so small it has no message in it; ink and paper space are valuable.

My point of this article is that Sudan is not like a normal day in USA. Our native Sudanese Evangelists, who walk in our shoes, know where to walk and where not to and stay alive. Pray for them as they spread the Gospel of Peace for you and I.

On the right, in the picture, are government leaders who called for information about those needing medical help in Sudan.

March 19, 2010 United Nation reports show there are presently 4,263 survivors remaining in Sudan suffering as landmine victims . Thousands of landmines are still buried in and along trails, side roads and farms after twenty years of civil war. The number of landmine victims grows every day even though the peace-treaty had been signed in 2005. Recently three large bulldozers were destroyed while building roads in South Sudan. Main roads are now cleared of mines.

On the left in the picture, is a sea of victims with injuries from land mines, bullets, polio, war, and agricultural accidents. Their cries were "We need help with physical injuries. We do not have money to travel 400 miles to a hospital. We do not have roads or vehicles either. We do not have Doctors. We are the few who have survived. Now we suffer."

The Government listened but took no action. We Christians responded as Christians ought to by listening and promised a hospital as soon as possible.

Three years ago 17 midwives cried out to me in a large meeting because I had said one year earlier that we would build a hospital and they had not seen it yet. I kneeled down in the coarse sand, cleared a six inch square with a stick and said, "God can make it in a second! Do you want it on top of us?" Their faith in God made them cry out: "NO No,". So I explained to them it would take time for Christians to save from their living expenses and for SAM to collect the money.

Also 29 Malek area village Chieftains met with me at the Malek Compound to discuss their sicknesses. The testimonies from their hearts made me shudder. The most prominent cry was "We have no way of lab testing to tell why we are dying."

We pay Dr. Francis, Dr. Garang and 11 dedicated Christian workers in the hospital and Compound. Today we have the most modern Hospital Building in South Sudan. That was the easy part , thanks to you Christians. Dr. Garang writes to me saying his hands are partially tied because of lack of equipment.

Now we are praying for $700.00 a month to pay a trained Lab Technician who is available in Sudan. So far SAM has no answer for that money. Tears are flowing, and the hospital still needs equipment.

Paul and Steve Holsinger plan to be in Nairobi, Kenya in May looking for equipment to ship to the Malek Hospital.
Has your Bible School Class been talking? Is there equipment in America to be donated? Where is our answer?

On January 11, 2010 these 26 students, in blue robes, graduated with full honor Diplomas. 26 more received Certificates until they make up class time they lost because of the 2008 flood and sickness. The seven teachers, in red robes, are the ones who came to Malek Bible College to teach 3 years.




April 15 is the date set for National Elections in Sudan. South Sudan has never approached major government changes without a sword in their hand. Violence has left at least 2500 dead and 350,000 have been displaced by demonstrations in response to the upcoming elections. South Sudan has many outside influences to excite riots and confuse people.

April 15, 2010 will be a historic Presidential election in conjunction with a Sudan Census to determine how many black Sudanese, who have not been killed and are alive in South Sudan. A credible process will also reduce the possibility of election related violence and help to legitimize leaders that will oversee the referendum vote.

In January 2011, there is to be the referendum vote to determine if South Sudan will withdraw from North Sudan as a separate nation with their capital in Juba.

Notes concerning Sudan on United Nation News on internet.

  • A credible election is crucial for a smooth post-election transition to the referendum vote slated for 2011.

However officials are warning to be calm for a successful elections on Apr. 15 is a vital stepping stone towards the referendum withdrawal vote.


Deng Maror and Ajok Akot have reported that the plows helped them lots. There is higher crop production with the plows. People are learning it is better than the old method of using our hands and shovel. More people who have reported about their plows results. I will put the plow project in my plans when I visit Aweil Churches so when I return from Aweil I can give you pictures and the reports about the project from farmers and Evangelists. We can get a big acres of good farmland for the Church from local Chieftains and Commissioner. We, the church, must apply for it. The land is there being held for the church to use in the future, Maybe an Orphan Children's Home?

Area Village Chieftains Unite & Invite The Church to come.

Yournew writes as he leaves Nairobi. "I have just received good news from Evangelist Joseph Wel that there were 15 people baptized at Wananame Church. Wananame is growing very fast because the Church is in the middle of a large population. There is not any other Church in that area. God is good. In the past community leaders in that area have been rejecting all Churches from being established in Wananame. We thank God that those elders who were refusing all Churches in that area are the ones who invited the Church of Christ to be the single one in their home area. Joseph asked me bring with me about 2000 copies of baptism certificates and we will send more on our next flight going to Malek". Lift up prayer and praise!


