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Mission News

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Greetings from Yournew
— October 12, 2020

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of Christ has been doing a great
work for the people of South Sudan for almost thirty two years plus administering and teaching the gospel
to the people of Sudan and South Sudan until South Sudan declared a state of its own.

Strictly speaking, Paul and Marilyn Douglass, were sent by God when war was affecting Sudanese. They came and preached the Gospel of Christ for the Sudanese to know God and they tried hard to continuously teach the Gospel to the broken-hearted brothers and sister who had never heard about Jesus Christ.

The intention of Paul to Marilyn during those hard years of war was to teach young Sudanese to become future church leaders. I have recognized and took notice that American Communities stood with their strong support that made our work of the churches easy for us to take the words of Christ to the people of South Sudan and beyond.

Since the Church of Christ was established, God has raised leaders who are leading the mission of Christ effectively and efficiently. Now my role in leadership in the church is to plan, direct, supervise and encourage young leaders to continue teaching and ministering to the people at their local churches.

My presence in Juba now is to meet the high-profile leaders in government and the business community who are not being reached by the young evangelist of the church. When I became Governor of Aweil State, it gave me opportunity to meet many people from different states who have no Church of Christ in their respective places. After getting to know them, I shared the idea of Christ and they were willing to send their young people to Aweil Bible College.

I met with community leaders regarding the plot of land in Juba and they allotted about thirty spacious plots of land. I have taken the requirements for the land and have sent it to Dr. John. I believe Dr. John has shared with you the requirements from the community.

We need your continued prayers and support to sustain the Church ministry activities in South Sudan. You have had support and raised the people of South Sudan to know God. Our prayers and compassion are with you particularly Bev, Dale, and Steve and Deanna Holsinger so that God will continue protecting and blessing you to save our people.

Pass my special greeting to Paul Douglass and I wish to get a chance to meet him again.

Love in Christ!
Yournew Wol Kuot, Senior Pastor, South Sudan Church of Christ

Greetings and Update from
Chelkou Church of Christ

I would like to pass a note of greetings from Chelkou Church head of Evangelists Gabriel Ngor. Ngor is a graduate of ABC in the year 2015. He took part in the gospel at Chelkou Church of Christ which was planted by Paulino at his home village in the year 2008 and was officiated by the SSAM team in the year 2013. Chelkou has a primary School which was developed from Sunday School. The school is currently offering classes from Nursery, and Primary one to Primary Five.

Paulino and the local team at Chelkou Church and School Farm and Malek Farm.
Though these farms are small in size, we are excited that we have launched farming
as part of ABC training to empower community and evangelists as part of
SSAM Participation in the National agenda for Food Security & Livelihoods.

In June, SSAM responded to the evangelist’s request for seed to launch a school farm. The evangelists planted crops of groundnuts (peanuts). Fortunately, their farm was not affected by the dry spells and flooding. This farm demonstrated our desire as a national faith-based organization to bring up students that are self-reliant which will enable them to sustain their ministry and to plant more churches. Malek Church of Christ also has launched the same project of farming, and this year we have started planting crops (groundnuts and vegetables) as well as sweet potatoes in our mission compound at Malek.

The head evangelist is thankful for the bicycle given to him which will enable him to move from door to door
evangelism in the nearby village and this will allow him to map his area of interest to open up new churches in the near future. Praise be the Lord who by His name we are able spread the Good News to the world! Amen.

Prayer Requests and Praises

Evangelists Bicycle Distribution

SSAM Aweil Coordination office purchased 10 bicycles after receiving generous gifts from brothers and sisters in the USA. The idea of empowering the village evangelists with bicycles came after they continued to inspire us with a continuous barefoot walks that take them hours to days from door to door proclaiming the good news to those who have never heard before heard the gospel, believed in Christ and were baptized.

Seven evangelists, two ABC (Aweil Bible College) volunteers and one MCH (Malek Christian Hospital) volunteer received bicycles. They praise the Lord for the gift and have committed themselves to serve our Lord Jesus Christ with might and determination.

The signs say: “SSAM Gospel Outreach Team, Aweil South Sudan. Thanks SSAM for bicycles”

teThe evangelists and volunteers happily give thanksgiving and appreciation to SSAM leadership, generous donors, and wellwishers for providing financial support to the furthering of the gospel in the Aweil region in particular, and South Sudan at large.

