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Mission News

For the most current news report, please visit our home page


December, 2013 Update

--Steve Holsinger

(Steve wrote this article for Faith Christian's weekly bulletin. It is a summary of an email received from Dr. John in November.)

I got a report this week from Sudan. Our young doctor couldn't wait for the clinic vehicle to be purchased and set up, so he took a pick-up owned by the mission, a bag of medicines and drove fifty miles to Majok Ajuong village where our evangelists had already been sharing the gospel.

Dr. John treated 125 people with various illnesses and Joseph taught 107 candidates for baptism. He arranged for further teaching for 52 and baptized 55. John said, "There was an old mother who proved to have peptic ulcers and was treated with medicine. She shouted praise to God. She claimed to have not met any health team coming with church leaders to such a deep village." "Doctors always come and sit in the town waiting for us to come. When we are old and weak and sick we cannot move so far under such shining and hot sun." John concluded, "As we left the Christians were rejoicing." We join them in rejoicing for the privilege of impacting people's lives in such a profound way. Thank you for your generous gifts. The congregation here at Faith is rejoicing as well for the partnership we have in sharing help and hope in South Sudan.

Dr. John
Dr. John listening to a man tell of his wife's illness


The Board of Directors for SSAM recently approved $30,000 to construct an office and fence the property in Aweil Town. We are using steel posts and wire fencing which costs more, but any other option has to be replaced every few years. The church in Malek is donating bricks which they made. This building will also serve as headquarters for the Mobile Medical Clinic. Starting from Aweil will cut about 40 miles off most trips as opposed to starting in Malek. Yournew will be arranging to have a well drilled as soon as there is a rig in the area. This will cost an additional $7,000-$10,000. We will establish a church planting team for this hub city early next year. We have a core group of friends, relatives and former mission employees already in Aweil, so this new church should get off to a great start! If you would like to make a year-end gift to help with this, mark it "Aweil Church."

Waiting in lin to be baptized
Waiting in line to be baptized in Majok Ajuong

Merry Christmas and blessings in 2014 from the South Sudan African Mission Board of Directors and staff:
Steve, Myron, Herb, Phil, Frank, Bev, Paul and Marilyn.



  • SSAM Board of Directors as they lead the South Sudan African Mission in 2014 and beyond.

The following were prayer requests from Yournew in recent correspondence:

  • Purchase of the Mobile Clinic which will soon be put into operation.
  • Students and teachers at Aweil Bible College.
  • The health of myself and the entire SSAM team in South Sudan and USA.
  • Health of our communities that were displaced by flooding and whose crops were destroyed by the water.

Aweil Bible College

Classes at the Aweil Bible College had to be suspended in the spring of 2010 because of flooding and damage to the church compound. Classes resumed in the fall of 2013 with twenty students. Following is the schedule of classes and the teachers for the Aweil Bible College.

Class Schedule

Classes at Aweil Bible College
Students attending classes at Aweil Bible Collage


God has richly blessed the South Sudan African Mission during 2013. Because of generous supporters and matching funds from Faith Christian Community in Anchorage, AK, $90,000+ was raised for the Mobile Medical Clinic. The Mobile Medical Clinic will serve villages of South Sudan who do not have any other way to obtain medical treatment. Dr. John's dream will soon be realized in early 2014! In addition, SSAM was able to make two trips into South Sudan, twenty four SSAM presentations in ten states, attend three conferences and one Ladies Retreat. Several churches had special events for SSAM such as Vacation Bible Schools, spaghetti feeds or special offerings to raise awareness and funds for the people of South Sudan. Thank you each and every one who afforded us an opportunity to come to your church!

Giving Statements for 2013 should be in the mail no later than January 20, 2014. If you do not receive yours by January 27, please let us know. Thank you for your faithful support!


November, 2013 Update

--Steve Holsinger

The concept of a "church without walls" is a fascinating one for preachers and youth leaders in the Gambella region of Ethiopia and South Sudan. Tom and Thomas Kilian of Mercy Partners joined Peter Rom (Sudanese church leader from Anchorage) and me for several days during the first two weeks of October. We did three days of seminar style Bible teaching for 90 church leaders. All three of us spoke to the Nuer youth conference which had thousands of participants. We were able to encourage Nuer Christians in their ambition of planting two churches, one in Matar, Ethiopia and the other in Pagak, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. Tom was able to use his skills as an artist to prepare a Bible survey wall chart and a basic Bible doctrines presentation that we believe is going to be very helpful in the future. Please continue to pray for the churches in Jonglei state as they establish new churches and rebuild their villages.

--Santino Makol

Greetings, I hope you are doing well in the Lord. It is in our prayers that both of you and South Sudan African Mission's contributors are healthy, and I hope Paul and Marilyn are doing okay.

Our congregation progressing well but we have had a lot of challenges this past three months

Evangelists and church elders have decided to gather for unity prayers and for some time of fishing to generate some income to help accomplish some of the churches activities.

Christmas is approaching and we need to express our sincere happiness and appreciation. We do actually appreciate your contributions that help us go ahead with church activities. Thank you a lot and may God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Youth and Sunday school children are practicing for the Christmas celebration.

Our clinic has been a great opportunity for evangelism. The patients receive counseling with scriptures before they receive their medicine. Rain is too heavy this year in Jonglei state, there is flooding and many people have been displaced. More of the counties are suffering from food shortage and medicine problems including my county.


The poor are praising the Lord for the small amount of sorghum which we have been distributing to the widows, orphans and the lonely. The church of Christ gives food in the form of sorghum to the newly returning and settling members of our community and church members. Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 and referendum which lead to independence in July 2011, the people of South Sudan in Diaspora and neighboring countries have increasingly been returning to their home villages where some of those returning find no one in the villages to welcome them. Our teams usually identify those vulnerable groups and offer them at least food for the first one month and medical aid to these families. Most of these places where we work have no hospitals and food.

The church has been receiving messages of praises to our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of these people benefit from Food for Life and say they could not make it if they had not received support from the church

Flooding in Aweil
Recent flooding in Aweil state, South Sudan.