The Church is progressing smoothly. This is how it is moving.

Last Sunday we baptized twenty people who have believed Jesus as their Savior and we have also received four families who have backslide from our church and now let praise God for that. In fact that is God's work not human work.

We have Bible study class every evening in which 56 men, 23 women and 15 elders attended . Surely we are growing and we are proud of that. Pray God will keep up for us.

Sunday school classes are been taught by their teachers how to sing songs in their mother languages as well as Bible study. So 45 children attended the classes. I wish we had a digital camera so that I can send some photos of church.

Thanks, signed by Evangelist James Akot Return to Top of Page


Mar. '10


Multitudes celebrate the opening of the HospitalYournew writes: "I bought a few of the hospital laboratory tools and blood test equipment in Nairobi and carried them to Malek. We are praying God to provide for someone who can operate the lab equipments and even train others in the ministry to carry on the medical ministry to a better and more effective level. We may get somebody but the challenge at the moment is if we are going to get someone to operate the lab, we need the church to pay him for that work and SAM has a lot of responsibilities at hand but this is one very crucial area ministry to be pursued. The Sudan churches are appealing to SAM if he can find a sponsoring Church in USA who can pay the lab technician. We are looking at $700.00 per month.

Malek Church has grown

Many churches were established by Malek as the mother church and as the church grows, its needs both spiritual and physical help. It also grows bigger and sometimes complex. At the moment all our Evangelists are working in the new churches and facing lots of challenges to meet their basic daily needs and we pray and kindly request for support to enable them to buy food for themselves and their family as they work for the Lord in their ministry."

Food is being poured in bags for anxious mothers

In 2009 SAM metered out 16,000 pounds of corn and 16,000 pounds of barley to desperate, needy people.

Many children and young people come into the Malek hospital suffering from starvation. They are skin and bones. Food supply shipments by truck have been cut off from the north. Yournew writes "I am also kindly requesting to carry on the children feeding program because there is a lot of need especially this year. We have many families who have no food at all in their houses. That will result in more suffering for many children, widows and total orphans will suffer most. I pray that God will provide the funds for this year that we will be able to save lives of many needy children in Aweil South."

Awiel Bible College Classes

We received about 100 new students applications and 60 were accepted. 37 students have reported to class at Malek. The rest were delayed for a few days due to the ongoing elections. As a result, we delayed the opening until Feb. 23.

Plow, Bibles and Medicine shipment

On March 1st Yournew flew from the Nairobi plow factory with 20 new plows and spare parts weighing 1200 pounds. We were limited on weight because boxes of Bibles & medicine had to go to Malek. The plane was loaded to the 2700 lb max.

Report from: Paulino Malou

The Nyam church needs very quick help to construct a new building. A lot of progress and development in South Sudan. The government of Aweil State carried out the land survey to build the main road to Aweil that must take place. Very unfortunately, our church building fell on the road during the survey so the bulldozer took it down. We kindly need your support financially to rebuild the church. The County Commissioner gave us a piece of land, which is enough for the church to rebuild. We are growing with about 100 members who struggle to feed their families. The building will cost $15,000.00. We will meet under a tree until we can build. We are praying for your help soon.

I want to be married this year and struggling to build a house and establish a home for my wife and I. Paulino Malou

Report from: Marko Kuot and Luka Goc

Concerning the evangelism work in Aweil East, God is doing a good work. Many men and women are coming daily for Bible studies. We have 46 men and 30 women baptized last month. We pray that God will call many more to His Kingdom. We have many members who come back for the worship. We pray to continue to that work. In January membership was as follows: 209 men, 395 Women, 170 children, 80 Regular visitors every Sunday.

Neither of us have a sponsor for $300.00 support each month but we are determined to fulfill our ministry. Pray for us. Return to Top of Page


Feb. '10


I was busy doing the following projects in the mission. Some of the projects are finished but some we did not finish because of shortage of the funds.

  1. Hospital fence was built and we have shortage of funds to buy the cements and sand.
  2. We have drilled two wells. We bought the pump, tank and the materials for the plumber to do the plumbing to the hospital and the doctor's guest house.
  3. The Doctor's guest house construction is complete but there are a shortage of funds for a few things inside.
  4. We have enlarged the fence around the hospital, church and ABC Bible College. It needs more work to finish it.
  5. 800 100 lb Bags of corn were initially distributed to 500 poor and the needy people.
  6. I spent much time preparing locations in villages for the 52 graduates from Bible College to preach.