May God bless the cheerful givers for their support in following Jesus to where the need is greater.

Local Evangelists’ Perspectives Report

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

The evangelists are forwarding their greetings and gratitude to Christians and leaders of SSAM at Aweil coordination office and those in the USA. They have also extended their prayers for the fire victims in Oregon
and California, people affected by COVID-19 and those disadvantaged people economically and spiritually all over the world.

The team of three evangelists presented joined report to Dr John at Malek Church of Christ’s Mission Compound.

We would like to report that during these trips we baptized six new believers into Christ. We are thanking God for the new lives coming to Christ the Saviour.

God bless all of you for everything.
Evangelists of Aweil South County,
Morise Ateny Bol ,Santino Akol Akok, Santino Maror Baak

Get to Know SSAM Board Member Arch Word

OCTOBER 12, 2020

While I lived in Gresham, Oregon, I was treasurer for the South Sudan African Mission. I recently moved to Idaho and Tom Santallinas took over my position. I enjoyed it very much even though I came into it by accident. The previous treasurer, Herb Oxenrider, went to heaven and I was privileged to step in and take over his job.

I enjoyed getting acquainted with people through their giving. Some give as regular as a clock and sometimes a little more than usual. Others are not as regular, but they made up for it when they would miss a month or so. I was amazed at the generosity of God’s people; and especially how they responded to the need for Covid-19 help for South Sudan. Jesus said that down here we are laying up treasures in heaven. Some people
will have a very wonderful place when they get there with what they have been sending on ahead.

Paul Douglass with Arch Word

SSAM is especially blessed to have people on the board who genuinely care about what the money goes for. The directors are sensitive about the needs of the South Sudanese people and meeting their physical as well as spiritual needs. SSAM holds the local people responsible for managing their finances. This saves the salary of a foreign missionary on the field and teaches the people financial responsibility.





Because of Covid-19 pandemic, most speaking engagements have been cancelled or postponed until 2021.

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us



— July 8, 2020

Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. I would like to give updates on the funds sent on June 26...

We have purchased food items, medical supplies and other miscellaneous items with the funds you recently wired.

We were able to meet with the evangelists and taught them to evangelize the individuals, families, churches and small towns. We made a map of places where the Word has not reached. As a result, Michael and Maror went back to the new church at Wathmuok Church of Christ last Sunday and 20 new believers were baptized into Christ. Praise the Lord!

Report from Dr John

The training was how to make disciples that make other disciples as commanded by the Lord as in Mathew
28: 18–20. Disciple making training covers scriptures that command us to repent and believe, be baptized,
keep praying, go make disciples, have unconditional love, continue to worship with perseverance, practice Lord’s Supper, and give and gather, and begin long term discipleship and the circle begins again.

All of the evangelists who attended this one-day training did appreciate the initiative and they want to be trained on a regular basis as this strengthens their faith and motivates their spiritual wellbeing. They are giving thanks to SSAM and Christians across the churches in the USA and elsewhere who are thinking about their faith and the condition they are facing.

This training came to my mind after learning that many Christians are depressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Many relationships are breaking apart and many Christians are pulling back to the world due to the difficulties they are facing. Our evangelists are equipped to help strengthen faith in the members of their congregation through counselling and household prayers where their spirit will be lifted and then live in perseverance.

The evangelists of the newly opened church at athmuok have requested a bicycle ($300 US) for their work during the pandemic. It is hard to move between villages on foot during this time. Sometimes you spend the whole day moving just to meet with an individual who need prayers but if they are given bicycles they can move freely and return to the family and continue with the farm work.

In Christ, John, for the team.

Church in Africa
Food distribution in Juba

Church in Africa
Wathmuok Church of Christ members after the baptisms

Nearly 500 Masks Sent to Malek, South Sudan

After an appeal from Dr. John for face masks to be used during the COVID pandemic in Malek and Aweil, an appeal was put on my personal Facebook page for masks. Once again, you did not disappoint. I am sure our mail man wondered what all I had ordered since packages were being delivered daily for a while.