This year is one of the years that we need an uplift of the Food For Life. As you can see from the photo floods have covered the gardens and farms in most of villages in Aweil state. In Aweil, nearby villages to Aweil town, South County (where Malek Alel) it has flooded including our ox plow farm which was well planted and weeded. The harvest wasn't good because the flood covered the field at early stage before the crops ripen. I hope it will be good to plant crops next year.



  • International Conference on Missions (ICOM), the speakers, conference leaders, safety for those who will be travelling many miles.
  • Relief from the flooding in South Sudan


  • The funds were received for the Mobile Medical Clinic which will make this dream a reality.
  • Bev's profitable trips to Westminster & Loveland, CO, Torrington, WY, Scottsbluff NE, Crowley & Mandeville, LA and Culver, OR.



Dr. John and Yournew are excitably waiting to hear again the strategic plans toward establishing the mobile clinic. Many people who hear us talking about the mobile clinic are also excited. Steve would not believe it if he was in Aweil this season to see how many are dying because of lack of basic health care or lack of healthcare centers or simply no road to access the health care facilities. Our government does not have enough facilities, medicines or health staff. The upcoming plan to establish and run the mobile clinic will serve the hundreds of thousands of underserved communities that are left stranded without basic healthcare. Last month Aweil had outbreak of Poliomyelitis which can be prevented with Polio vaccine a disease which has been eradicated even in other African Countries.

Thank you to the generous supporters of SSAM, FAME and Mercy Partners our goal of $45,000 has been met! $45,000 has been received from Faith Christian in Anchorage for a total of $90,000.

--Paulino Malou

The Church of Christ at Chelkou has registered 200 orphan children attending Sunday School Service, Bible study and Scripture reading every Wednesday and Friday and Sunday. Malualbaai Church of Christ has an additional 20 children. The congregation is enjoying safe drinking water and they are praising South Sudan Church of Christ and the South Sudan African Mission.

Chelkou Church of Christ has already molded 300,000 bricks for the future use to construct their church building. We are requesting prayers to keep the congregation in faith.


Tom Kilian pursued Theological Studies at Roanoke Bible College (now Mid Atlantic Christian University ) in Elizabeth City NC where he met his wife, Sandie. An ordained Minister from Cary Christian Church ( Cary NC), Kilian has preached full time among churches within NC, VA & WV. In 2010 Kilian came back to his North Carolina home and redirected his efforts to form the charitable humanitarian organization, Mercy Partners. Mercy Partners approach to Missions is holistic to provide a "hand up, rather than a hand out" which has quickly established native partnerships in South Sudan.

Tom and his family reside in a 1826 farmhouse in Columbia NC that doubles as a base of operations for the mission. They participate in service and worship at Cabin Swamp Church of Christ in Columbia, NC.


Nov. 10 a.m. - Calloway Christian Church, Fulton, MO
Nov. 14-17 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions) in Kansas City, MO Booth #1032
Nov. 17 a. m. - Hwy. 54 Church of Christ, Jefferson city, MO


The Hwy 20 Church of Christ Youth Group of Sweet Home, OR recently had a Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser for the Plow Project. They were able to raise a total $735! Thank you!

60th Bday at Mountainview Christian

We are beginning to make plans for speaking presentations in 2014. If you would like us to come to your church, mission meeting or participate in your church mission fair please contact us. 503.729.4631 or email at We love to tell the SSAM story!


October, 2013 Update

--Steve Holsinger, Director of SSAM

South Sudan African Mission and Mercy Partners began discussing collaboration following our successful trip earlier this year to Ethiopia, (in the Gambella region). SSAM has established 17 churches, Aweil Bible College and Malek Christian Hospital in the Northern Bar El Gazel (Aweil area) Mercy Partners has helped establish a church an school in South Sudan's Upper Nile State, Central Equatoria (Juba). During this trip they began to discuss collaboration.

Bill's Burma
Steve giving one of his shirts to "Bill's Buma" this spring while there.

Since August, Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners, based in Columbia, North Carolina, has been assisting our director, Steve Holsinger. Tom has secured an agreement with a firm in Juba regarding the purchase of a Toyota Troop Carrier for our Mobile Medical Clinic as well as preparing a short video promoting our work in South Sudan.

Steve and Tom, accompanied by Tom's son, Thomas and two Sudanese immigrants from Anchorage, Peter Rom and Both Bithow, are in Gambella. They will be conducting leadership training for two groups of 20 preachers and 40 youth leaders. We will also conduct a rally for 400 young people. Already one trip has been made into South Sudan to help establish a new church in the village of Matar. 500 people came out to see the Jesus video and discuss plans for a church. The team will do the same thing in the village of Pagok as well as a return trip to "Bill's Buma". This will involve setting up a camp in the bush for several days to share the gospel with the inhabitants of the area.

Please be praying for the team as they share the gospel and teach Scripture throughout the region. Pray also regarding the partnership of Mercy Partners and South Sudan African Mission. We are experiencing the blessing of Psalm 133:1 "Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity."



In last month's newsletter we made an appeal for funds to be used as a mobile medical clinic in South Sudan. As stated in the article, Dr. John has a dream to "travel from village to village, conducting clinics on good sanitation and safe practices." He could do health screenings and immunizations and work in cooperation with our evangelists so that they could teach people the gospel and Christian songs instead of just waiting in lines. People who are unable to travel to Malek would be able to receive teaching, medicine, treatment and salvation!

It is estimated the project will cost between $60,000 and $90,000 to purchase a new vehicle, have it outfitted with equipment and medicine and to cover the cost of fuel for the first year of ministry.

Faith Christian in Anchorage has challenged SSAM readers and supporters with a $45,000 matching funds grant and our SSAM supporters are rising to the challenge.

Matching Funds for Mobile Clinic
Received as of late September

If you wish to contribute to the Mobile Medical Clinic, please write "Mobile Clinic" in the memo line of your check.


