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Mission News Archive (2008)

June 28th, 2008

How great it would be if THREE thousand of us could gather at the empty Hospital field. All holding hands in a circle praying for the blessing of God upon our 60 acres.

Praying for the Church in Malek and 90,000 people a few miles every direction. The Sudan Government & America's OFAC have granted us permission to build but heavy rains have stopped trucks from moving. Today the Church has the greatest opportunity we have ever seen. Please Pray. Thanks

Summation of the Trip to Malek Alel, Aweil South

June 28th, 2008

Ang'er Deng is studying to be a Medical Doctor in Winnipeg, Canada. She has completed four years in the university there. Her heart's desire is to go to Aweil, Sudan when she gets her degree. Ang'er is pronounced like it is spelled with an "O" Onger. Ang'er one of seven the daughters of Nyibol, the widow whom we supported for 5 or 6 years when her husband Damas Deng died as just Yournew was coming back to South Sudan in 1992. Ruay Deng is her big brother.

While attending the University in Winnipeg, the local TV station gave her much attention. As a result she had funds to travel to Malek, her home in South Sudan this spring to gather info on "How The 20 Year Civil War Had Effected Sudanese Women." for her graduating thesis. The following is her report to us at SAM.


It is with great honor and privilege as I take this opportunity to enumerate the experience of my trip to Malek, Aweil South County. I spent one week in the Church of Christ Compound. This was a unique trip due to the fact that I traveled by myself without my brother Ruay, who was supposed to accompany me. I had a chance to work in the clinic and chatted with both the patients and the Health Care Providers within the area and ask their opinions regarding the services being provided within the clinic.

My Personal Assessment

When I woke up at 0700hrs each morning, I would find patients already lined up in the compound eagerly awaiting to consult the Health Care Personnel. I interviewed the patients and inquired from which their area. These patients do trek, a duration of 5-8 hours to receive treatment from the clinic. There is a clinic in Tiaraliet and yet most of the indigenous people within that area travel to Malek for treatment. One of the many reasons I acquired from the patients is that the Health Care providers within the clinic in Aweil have empathy towards them. Another reason is the fact that the medications they receive do work and within a week they feel better. I also had an opportunity to be part of the consultation process with the patients and Dr. Garang Wol. The patients would narrate their symptoms and then the Doctor writes diagnoses and the treatment.

Discussion with the Health Care Personnel

I also had a discussion with the Health care providers on the afternoon of May 7 th 2008, brain storming about the clinic and its services. The staff was impressed with the reputation of the clinic and the entire Church of Christ. They see over 10,000 patients annually. One of the challenges they expressed is the clinic is small and the number of patients they see are quite too many. Another issue is lack of devices and equipment to carry out diagnostic tests. They rely entirely on the patients' information (subjective data) and the manifestation of the signs and symptoms of an illness. Due to lack of objective data, it makes it rather extremely difficult to pronounce a definite diagnosis.

We also talked about the advantages of the establishment of the hospital, which is to happen sooner than later.

One suggestion that we all concurred with is the inclusion of a laboratory within the new hospital. The church could hire a laboratory technician to train 2-3 Individuals, or else take these Individuals to Nairobi for 8 months for training. Whichever the case, it is imperative that the lab should be part and parcel of the new hospital.


I was able to bring some attire to the Health Care Providers, stethoscopes, needles, syringes, bandages just to mention but a few to help out within the clinic.

In conclusion, I was extremely overwhelmed with joy when I witnessed the transformation that had taken place in Malek. On behalf of the Sudanese people, particularly Aweil indigenous, I would like to express my deepest and cordial thanks and gratitude to Paul and entire SAM community for their hard-work, dedication, patience, commitments towards the Sudanese Community. May Almighty God continue to shower you with his blessings as you continue this journey with us to the Promised Land.

Nine of the SAM Medical Staff Attended the discussion. Dr. Francis Garang Wol In charge of the 3 clinics at Malek, Panthou & Malualkon. Philip Amet Pharmacist. Dr Tong Ajiith. Also six other medical staff, and myself.

With kind regards,

Ang'er Damas Deng Return to Top of Page


20 Years Working Hand in Hand With the Sudanese

January 29th, 2008

Paul Douglass has the qualifications to be led into many areas of service. He has been an ordained minister since 1953. He has served as a minister, elder, deacon, teacher and now a missionary in the Church.