There are no commercial flights in or out of South Sudan because of COVID but I found out that DHL delivers to Juba, South Sudan. 500 masks were collected and sent. The cost to send 22.2 pounds to Juba was nearly $900 but we know that it was money well spent. Unfortunately, an additional 250 masks arrived late for a total of 750 masks. I will take those masks on our next trip to South Sudan.

Dr. John’s Response to Learning of Masks Coming to Aweil and Malek

Oh great! How awesome it is for us all. These masks will be used during the rest of the pandemic period by the lucky individuals who will get them from us. Thank you and prayers. God bless the beautiful people of God who helped with this gift to the South Sudanese. We can never forget your care for all of us.

Morise Ateny Bol’s Thanks

Thank you very much for the great contribution of face masks for us in South Sudan. We have never had this
before. We are really happy and may God bless you, your family and people of America. All the evangelists and communities are very happy, especially in Aweil and Malek.

Covid-19 in South Sudan Update

In March SSAM sent a special appeal letter asking for financial help for the COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan. To date we have received $19,212 plus an additional $25,000 from IDES (International Disaster
Emergency Service). $45,000 has been wired to be used for Personal Protection Equipment, food and medicine. We praise God for the overwhelming response!

Santino and Peter Gadet in Juba

The Church of Christ in Juba is sending their greetings to USA churches. We are very happy about what you are doing for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This quarter we have been progressing well with normal church activities. We are still encouraged and pray one of the days we shall get our own place for worship.

We are conducting more door to door evangelism and ten of nonmembers believed the Church of Christ and have been baptized. The Church of Christ continues to grow in Juba!

Last Sunday we were very blessed with God’s message from Church of Christ in Gudele where Peter Lasu is ministering

Be blessed. Santino & Peter



  • That God protect evangelists, MCH healthcare workers, volunteers and leaders as they support their community during this difficult time.
  • That God will strengthen the government of South Sudan as 10 states are forming state and local government at the county level, and that the leaders will be able to help communities withstand this economical and pandemic crisis.
  • That God will bless our friends, brothers and sisters in the USA to continue praying and supporting their families as well as fellow Christians and communities in South Sudan and elsewhere.
  • That we will be able to continue supporting Malek Christian Hospital even during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • That God provide the leading and vision as we spread His Gospel till no place is left.



Because of Covid-19 pandemic, most speaking engagements have been cancelled or postponed until 2021.

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us



Impact of Covid 19 in South Sudan

We have been asked how the Corona Virus has impacted the people of South Sudan and we thank you for your concern for our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Yes, South Sudan is affected. So far Aweil State has not been hit.

Here is the situation:
Social distancing is nearly impossible — your house for several inhabitants is 6 feet wide. Hand washing is hard because water has to be carried for some distance- sometimes as much as 3 miles, and soap is scarce. Most villages have no medical care. The nearest ICU or ventilator is from 400to 1,000 miles away, in Juba or Nairobi.

We have been sending “extra” funds to keep the mobile clinic operating. Dr. John is teaching people to practice good hygiene and to practice social distancing as much as possible. Thank you for your concern and your prayers! The weapons of our warfare have power from heaven and that power is the South Sudanese people’s best hope. The good news is that dozens of people are choosing to follow Jesus and be baptized every week. Thank you and God bless you!

A Privilege to Partner with God

To celebrate fifty years of marriage, Deanna and I went on a “world tour” this Fall to places we have gone over the last many years. This included Alaska, India, Ukraine and the Philippines.

Church in Africa
World Tour

My friend Sasha Rudenko, pastor of “The Christian Church of the Resurrection” in Nikolaev, Ukraine was fascinated by the pictures I showed him of recent trips to South Sudan. He had us share the story of SSAM with five small groups and the Sunday morning service. This church has been decimated by the Russian invasion of their country. Basically, anyone who can leave is leaving. The church has lost hundreds of people and the economy is in shambles. I was astonished when the elders decided to give the entire Sunday offering to SSAM, as well as twice as much from their savings! Sound familiar? ”Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.”

Church in Africa

I’ve been asked what will happen to the mission in light of the pandemic. I replied, “We don’t give to the Sudan mission out of overflow or convenience, we give because it is a privilege to partner with God in South Sudan. I don’t anticipate a downturn.” Please join us in praying that South Sudan will be spared from the Corona virus.