Sept. 29 - 9 a.m. Mountainview Church, Westminster, CO
Sept. 29 - 6 p.m. - The Church at Loveland, CO
Oct. 6 - 9:30 a.m. - Riverside Church of Christ, Torrington, WY
Oct. 6 - 6:00 p.m. - Bluffview Church of Christ, Scottsbluff, NE
Oct. 20 - a.m. Forest Park Church of Christ, Crowley, LA
Oct. 23 - 6 p.m. - Monterey Church of Christ, Monterey, LA
Oct. 27 - a.m. Mandeville Christian Church, Mandeville, LA
Nov. 10- a.m. Calloway Christian Church, Fulton, MO
Nov. 14-17 International Conference on Missions, Kansas City Booth #1032 (Steve and Deanna are planning to be at ICOM)
Nov. 17 -a.m. Hwy. 54 Church of Christ, Jefferson City, MO


  • SSAM team while in Gambella through mid-October
  • Funding for the Mobile Medical Clinic will be received
  • Collaboration efforts with Mercy Partners
  • Upcoming travel and SSAM presentations in the States
  • SSAM Board members as they prepare and plan for 2014 and beyond
  • PRAISE for over $16,000 which has already been received for the Mobile Clinic. With matching funds wae are over $32,000!


Greetings, I therefore hope you are doing well in the Lord. The congregations and my family are doing well too. It has been quite difficult communicating with you there since internet access has become a big problem. Previously I was using Zain internet but it has been terminated for some time. Hopefully the company will bring it back as before so we can report activities. I have spent four days here looking where to get internet to send you an email.

Our churches' activities are progressing well. The evangelists and I are evangelizing and converting many people to Christ which now total fifty within this four months.
Women's groups are meeting and strengthening women. They meet and study the Bible every Friday. The youth and Sunday school teachers are very encouraged. They are teaching songs and practice for Sunday service.

Our new congregation has made a thatched roof to protect them from rain. The rain is very hard this year and it has destroyed many crops. People are using the little they had last year. Many children suffer from malnutrition and many end up with one meal per day.


Many who have contributed to the Mobile Medical Clinic have done so sacrificially and wish not to be mentioned by name in the newsletter.

However, following are a couple of notes we received...

"Dear Friends, Our little prayer group (4 of us)want to share in the funds for the traveling medical van. We excitedly read your newsletters and are thrilled to see how God is working."
Because of Him, Louise Barnes, Cheryl Block, Joan Kunze and Cathy Bates of Austin, MN

"I just wanted to tell a bit about where this money came from...We home school and during our snack time, we usually read about a mission and then pray for them. After I read your recent newsletter about the mobile clinic, all my kids shouted, "Let's give them some money!" So they rummaged all over the house gathering saved allowances, change from the "change jar", even searching the laundry room for any spare change. It was such a joy to this momma's heart to see their delight in wanting to help with this mission work! May God Bless You!
--Kameesha Williams, Corban, Ben, Haven, Titus & Levi of Roger, AR

In Memory of Edwin D Bein, Sr. (1932-2013)
"Ed loved his Lord, family and country. After retiring from military service, Ed went to Mid South Christian College and got a degree in preaching ministry. While serving in Vona, CO we met Paul and Marilyn at a Mission Week. We have been blessed by their visits and inspired by their work.

While praying about a way to commemorate Ed's desire to serve the Lord, your newsletter came and I felt the donation of an ox and plow to help the people of South Sudan help themselves in the love of the Lord, would be a fine way."
--Michelle Bein of Gibson City, IL

We are beginning to make plans for speaking presentations in 2014. If you would like us to come to your church, mission meeting or participate in your church mission fair please contact us. 503.729.4631 or email at We love to tell the SSAM story!


August/September, 2013 Update

--Steve Holsinger

During our travels in Aweil State earlier this year, we were accompanied by Dr. John Kuat, the young man who has recently moved to Malek to become part of the staff of Malek Christian Hospital. As we rode in the back of the Land Cruiser, (shake, rattle and roll!) and at rest stops at the end of each days' journey, we talked. As we got to know each other better, the talks turned to dreams. "What if..." I asked, "What if we had a vehicle like this one that was outfitted with cabinets to keep medicine and supplies in, an awning on the side, tents for triage and exams, a folding exam table or stretcher..." John immediately took up the dream. "I could travel from village to village, conducting clinics on good sanitation and safe practices. I could do health screenings and immunizations and work in cooperation with our evangelists so that they could teach people the gospel and Christian songs instead of just waiting in lines. People who are unable to travel to Malek would be able to receive teaching, medicine, treatment and salvation!" It is an inspiring dream based on Jesus' ministry. "Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest truly is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.'" Matthew 9:35-38

We are estimating that this project will cost between $60,000 and $90,000 to secure a new vehicle and have it outfitted with equipment and medicine and to cover the cost of fuel for the first year of ministry. We have received a promise of "matching funds" in the amount of $45,000 from the poor box ministry fund of Faith Christian Community in Anchorage. If our supporters and friends can provide an additional $45,000 in the next 90 days, the dream will become a reality! Please pray about contributing to this great need. Every dollar you give will result in "double dollars" and multiplied blessing in the lives of incredibly needy people.


--Steve Holsinger

We were encouraged and concerned with the growth and development we witnessed in "Aweil Town", the main city in the Aweil region of Northern Bar Ghazal. In just a short time, Aweil has gained a new airport, (a dirt strip, but new none the less.) gas stations, lovely large stucco homes (a few) and many of the usual shacks and World War II era buildings. We noticed that the evangelists left our meetings in Malek (a large village about a 45 minute drive from Aweil Town) to catch a van ride to Aweil Town. Stores, government agencies, internet access and friends and relatives are in this small city. Once again we began dreaming. "What if we had a ministry center in Aweil?" Virtually everything and everyone coming in to the area comes through Aweil Town. We identified several sites with good access to the main roads and to the new airport. Since our visit Yournew has been given permission from the government to purchase a large plot of well-located land for $11,000.00 U.S. Plans are underway to move a team of our best, most experienced leaders into Aweil Town to establish a church in this key city. Praise God that we had funds on hand to seize this great opportunity and purchase the land!