Paul is a journeyman machinist and auto-truck mechanic, an expert body and painting specialist, a draftsman, an electrician, builds houses and does concrete construction. He received a Master of Science Degree in Education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in May, 1980 and has taught in Oregon. Marilyn is a homemaker and a great support to Paul. She also sews clothes for people in Sudan. Many new sewing machines are now in Sudan. Marilyn spent three weeks teaching many Sudanese how to sew their own clothes. She is highly respected by the Sudanese people. Paul and Marilyn heard the call from God to go to Sudan in 1987 through a call from IDES.


THE SUDAN MISSION began in 1988 when Paul and Marilyn spent nearly two years in Khartoum, Sudan. Because of his abilities and degree, Paul was accepted by an Islamic government to teach native men how to repair hospital equipment in IDES workshop. But God had even greater plans for Paul and Marilyn.


One of the men working for Paul was Yournew, a well known and greatly respected man of the Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan. Through the example of Paul and Marilyn, Yournew was baptized into Christ in Khartoum in September 1989. They can see now how God led both of them together for this occasion in 1988. Immediately following Yournew's conversion he led many to Christ, including 20 men to help him teach in Khartoum. He and Paul spent many hours studying the scriptures. He had been a Christian for only 3 months when Douglass' returned to the USA.


December 1990 , Paul returned to Khartoum for a one month seminar in the hospitals. He found Yournew still struggling to teach Christianity, but resistance from other religions made him realize he needed more Bible training. It was at that time Yournew and Paul made a promise before God and with each other to work with all their strength to take Christ to the Sudanese.

June 1991, Yournew began attending the Zimbabwe Bible College to better prepare himself to preach the gospel. One of the men, Kuac, who Yournew converted while in Khartoum, joined him in May 1992. In June 1993, Michael, his wife Carolina, and two children joined them.

TODAY-Below are 17 of 20 Native Evangelists who have graduated from Bible College. Oh yes, you can pick out Shane, our grandson.

SUDAN AFRICAN MISSION (SAM) was formed in 1990 to support Sudanese men attending Bible college and their ministry. Today SAM is supporting 38 Ordained Evangelists within interior Sudan. Yournew graduated in 1993 from ZCC and has since been ministering to Sudanese refugees that have fled from war-torn Sudan. He is a wise compassionate worker and thousands are being converted and many Churches established in Sudan as well as three large Medical Clinics. We continue total support.


Kuac, after graduating from ZCC in 1994, is working with his own people in Panthou, Sudan with the BREAD OF LIFE PLOW PROGRAM. He builds a close relationship as he teaches farmers the Gospel. He supplies and trains their own oxen to plow their fields to grow more food for their family. He has a busy ministry sharing food, clothing, medical help, farming knowledge and the Gospel.

Victor graduated from Bible College in December 1998 and is winning souls & establishing churches in Camp Kakuma. The refugees have no income, so are very dependant on USA Christians for food, clothing, bedding and medical help. Sudan has a great need for the Gospel because of the war and man-made famine. Today Victor is Assistant Governor of the State of Aweil. His work continues in the hands of James M, Paulino & Santino.


Dec. 2001, James K and Daniel graduated from the Nairobi Great Commission Bible College.


In Dec. 2003 seven Dinka men graduated from Nairobi Bible College. Benjamin, Ezra, Anthony, Joseph, Angelo, John and Ruay.


Dec. 2005, seven more men from the interior of Sudan graduated from NGCS Bible College. Peter, James M., Cornelius, Luka, Paulino, Philip and Santino. All these above men are in their home area preaching and establishing Christ's Church.

May 2007, 18 men graduated from our own Aweil Bible College(ABC) that was started in Jan. 2005. These 18 Evangelists are busy establishing Churches in their own town.

June 2007, 52 men and women were enrolled in the Aweil Bible College with the previously graduated 38 Evangelists taking turns teaching 6 week blocks of classes with Ruay in charge.

Today, Ruay Damas is taking over Yournew's tasks of purchasing medicine and relief supplies for SAM's three Medical Clinics and overseeing the Aweil Bible College.


Many are learning of Christ through these men. True Christianity has not existed there for nearly 2000 years. Thousands have become Christians. We ask you to consider being part of this mission.


Please pray and give within a "Budget of Faith.." This decade will bring great fruits for Christ.

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