Peace is At Hand in Juba

President Kiir and Dr. Machar have come together and now working hand in hand in Juba to form federal government of South Sudan. It will not take long before the presidency that is comprised of five Vice Presidents and a president form the national and state government. And once the government is formed at all levels there is likely going a period of three years of development, national census and election.

We need your prayers that this milestone taken so far by the president and his opposition alliance will be fruitful for the citizens.



  • The entire world as we deal with the Corona Virus
  • Our brothers and sisters in South Sudan who do not have the proper medical support to combat the world wide pandemic of Covid-19.
  • We thank the supporters in the US who have continued to support SSAM even though times are tough for all of us. Thank you to the churches who have continued to support SSAM even though their giving is down.

March 15: by Dr. John

They move even when roads vanish in thin air and out of thorny bushes they will find a beautiful crowd, the village congregations where they will conduct sermons, treat people with minor ailments and baptize. The team went extra miles in northern Northern Bahr el Ghazal to worship with the congregation at Matuic Church of Christ (though our Troop carrier broke down twice while on the way going and also on return.). Amazingly 34 converts and new believers were baptized into Christ’s Church and more than 200 people received medical treatment.

Take note: the tour was conducted deep in the remote areas where it will lessen the team and community’s chance of exposure to the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak. We are monitoring closely policies regarding gatherings and infection prevention procedures. We continue to encourage our team to practice hand washing and limit hand shaking as well as observe signs and symptoms that may be suspicious relating to Covid-19

March 24: from Dr. John's Facebook page

Dear Almighty God,
Loneliness is hard. We were meant to be with a community, not confinement.

Nevertheless, we’re grateful that no matter how alone we are right now, You never forsake us. And we’re grateful for the technology that helps us stay in touch with each other irrespective of geographical location and continent.

Today, please remind us that this enforced social distancing and isolation will not last forever.

Give us wisdom and strength to withstand this difficult season and deepen our relationship with You and Your children.

Bless us with faith full of empowerment and with extra knowledge of Your love, peace hope and joy, because without it this period would be long and traumatizing.

Fulfill your living promises and be merciful to our land.

Church in Africa

Message from Dr. John

  • Thank you, Steve and Bev. Thank you everyone that is involved in making the projects in South Sudan a success.
  • I am thankful to the team in Aweil for their love and trust in God. Thank to our elder brother Yournew Wol who with efforts led the team out of war into a country called South Sudan. They started the journey when there were no roads to now where there are cars to move without landmines and fear of intimidations.
  • Thanks to the team at Aweil coordination office today, the team at Malek Christian Hospital, and to the entire community of Malek and South Sudan who appreciate the work we do in the Lord. The people always pay their honors to our team and appreciate the impacts we are making.
  • Thanks to the American people. Without their support to fund our dreams we could not do an inch of it.
  • Thank you and may God reward you. Remember that your prayers are still needed for the Word has no ending. Help us again and again and make us servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we remain custodians in our communities. I am proud to be working and serving my community in the most poor and most remote village of Malek. The hope I see in us is a blessing from above.



Because of Covid-19 pandemic, all current spring speaking engagements have been cancelled or postponed until 2021.

July 26-31 : Winema Week of Missions near Cloverdale, OR
Sept. 20 am : Superior, NE Church of Christ
September 27 am : Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
November 13, 14 : International Disaster Emergency Service Board meeting, Noblesville, IN
November 19-22 : International Conference on Missions, Indianapolis, IN @ Booth #1136

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us



Dukol Church Of Christ

Dear Christians in the USA, receive our warm greetings in Jesus Christ’s name. We are wishing you well in the Lord. We would like to take this opportunity to report to you the baptisms in Dokul Church of Christ.

The church service was attended by 1000+ adults, children and elderly who expressed their willingness to stand with the church forever. The attendees were Dukol Church members and visiting Christians from the nearby congregations. Thirty-one converts who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior were baptized. The Congregation of Dokul Church of Christ is requesting Christians all over the world to pray for these new believers.

The growth of this church is because of the evangelism supported by SSAM. Everyone was excited and praising God. We as overseeing leaders were encouraged by their warm welcome. The church extends greetings to all the supporting churches and Christians across the USA.