SSAM was in Columbus, OH at the Indianola Church of Christ July
21st to help them celebrate their 100th anniversary and participate in Mission Sunday.
July 28-Aug 2, we were at the Week of Missions on the Oregon Coast.
August 18, SSAM was at Santa Clara Church of Christ in Eugene, OR

Aug. 25 a.m. - Glen Acres Church of Christ, Seattle WA
Aug. 25 p.m. - Cedar Ridge Church of Christ, Seattle, WA
Sept. 22 p.m. - Hwy. 20 Church of Christ, Sweet Home, OR
Sep. 29 a..m. Mountainview Church, Westminster. CO
Oct. 6 a.m. - Riverside Church of Christ, Torrington, WY
Oct. 6 p.m. - Bluffview Church of Christ, Scottsbluff, NE

The following reports are just too good to not share with you!


Dear Folks at the Sudan African Mission,
Just about a month ago, I issued a challenge to my small Sunday school class of elementary school kids--"Why don't we see if we can collect enough money for a plow that will help many people eat better?" They loved the idea!

They eagerly worked on projects they could use in a silent auction to raise money. Every week they brought in more projects. When the auction was over, they had made more than enough for a plow! They almost had enough for two plows. So, with a little augmentation, here is a gift from the Siletz Church of Christ kids class for two plows. I'm so proud of them.
Warmly, Lois Knutson and also signed by Shyann, Ashley, Tyler, Cody and Ryan

--John Walton, Minister Havasu Christian Church

What a great week of VBS at Havasu Christian Church! We had a high attendance of 56 children, and a total of 72 different children during the week. Our Mission was SSAM and the kids really got excited about it! We started out with a goal of raising enough money to buy a water buffalo. (We decided to name him Sam!) We had a banner made with a drawing of a water buffalo on it that said "Help us buy a water buffalo for the people of South Sudan" and we colored in part of the buffalo every night. One parent told us that her child came home and told her that he was raiding his piggybank. His mom tried to talk him out of it, but he was insistent! Finally, she talked him into taking $10 out and giving that. He wanted to give it all!

VBS at Lake Havasu City, AZ
Recent VBS at Lake Havasu City, AZ

$1000 is a pretty lofty goal, but with some help from the people from our English speaking Church, and our Spanish speaking Church, the kids reached their goal! In fact, they blew right past the goal! Instead of $1000 for a water buffalo, we are sending $1,360 which is enough for a water buffalo and a plow for him to pull! On Friday night, when our "Missions guy" started coloring, the kids were excited. As he continued to color, the excitement in the room went up. By the time he was coloring in the last empty patch, the kids were almost jumping up and down! If adults got so excited about giving their offerings, think what a time of joy we would have in Church every week!

Thank you SSAM for giving such an awesome goal to shoot for!


The Blanchard River Church of Christ's VBS in Dunkirk, OH recently sent $1,631 for be used for two water buffalo and one plow.


We had a great week of VBS at the Marion Church of Christ. We were able to raise $1006 for the South Sudan African Mission.

The kids were so excited to see that we went over our goal. There was lots of cheering and screaming going on. Thanks again for your help. It was our pleasure to help the people of South Sudan.

Marion Church of Christ - Vacation Bible School
Marion Church of Christ, Rochecter, MN VBS


June, 2013 Update

(Received from Yournew Sunday, June 1, 2013)

Greetings to you all in the name of our almighty God.

The work of the ministry is progressing well and your visit to Aweil churches in January 2013 was a great motivation with lots of encouragement. Many people have been coming daily after your visit in our various Aweil churches to give their testimonies and others giving their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior of their life, resulting in more repentance and baptism in the churches.

Oxen purchased by the Bread of Life Project preparing the field for planting
Oxen purchased by the Bread of Life Project preparing the field for planting

There are many new Christians attending the Bible studies to know about Jesus after baptism and before baptism. All the evangelists are engaged with leading and building new believers faith in Christ. The evangelists are more engaged with energy at the Church's teaching the word of God and giving counseling to those who have a broken hearts and your visit played a big role. Everyone is refreshed and focused working as a team.

The church is growing well in Aweil, and what we need is prayers for God to provide and enable our evangelists to get full support which will enable them work better and more effectively in the mission.

Thanks for your observation on communication challenges we are facing and lack of network among evangelists.

We also need to encourage the Ox-plow project to enable our evangelists to be self-reliant. The church needs to create more projects for our evangelists and the congregations so they will be able to support their families, churches and the communities as is in most cases all eyes are on them. In the future SSAM will not provide salaries to all evangelists in South Sudan. These farming projects were not proposed by the evangelists but the idea was collected from Christian communities in Aweil and South Sudan as well many proposing the same. After prayers we believe it's the best project for the church and the community.


We give our appreciation to Christian brothers and sisters who donated funds to buy oxen and plows. We bought the seeds which helped most of the returnees who came from Khartoum empty handed and had nothing or anywhere to start. This was the great means of evangelism and they testified to many.

Plows ready to be distributed to evangelists to be used in their village
Plows ready to be distributed to evangelists to be used in their village

Glory to God as we received rain the beginning of May 2013 and the oxen are busy pulling the plows at farms. We request the project be enlarged or extended so that it can cover most of the churches in Aweil area. Each team has two bulls and four young men are our training committee: Deng Majok , Mayom Anyier, Ayok Manut and Mayuat Atak. The time for training was short because of delayed funds but they did the best in providing required basic training as more is being learned as the project continues. In the future, we will plan earlier to request the funds for plows and oxen so that the training period can be completed in good time and done adequately.

Miscellaneous News

Thank you to Marion Church of Christ, Fridley Church of Christ, Countryside Church in Owatonna, Bemidji Church of Christ, Concord Church of Christ and Kasson Church of Christ for allowing Bev to come and give a SSAM presentation the last part of April and the first part of May. Because southern Minnesota received 14+ inches of snow in one day, we had to cancel the presentation at the Austin Church of Christ.

June 25-30 South Sudan African Mission will be at the Oregon Christian Convention in Turner, OR.



Since we have focused on the Bread of Life Ox Plow Project in this month's newsletter, we thought it fitting that we should take you back ten years to how and why the Bread of Life Project started.

Taken in part from the April 2003 SAM newsletter
"For a year Kuac has had the Bread of Life Project upon his heart. The (South) Sudanese people have been beat upon and need some help building self-esteem into their lives. They need vast amounts of food.

