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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!


Ruay Deng, Governor of Aweil State, has been invited to come to the United States to attend a leadership conference this spring and it is a possibility that Yournew will be able to travel with him. At the time of the printing of this newsletter we have no details of their itinerary. Pray that everything will work out so Yournew can accompany Ruay and they will have time to visit with some of the Christians and supporting churches. We will post information on SSAM’s Facebook page (South Sudan African Mission) as we receive it.


In our last newsletter, we featured a lengthy article highlighting Dr. John and two of his four dreams for the work in Malek and Aweil Town, South Sudan. Following are his third and fourth dreams. March 17th, SSAM received the following email from Dr. John.

Dear Steve, Bev and SSAM Board:
I am glad to inform you that I will be done with my studies in Malawi by the third week of April and I would like to go to Aweil immediately. I may be ready to fly out of Malawi between April 22 -24. I plan to leave Juba for Aweil the first part of May.

My third goal is to continue the support of the Mobile Medical Clinic in the villages. The evangelists will take the Proclaimer devices with them with the aim of spreading spiritual and medical healing across the villages in and around Aweil area.

Since I will have a shortage of manpower at Malek Christian Hospital and Mobile Medical Clinic, I will look into the cost of sending two or three of our qualified evangelists to Wau for Nursing and to Aweil Health Science Institute to train as medical assistants.

The fourth thing I would like to work on is the Aweil SSAM coordination office. While in Aweil Town, I will ask about the cost of a wireless network installation and give SSAM a quote. The quote will also include a generator for power.

I would like SSAM’s prayers for my trip back to Malek as well as the first few months of my return as I get settled since I have been away since December 2014.

May Almighty God’s blessings be upon you all in Christ,

Uyoon Church of Christ

The following report from Luca was given to the SSAM team while we were in Malek in January 2017.

Steve, Bev, and Brothers and Sisters in U.S.A.
I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. May God bless all of you.
The church members managed to construct a church building with local material. We are now able to worship under the shade. We thank God.
In October, we baptized five women and two men. Seven other people are attending our church and are ready to be baptized. The community came out on Christmas day and they were thankful for the church. The Sunday school children created a song of thanksgiving to God for the Christmas services.
I like teaching young people as part of imparting the word of God to people. In the church, our evangelists that are working with me now are the A.B.C (Aweil Bible College) students. These evangelists are doing a wonderful job!

Angelo and Luca
Angelo with Luca


An April 11th article on ABC news “Sliding into catastrophe’: South Sudan’s famine could spread stated that the famine is continuing to spread in South Sudan. “Hunger has become more widespread than expected. South Sudan’s Northern Bahr el Ghazal region (which includes Aweil & Malek) is on the brink of starvation, with 290,000 people at risk of dying without sustained food assistance.” Space does not allow us to print the entire article but if you would like to read all of the article, Google ABC news, Sliding into catastrophe, Sudan.


  • Yournew’s visa application will be approved for travel to the U.S.
  • The famine crisis currently affecting nearly all of South Sudan.
  • Wisdom and courage for Hon. Governor Ronald Ruay as he leads Aweil state during this difficult time.
  • Aweil Bible College students (ABC).
  • Peace will find its way into the hearts of the leaders of South Sudan.



While the SSAM team was visiting with Hon. Governor Ruay Deng of Aweil State, South Sudan in January, he shared with us that he remembered Paul Douglass (Founder of South Sudan African Mission) telling him many years ago that “one of these days the war between the North and South will be over and the North will abandon the tanks and other military equipment.” Paul told Ruay when this happened the military equipment could be torn apart and repurposed into farm equipment. Years later, Ruay remembered the conversation and was instrumental in building the Maper National Teacher Training Institute, a vocational school. The school teaches welding, masonry, carpentry, electrical and plumbing among other vocations. Congratulations to Aweil State on the opening of the Maper National Teacher Training Institute on March 9, 2017 with their first 100 students.


The SSAM team visiting the vocational school while it was under construction in January.



Governor Ruay cutting the ribbon to open the Maper National Teachers Training Institute in Aweil Town.



Part of the Malek Church of Christ who came to greet the SSAM team when we arrived in their village.

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