Church in Africa
Baptisms at Dukol

Juba Property Plans and Vision

Yournew has been in Juba for the last few months. He is following up on the request we (SSAM) made with the Juba town council to have a property that will help SSAM set up ministry for a New Testament church (Jebel Church of Christ). This dream is almost coming to reality, with two plots secured and titled in the church’s name. Juba has many opportunities for SSAM. Juba needs spiritual and physical healing as much as Malek and Aweil need them. Juba is full of traumatized children and women displaced from various parts of the country by war since December 2013.


  • Peace in South Sudan and in the world
  • The recent converts in Dukol Church of Christ
  • The rebel groups will adhere to the peace agreements and end the conflict
  • The SSAM leadership in South Sudan and the USA will be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit and the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Newly purchased property in Juba will be a start of another New Testament Church in South Sudan

Malek Christian Hospital

Malek Christian Hospital is doing great. The number of patients is high and the medical supply is behind the demand. The hospital admits an average of 15 people a day that require IV drugs and 24-hour nursing care. The government has closed its nearby clinic and healthcare workers are supporting Malek Christian Hospital. It is promised that the hospital will become a women and children’s health center in this area where there
is no other facility. This vision and goal cannot be achieved by SSAM alone. Last month after our supplies ran out, the government was able to provide backup from their supplies.



March 8 – Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN
April 3-4 – IDES Board of Director Meeting, Noblesville, IN
April 5 – Medaryville, IN Christian Church
April 30-May2 –Western Montana Women’s Retreat, Pinehaven Christian
Children’s Ranch, St. Ignatius, MT

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us

General Situation of People
and Christians in South Sudan

Everyone is praying for peace. Failure to agree by November 12, 2019 was heartbreaking to all the citizens
of the Republic of South Sudan. The wars have caused catastrophic disaster ranging from home displacements, human right abuses, poverty and starvation to diseases affecting the unserved populations at villages, refugee camps and protection sites within the UN camps.

SSAM areas of operation are not left out of these catastrophic experiences. SSAM supports our evangelist’s needs and helps them to support communities with clothing, food, medicine and Bibles. Sometimes we feel so low and saddened by the needs we see with the people we see among the people we live with, at churches, at the hospital and within our homes. But the gospel is motivating. It is bringing hope and we feel blessed to be among the children of God that are extending. His word to the hopeless.

Currently we are prioritizing the following:

  • Shelter at Aweil compound for worship by the population near in Aweil. The Aweil office is doing the coordination between churches well. It is located at the central part of the region where we have many churches. Therefore, we need the worshiping shelter (concrete structure is possible) within the compound for staff and the community within the state capital. • Continuing support for the students we sent to Wau for nursing course.
  • Reopening of ABC early this year. The college will be introducing nursing and midwifery courses are being discussed with the county health department of Ajak (Malek) County and the Ministry of Health of Aweil State.
  • Securing Juba Church property with a fence at both locations.
  • Continuing supporting the needy with clothing, food, medicine and Bible teaching.
  • Continuing sourcing the Mobile Medical clinic.

We thank God for the friends have in the USA who unwaveringly maintain their love and support to the people of South Sudan.

Congratulations to Paulino Malou

Paulino earned a Bachelor of Community Education degree from Uganda Christian University in Mukono has
returned home and is prepared to help his people.

It has not been easy but he thanks God for this achievement. Thank you for the prayers and support toward this goal.

Church in Africa
Paulino with his wife and children at his graduation

SSAM 2019 in Review

2019 was a year of transition for myself and South Sudan African Mission. Ten years ago I left my job as an insurance agent in Rochester, MN and moved to Gresham to work with Dad (Paul Douglass) and South Sudan African Mission. I never imagined that ten years later I would be back in Minnesota and married. Dale Meyer and I were married March 30th and I moved to Rochester. For the most part, the move has been good for SSAM. Arch Word (SSAM’S treasurer) has done a great job doing the Gresham end of things and I enjoy working with him. Arch does the deposit and then sends the info to me. I still receipt the checks, correspond with the men in South Sudan and prepare the newsletter. I think the system is working very well.

I am very blessed with someone like Dale who loves SSAM and supports me 100+ percent! God has been very good to me!

Church in Africa

In addition to the trip to South Sudan with Steve Holsinger and David Barber in January of 2019, I visited nineteen churches and/or conferences in California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa and Indiana.



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