Two years ago Kuac ventured off 1,000 miles to Uganda, a country bordering southwest Sudan. There he worked with farmers who plowed with oxen. This was something strange to the way Kuac's family had farmed. In an attempt to win the farmers to Christ, he worked beside them but he was the one who did some learning. As he worked with the farmers he learned how to train a young, well developed oxen to obey when he was yoked to a plow. This technique has not been introduced to South Sudan. For centuries the Sudanese women had spaded up a small piece of ground for her family.

Kuac knew his father and mother had worked hard and yet nearly starved to death. He returned to Nairobi to tell Paul what he had learned and what was upon his heart to serve his people while teaching them the Gospel.

Kuac asked for eighty plows but SAM could only send him funds to fly ten plows to Aweil. In March 2003, Kuac took ten plows, corn and sorghum seed to get fifty families started growing their own food."

Kuac is no longer working with the South Sudan African Mission but has taken a job working for the South Sudan government. Kuac lives in Aweil and teaches a few classes at the Aweil Bible College.

With $360 South Sudan African Mission is able to purchase a plow and the seed for one family. The funds also cover the wages of the team who teaches the farmers how to use the plow. Since the Bread of Life Plow Project has been introduced, the South Sudanese have seen a seven fold increase in their crop yield. One plow has the potential to feed 40 people. Because of contributors all over the United States, to date hundreds of plows have been sent into South Sudan but there is still a need for additional plows. Several send $30 each month and in a year they have given enough money to buy one plow.

A recent baptism
A recent baptism


The Christians at Malual bai church are praising God for the well drilled from the funds received from the Christian family in America. When people in South Sudan needed water, they gave and we can now drink from the well. The entire community is actually praising God for the well drilled as before there used to be no clean water resulting in many water borne diseases and other related sicknesses which are no more. (Yournew sent pictures of people drinking from the well but the pictures did not turn out well, and were unable to be used in the newsletter. Hopefully, we will have pictures in a future newsletter.)


May, 2013 Update


Instead of our usual newsletter, we decided to send the new South Sudan African Mission brochure to everyone on our mailing list along with a shortened SSAM newsletter. The brochure outlines the areas where SSAM is involved in South Sudan plus gives a little history of the mission. We think you will find the time line on the back of the brochure especially interesting.

Showing the children their picture
Steve showing a group of children their picture on his camera

If you would like additional copies for your church bulletin or to give to your friends, please send us a note or email and we will be glad to send more. Our email address is info (

Randy Word of Word Web Design, located here in Portland, helped with the design and layout of the brochure.

South Sudan African Mission brochure
New South Sudan African Mission brochure


Several responded and asked that their newsletter be sent via email. For those who requested email copies, beginning with the June newsletter you will no longer receive a mailed copy. However, we are mailing this month's shortened newsletter since we are also sending the new SSAM brochure along with it.

If you prefer to have your newsletter emailed please contact us at info (@

South Sudan African Mission brochure
Steve and Santino mapping out plans for the Malakal, South Sudan area


On Friday, April 19th, Marilyn had two stents put in her heart and she says she is doing much better. On Tuesday, May 14th, Paul and Marilyn will celebrate their 63rd anniversary. You can send them a card at PO Box 2432, Gresham, OR 97030, send them an email at sampdouglass (@ or give them a phone call at 503.912.3275.

South Sudan Women
Typical ladies in South Sudan

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Phil. 1:3


April, 2013 Update


When Steve was in South Sudan in January, Yournew and others associated with the Sudan African Mission asked that the mission's name be changed to South Sudan African Mission (SSAM). On July 9, 2011, The Republic of South Sudan became the 196th nation and is officially recognized by the United Nations. The South Sudanese take great pride in the fact that they are a separate nation and want to be distinguished from north Sudan.

At a recent board meeting, it was decided that Sudan African Mission will begin using South Sudan African Mission (SSAM) on all correspondence. But rest assured, the Sudan African Mission has not changed its focus, we are just clarifying where your funds are being used.

Steve greeted by Yournew in Malek
Steve and team being greeted by Yournew and the village people in Malek


--Written by Yournew

It was around November in the year 1988 when Paul and Marilyn for the first time came to Khartoum. But I had been there six years before Paul came. I left Northern Bahr El Ghazal (Aweil) state in 1982, a region 586 miles southwest of Khartoum to seek refuge after the devastating war broke out leaving several villages and/or towns torn apart.

Having been called to Khartoum by God so that He may save His people, I met Paul Douglass and Marilyn. I was baptized into Christ one year later. I assisted Paul and Marilyn by translating and mechanically repairing of the hospital equipment. A church of Christ began with about 20 members in the congregation, a number that was enough to bring most of my men to Christ. The church was under hiding from the Khartoum government, a government with an intention to Islamize the people of Cush. Like Paul, I studied mechanical engineering from college, and was sent by God to further spread the Word to his people in South Sudan.

Paul and Yournew discussing future plans
Paul and Yournew discussing future plans (April 2009)

I was sent to Zimbabwe Christian College in Harare. God's callings and blessings are abundantly unlimited and more of the men from South Sudan were sent and graduated from Great Commission Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya. Most of these great men from South Sudan went home and opened churches in their home areas to serve Christ Jesus. We went from the congregation of twenty men in Khartoum to thousands of Christians in South Sudan. Steve and his team witnessed the work these men who were called forward by the Lord to further His gospel to their native men and women in the great land of Cush.

Pastors, evangelists and entire community and leaders have seen God's grace in South Sudan Church of Christ. They have heard and seen the South Sudan African Mission particularly not only Steve and his team, but they have heard and seen Paul Douglass & Marilyn and Bev. South Sudan Church of Christ requests SSAM (originally called SAM) and our Christian community in the USA to continue praying about us and the new country so that the people in the land of Cush may find the eternal peace in every single day in their life. And may God's mercy be with you all.


Each month we send nearly 1400 newsletters out to interested
individuals and churches across the United States. On average, twenty of these newsletters are returned each month with a change of address which cost SAM 4 cents each. Over one year's time that adds up to over $100. If you are moving, please send us an email with your new address. Or, if you would rather receive your newsletter via email, please send us your email address and we will no longer send you a hard copy of the newsletter.

A special thank you to a group at Mountainview Christian Church in Gresham, OR who help with the newsletter mailing each month. You are appreciated!