In 2008 - 2009 there was a high growth of the churches in Aweil. And Evangelists who graduated from ABC are doing a great work in Aweil area. We can say that is God's blessings for the work they have done.

We need to pray for their ministries while serving their people. I am appealing to you so that you can get the sponsors for them who support them with food to be able to do better in the ministry. Some Evangelists have families and they need our support and encouragement.

A new water well has been drilled close by the Malek Christian Hospital with an electric pump

The well serves the Bible College next door also. When you look closely you can see the doctor's office and living quarters with the light blue roof, just to the right of the water tower. We found it difficult to get competent Doctors to come to help from Juba, Rumbak and Wau when we had a mud hut for them to live and sleep. Yournew agrees we are done building and need to focus on hospital equipment and conversions.


I am overseeing/supervising the hospital patients and construction of the fence and building of the guest house.

Conducting Bible studies, and evangelism, as a result of 40 people were baptized in Malek church. We have established a new church at Makuacamiir which is at the North East of Malek 2 miles and 50 people were baptized.

Through the evangelism we have managed to bring back new members who were not active in church membership.

We also thank God that for the relief food Sudan African send to us. The food helped most vulnerable families about 500 households especially the poor people.

Among them are our church members who were facing problems of hunger. Many of their children go for two to three days without food, but we thank God for providing the food. We pray that God will bless Sudan African Mission.

Lastly, our healing ministry (Clinic) is doing so well. We pray that the hospital equipment will come soon so that we can be able to test the sick people to give them the right medicines.

20 bicycles are needed for our rural Evangelists to effectively evangelize. Each cost USD 150.00. Thanks, signed Joseph Wel

Waralai Church - Monthly Report from William and Dahl

Our greetings to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. We are happy to report to you again about the work in our church in Waralai.

We have 60 Christians in Bible study and our membership grow everyday. We have youth ministry and we meet twice a week . We need for you to support them with sportswear such as t-shirts. We also have adult education and they need support to provide them with the books and writing materials.

We need a church building at Waralai so that we can be able to have Sunday service during the rainy season. We need two bicycles to make our work easy in the village.

We need your prayers so our God will lead us in His ministry and make us to teach his people the way they should follow.

May God bless you. signed: Tito Dhal and William Wol


Greetings to you and our sponsors in USA

I am very glad to write to you and report to you the mission work in Malek. I am kindly informing you that the work in Malek Mission is going on well. ABC is doing all the clearing for the compound at Malek Mission and some other works in the church. These groups are very respectful students and I trust that they will do the best ministry in the local churches.

I am kindly asking you to make a plan of mission funds for the dormitory building for the ABC. Other request is for beds for the students. Most of our students do not have sleeping materials. Our old local wooden beds which were bought in 2006 are all broken. We pray that God will bless you with the funds so that we can be able to serve our students with their needs in ABC. We are praying for your coming to Malek so that God will help you in your trip. Our God is doing His great work in Malek. We brought many people into Christ. We are doing our evangelism and counseling in the villages around Malek.

Report from Alok Church

I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I am sending you my report to tell you that the work in Alok is going on well. God brought many people to the church. I am now having about 40 people, men and women who are in Bible studies at Alok village. We have 9 people were baptised on November 22, 2009. Alok is a new church but is growing very well. We do not have any house for Sunday service. We do make our Sunday service under a tree.

I am asking if you could please send me a bicycle to help me with the transport and evangelism at the far villages.

I have a problem in that my wife gave birth to twins and there is not enough milk from the mother. I am praying for God to bless the babies with milk and food for the mother to feed.

Velantino Wol

Sudan Church of Christ Malekalel Church

Report from Lino Agou. I am an evangelist at Malek church. I am a songs leader in the churches of Christ in Aweil area.

I have established the new programme of going to the different churches to teach young people into Christ through singing. I hope through the prayers and the hard work our churches in Aweil will grow bigger.

We brought many to the church because of the song plan that we have produced to the churches. We are really blessed with this ministry. Our God is always with us with every work for Him so that can bring many people to know his word and love of Jesus Christ.

I am kindly asking you to remember us in your daily prayers so that God will help us to build his kingdom. Thank you. LINO

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