In the spring of 2010, the South Sudanese government gave 360 acres of land to the South Sudan Church of Christ in order to establish a home for orphaned children. Thousands of children had been left homeless because of the ongoing civil war between North and South Sudan. Yournew named the orphanage Panmiith Piiryam which in the Dinka language is translated "South Sudan New Life Children's Home".

Malek Children
A few of the many children in the Malek, South Sudan area

Because of flooding concerns, the orphanage has relocated and Yournew has changed the name to "Christian Academy Life - Spring" (CALS). Yournew reports that the orphans are fed physically and spiritually and it is his desire that these young people will develop into future people of Christ.

The walls are built at the CALS compound already in addition to fence poles and wire fencing around the compound, two classrooms, one kitchen and one administration office have also been built. Funds are needed for the roofing before the rainy season begins.

Malek Village
People from the village greeting the SSAM team


The South Sudan African Mission will be giving updates at several places over the next six weeks. If you are in the area come and hear what good things are happening in South Sudan.

March 24 - Hope Christian Church, Central Point, OR
March 31 - 9 a.m. Havasu Christian Church,
Lake Havasu City, AZ
April 21- 9:30 a.m. Marion Church of Christ near Rochester, MN
April 24 - 7 p.m. Church of Christ, Fridley, MN
April 28 - 9 a.m. Countryside Church, Owatonna, MN
May 1 - 6 p.m. Bemidji, MN Church of Christ
May 2 - Austin, MN Church of Christ (evening)
May 5 - Concord Church of Christ near West Concord, MN &
Kasson, MN Church of Christ


March, 2013 Update


The following is part of the report that Yournew sent regarding SAM'S visit in January. More of the report will be in future newsletters.

On behalf of South Sudan church of Christ ministries, I would like to acknowledge the visitation of Steve, Tom and Peter. Their visit was encouraging, motivating, strengthening and a blessing to our church ministries. The message that came with Steve from the American people to the people of Aweil and to the Republic of South Sudan is a soul touching message. The message made it clear that the people of South Sudan are part of the beginning of Christianity. They have within their veins the blood of the renowned heroes in the powerful kingdom in the Holy Book, the Bible.

Although Steve and the team had difficulties with their entry permits, with God's will it was possible.

As a gifted shepherd, Steve and his team had the Spirit and desire to serve God and His people. Steve was willing to spend time in prayer for the Christians, passing through impossible roads to the churches. Steve's teaching about the land of Cush was expressive, composed and sensitive. His personality drew people's attention to the gospel. Despite such busy working days, our Christian communities were dancing, rejoicing and singing words of praise to God to welcome Steve and the team from the U.S. and Yournew and other South Sudan Church of Christ leaders.

Steve Teaching in Sudan
Steve asked, "Are you ready to be used by God to rebuild your nation?"

Every village heard our Christian voices in Northern Bahr El Ghazal (commonly referred to as "Aweil") state. Steve and the team brought the congregation what they needed, a word of greatness from the people of God in the U.S. to the people of Aweil, the land of Cush and the people of South Sudan as a whole.

We were able to visit all five counties that make up Northern Bahr El Glazal state. We visited the churches that Yournew used to ride his bicycle to take and distribute medicine. We reached out to some villages that we are sure that no white men have ever stepped their feet on. We passed over the paths that a motor car has never rolled on. We crossed over the river Chelkou without a bridge. There was never doubt of safety of the team. God is great. Steve and the team were serving Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Dr. JohnGod showed his mercy to Simon who is about 14 years old. Steve and the team were visiting in Akuemkou, about 10 miles from Aweil town. We noticed something might be happening in a church building. Not so, it was parents of a sick child lying unconscious on the floor, awaiting the end of his breaths. Tom and Dr. John suggested to Steve and Yournew that the sick child be taken to Aweil town for emergency medical care. Tom had to hire a taxi driver and the care to go along with Simon. Dr. John suggested the clinic near South Sudan Hotel for sufficient accessibility. Dr. John together with the clinic staff confirmed cerebral malaria and worm infestation. Simon was discharged after three nights and three days in the hospital. The family of Simon's are praying for the South Sudan Church of Christ's growth. Simon's brother wanted to be admitted to ABC (Aweil Bible College) but unfortunately he has to wait until next year because there isn't any vacancies until 2013/2014.


  • Prayer for SAM'S upcoming Board of Directors meeting March 7
  • Angelo Atak as he goes to Nairobi, Kenya for medical treatment on his foot.
  • Ezra Lual will be treated for a malignant growth in Juba, South Sudan.
  • Daniel Deng also treated in Juda, South Sudan for hemorrhoids.
  • Well drilling in Aweil West in the village of Maluai Bai.
  • Future Church plant in Aweil Town.
  • Praise for our contributors who are making a difference in the lives of the South Sudanese.


SAM Board member Myron Wells and his wife, Donna went to South Sudan with a team in May 2007. Following is what Donna wrote after her trip.

Memories from Malek - Lessons Learned
-- by Donna Wells

I learned JOY in life doesn't come from your possessions. Jesus said in Luke 12:15 that a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions and we teach this. I'm not sure we believe that here in America. But it was lived out in front of us in Malek. They have very little....yet they have the Joy of the Lord. They truly have everything!

Donna with the women in the village of Malek

I learned SHARING even the little you have can be done with graciousness and love. Can I ever forget Yournew, smiling and saying, "Come, Welcome, Welcome, let's eat". We worry too much about appearances, about what we have and how others will perceive us or our things. It's about sharing! Not about us!

I learned FAITH--faith in God's working to bring together people from the far corners of the earth. That God can move mountains to accomplish His purposes. One of the special joys for me was having one of the women in Malek say she wanted to learn more from the Bible so she also could teach other women. The women said they would pray that God would bring us back again.

I learned HUMILITY by being served by some giants of God. Service that required early rising, hard back breaking work all day in the hot, hot sun, yet done with genuine love. Jesus said in Matt. 20:26, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. Truly these women are GREAT GIANTS OF GOD.

Bless them ALL for what they taught me!

Malek kitchen
Donna working alongside the women in their kitchen in Malek


Bev, Paul and Marilyn will be in Central Point at Hope Christian Church on March 24th.

Bev will be in Minnesota April 18 through May 5 and will be presenting the Sudan African Mission in Marion, Fridley, Owatonna, Bemidji and Kasson.


February, 2013 Update

Written by Steve Holsinger

When we planned our journey to Aweil, I had an idea that it would involve heat, rough roads and long hours (about 40 hours sitting on a bench in the back of a land cruiser with 10 people in the vehicle.) I had no idea, though, how much it would mean to the villagers that we were willing to travel far to find their tree (place of worship) and sing songs of praise, pray and preach the word of God to them. My message regarding the Old Testament references to Cush was enthusiastically received in every place, frequently interrupted by applause and in most places ending with people leaping to their feet with their hands lifted in praise! In a couple of the places leaders said, "Please don't be offended if our babies are afraid of you. No white man has been here before".

Steve teaching the South Sudanese about Cush

Santino traveled down the Rivers from Atar to meet us in Gambella, and Peter Gatdet came to Juba, so we were actually able to meet with people from all 19 of the Sudan African Mission sponsored congregations. Over and over people thanked us for "coming to our place to see our faces". Peter Rom, a Sudanese man and leader of the Sudanese congregation at Faith Christian Community in Anchorage was a special delight to the leaders everywhere we went. Each congregation was well represented through the preacher and evangelists in each place. Only one of the congregations currently has a church building (Atar).

Most of the places have good wells, some provided by SAM. We were struck by the contrast in malnutrition and general malaise at the one site without a well. (through the generosity of a SAM donor, drilling is scheduled as soon as a rig enters the area, most likely in March.) We were able to spend a few days at Malek-alel, location of Malek Christian hospital, Malek Church of Christ, Lifespring school for children (orphans) and Aweil Bible college. Because of flooding and damage to mission buildings, the Bible college has not been conducted for the last three years. We were able to meet with the students, Yournew, and the preachers who will be conducting classes as the school resumes February 1st with twenty students.

Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners was a great help on this trip and was able to demonstrate mercy medically more than once. We stopped at one point to look at a large church building and found a group of people huddled around a fourteen year old boy, Simon Deng, who was in convulsions with a very high fever. His family had gathered at the church to wait for him to die. Tom and John Kuot, the young man who is in the last part of his medical training in Uganda, treated the boy, pouring cool water over him to reduce the fever. We arranged transportation for the boy, his mother and some aunts to Aweil town. He was admitted to a clinic there and treated for both typhoid and malaria. As in Jesus' parable of the good Samaritan we arranged to pay for his care and checked on him each day after our trip. I am glad to report that Simon is alive and well and at home in his village. The clinic Doctor who treated him asked if it would be possible for him to enroll in classes at Aweil Bible College!

Our trip was cut short by three days because of complications with our flight from Aweil to Juba, but we were able to meet with the evangelist of Gudele Church of Christ, Peter Lasu Ladu. Peter attended Great Commision Bible College in Nairobi at the same time as Yournew. Peter works for the government funded anti corruption league in addition to leading the church and Christian elementary school in Gudele which is sponsored by Mercy Partners. We also had a great reunion with Ruay Deng, formerly with SAM, now Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment for Northern Bar Ghazel State. We also met with the head of a well boring company that will be moving a rig into Aweil in March. God had plans and opportunities in place in every twist and turn of our journey. We praise Him for His care and provision and for the opportunity to partner with the supporters of Sudan African Mission to bring hope and life to the world's newest nation.

Steve in South Sudan

Written by Marilyn Douglass

In October of 1988, Paul and I left Portland, OR to go to a country we didn't know. We knew we were going to Sudan, but where?

Marilyn working on a quilt with Yournew in Khartum (1989)

After spending a few months in Khartoum Paul and I came back to the States to collect supplies that would be needed to spend at least one year in Khartoum while Paul trained the eight Sudanese men to repair hospital equipment. When I had been there for the few months, I wished I had had my sewing machine. Since I had sewn for my grandchildren, I knew that I could make dresses and blankets for the refugees who were living in Camp Kakuma north of Nairobi. Along with our other 20 pieces of luggage that we took back, my Bernina sewing machine was packed to make the trip also.

While Paul was working in the mobile workshop each day, I kept busy making dresses and quilts plus I made over 200 cloth diapers to be used in Camp Kakuma.


John Kuot (medical student finishing studies in Uganda) Pray that I will be a hard-working servant. Pray that I may create opportunities for the gospel through my medical work. Ask God to give me wisdom for a plan to expand medical care throughout the churches in Aweil region.

Paulino Malou: (preacher in Chilkou, Aweil West) Pray that we will be able to construct church buildings in the villages. Pray for the 200 children in our area enrolled in classes to supplement their education. Pray that we will be able to teach them to pray and depend on God. Pray for me as I lead the church in the village as well as teach in Aweil Bible College. Pray for peace in South Sudan. Pray that I may be able to continue my education.

Luka Goch: Pray that we will be able to construct a church building in Aweil East. Pray for our outreach to families through ministry to small children.

Ezra Lual: Pray for healing for a nasal condition. Pray also for a church building and primary school space for his village. Pray that the well scheduled for Malual Bai will be drilled soon. Pray that he will be able to acquire a motor bike.

Joseph Wel: Pray for Joseph's ability to reach unreached people. Pray about establishing a church in Aweil Town. Family health. Wisdom as an administrator for the Bible College and Malek church. Pray for the commitment of the Malek church to preach the gospel and fulfill the call of God.

Angelo Atak: Pray that Angelo can lead the community in Mayong to be productive both in the wet and dry season. Pray for the growth of the church. Pray for good health for Angelo (growth on his foot) and Mary (kidney problems).

Yournew Wol: Pray for Deng (14 year old son) as he travels home from visiting Yournew in Aweil, and for the rest of the family in Australia. Pray that Yournew will continue to have good health. Pray for godly government
leaders in South Sudan. Pray for Life Spring school for children.

Peter Gatdet: Pray for the three churches in Bentiu region. There are many refugees coming from the North with many needs. Pray for Peter and the church evangelists as they continue to share the gospel house to house in Bentiu. (Peter reports that over 1,000 people are meeting regularly in three locations in Bentiu area.

Daniel Deng Chan: Pray for wisdom as Daniel is team leader for the church in Matuic with about 200 members and regular attenders. Pray for Daniel's health he has medical issues that will need to be treated in Juba or Nairobi.

Santino Makal: Pray for Santino's family, wife Tabitha, 2 sons Ngor (6) and Buk (4) and daughter Nanyik (4 months). Pray that two more locations can be established for churches in Atar area. Pray that a well driller will be available to bring clean water to Atar


January, 2013 Update


You probably noticed a little change to our newsletter. 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the Sudan African Mission. Each month in the newsletter we will be looking back on highlights from the past 25 years. Whether you have followed and supported SAM for 25 years or one month, we want to express a sincere thank you. We pray you will enjoy our "flashbacks in SAM history" throughout 2013.

Paul teaching Yournew inside the IDES mobile workshop (1988)


If you have donated to SAM in 2012, please look for your giving statement to be in the mail by the middle of January. On behalf of the entire SAM team, we continually thank God for you who support the mission with your contributions!


Thirteen years ago the Scottdale, PA Church of Christ Adult Sunday School class decided to stop exchanging Christmas gifts with each other and instead take an offering and send the money to the Sudan African Mission. The "Sudan Christmas Campaign" now includes the entire congregation and the thirteen year total has been $25,620.73.

A note from Maderyville, IN Christian Church Come Join Us Class, "Every year our Sunday School class takes up a Christmas offering. This year our surplus was $2,436. It is the class' desire to designate $1,936 to the Children's home and $500 for the general fund."

Riley & Mary Christensen of Hatfield, AR have contributed enough money in the past three years to purchase 28 bicycles. Bicycles are $175 US and are used by the evangelists to get from village to village in South Sudan.


Paul DouglassThe Sudan African Mission began in 1988 when IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) of Kempton, IN sent Paul and Marilyn Douglass to Khartoum, Sudan. IDES had sent a mobile workshop to Sudan to be used repairing hospital equipment but no one in the country knew how to operate the machines. Paul was a journeyman machinist, an auto‐truck mechanic, an auto body and paint specialist, a draftsman and electrician. Paul has a Master of Science degree and had retired from teaching school in Oregon.

The picture at right shows Paul in the Khartoum North Hospital in 1988.

Because of Paul's abilities and degree, he was accepted by the Sudanese government to teach the native men how to repair hospital equipment in the IDES workshop. Eight Sudanese men worked alongside Paul for nearly two years at the hospitals in Khartoum while he taught them how to use the equipment inside the workshop.

One of the men working for Paul was Yournew, a well known and greatly respected man of the Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan. Through the teaching of Paul and the example of Paul and Marilyn, Yournew was baptized into Christ in September 1989. Both Paul and Yournew can see now how God led both of them together. Immediately following Yournew's conversion, he led many to Christ, including twenty men to help him teach in Khartoum.


By the time most read this newsletter, Steve Holsinger from the Sudan African Mission, Peter Rom, a leader in the Sudanese community in Anchorage and preacher for the Sudanese congregation of Faith Christian Community and Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners based in North Carolina will be in South Sudan.

Steve, Peter and Tom will leave the states on January 7 and return on Jan. 30. They will visit Gambella, Ethiopia to meet with church leaders there regarding church planting in Maiwut county, South Sudan. While in Maiwut County they will share the gospel with a region where the community elders have decided to forsake Animism and follow Christ. They will also visit a new church in Gadelle, near the capitol city of Juba and then on to Aweil to visit the churches in Aweil region, and to consult with Yournew and other leaders from that area about plans for the future. While in Aweil the team will visit Aweil Bible College and Malek Christian Hospital. Be sure and look for a report and pictures in upcoming newsletters.


  • SAM team while in South Sudan Jan. 7-30, 2013
  • Sympathy is extended to SAM board member Myron Wells' family at the passing of Myron's sister, Judy Word in November.
  • Sympathy is also extended to SAM board member, Phil Sheldon and his wife, Carol. Carol's mother, Nita McSpadden passed away on Christmas Day.
  • SAM Board members as they lead the Sudan Afican Mission in 2013 and beyond.
  • Praise--Sudan African Mission's 25 years of service to the South Sudanese.


My September ‐ December 2012 trip went very well and I thank God for his hand all through. We shipped the medicines from Nairobi to Aweil ‐ Malekalel safely and were received with lots of joy and appreciation as people saw healing and God's work through SAM medical care. Dr. Philip and the sick at the Malek Christian Hospital could not hide their joy at the arrival of the medicine and it gave us a ground to share and preach to all who were receptive and willing to know the good news of both the physical and spiritual Healer.

The news of medicine arrival was spread and many sick from the surrounding villages started coming in big numbers which made Dr. Garang and the medical team work almost around the clock treating the sick.

Our evangelists took time to counsel, teach, preach and share with the sick and their companions. The medicine donated by SAM is great and I would like to pass the gratitude on behalf of whole community by saying THANKS and may God bless you all. We are most humbled with what God is doing through medical care as the church hospital is the only one serving the entire community with such good services. The sick persons who have been given prescriptions have also been coming to the church hospital for medicine.

During the trip I took time in several meetings to share and pray for the projected vision of the churches in South Sudan with the evangelists and elders on what and where we want the church and its projects be in the next few years God willing.

--Yournew Wol, South Sudan Church of Christ

Greetings, I hope you are doing well in the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

Thanks a lots for your contributions which have saved many lives of the poor people whom may not be able to afford to buy a single injection. With SAM funds we have purchased medicine, sheets and mosquito nets . The people are encouraged as they need fed spiritually and physically. They are giving thanks and appreciation to the contributors for their contribution they have made.

We have completed our church construction and two thatch houses. We want to construct more houses as our compound is big enough to accommodate many houses.

This four month I have been busy with church activities, church construction and building the two thatch houses. I am preaching every Sunday. I have been busy also teaching other evangelist.

The women's group meet every Friday for Bible study. Due to their evangelism the women groups are increasing.

Youth groups are teaching others with songs and going from door to door to evangelize. Sunday school teachers are busy teaching children with songs and memorizing scriptures.

May God bless you all.
--Yours in Christ, Santino


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