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Mission News 2011

Dec. '11

CHURCH MINISTRY - Past Year 2011 Summary Report

There has been a great increase of church congregations in the Aweil State. This year is a special year. January 9th2011, was the beginning of a successful South Sudan Referendum which resulted in overwhelmingly successful votes.

Since the new African nation got Independence, there is an increase of congregations, in most case; the IDPs (internally displaced persons) from Northern Sudan are joining our churches. Some churches have expanded their grass thatched church buildings. Several hundred other churches remain small for praying functions. All of our churches have requests for support of funds for rebuilding and strengthen their ministry.

Orphan Children in Sudan being cared for

Above: These are some of the Orphan Children for whom SAM has taken responsibility. Is there any other choice? As it was, they were doomed to die! Put a circle around one child's face and start praying for the health of that soul. Cut out the picture and send it to me with the first $50.00 and I will enlarge that face and send it back with your receipt.

EVANGELISTS - Past Year 2011 Summary Report

Our evangelists are very busy. As God touches the hearts of those who surrendered their lives back to South Sudan from Northern Sudan, they find love and peace with God at home. All the communities in Aweil state, where Church of Christ is established have faith and adore the name of Christ and are dedicated to raise their children in the Love of Christ.

The ABC graduates are conducting inhome visits. They talk to each and every family member about Jesus Christ. They raise their hands together and pray above those who are sick. They give counseling to those who are widowed, those who lost their love ones and to those who have lost hope in life.

The common and simple answer they always get back from such people is, "Thank you, thank you so much for saving my life." And they always answer back, "Thank Christ the Savior and our Lord who sent us to serve them."

WATER WELLS - Past Year 2011 Summary Report

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) randomly settle at where their parents had lived. Some of those places don't have water sources. Those who got water wells drilled in their dry areas are giving thanks to South Sudan Church of Christ.

We are giving thanks back to our donors, and supporters, and SAM and all supporting churches that have saved them from thirst and deadly waterborne diseases of dirty swamp, ponds, and natural holes. Those diseases accounted for 20% of the deaths in the region.

Where these wells were drilled, the influx of returnees (IDP)s are still at a peak and we are continuing to request support for those who hopelessly return from Northern Sudan. There are more demands for safe drinking water than before because of many returnees coming back from Northern Sudan. South Sudan Church of Christ's role includes settling those who were warily displaced from their homeland. Our ABC Evangelists preach Jesus Christ words to those who never heard Him. They keep faith in those who are worldly suppressed who have lost hope and bring churches to those in most remote areas, promote basic health care to those not accessible to health centers.

ABC (Aweil Bible College)

Aweil Bible College was started early in the year 2003 and has graduated about 70 evangelists. Those 70 graduates are actively engaged in church work. They are spreading the gospel of Christ in their own villages. They have helped so much. Most of African traditional religions in our region turned to God this year. Each Grad's Church has baptized more than a hundred people this year. The growth of our churches has distinctly been the work of our young evangelists from ABC. Those in ABC classes now hardly have time for study in Malek.

MCH (Malek Christian Hospital)

Malek Christian Hospital is located in area with an estimated population of more than 300,000 people. More than 2000 from northern Sudan came to Malek County alone. Dr. Garang reports that most of these people are living on the church compounds and treated at Malek Christian Hospital. The Church is providing water, food, shelter and medicines to thousands free of charge thanks to you donors.

RELIEF FOOD - Past Year 2011 Summary Report

The fund sent by SAM, donors and supporting churches has been helpful to those returnees who return with no relatives to settle them. Malek Church helps returnees by providing food for the family of those returnees for three weeks until they find a relatives or a place to settle. They praise God and give thanks to all our churches and to donors who support us do the spiritual and physical works. The children are given to us by God! Food paid for by you contributors and cooked by ABC Bible College students and compound workers.

CHURCH BUILDING - Past Yera 2011 Summary Report

We give thanks to all our supporters for raising fund for our church construction. The cement blocks of about 17,000 pieces (big size) are bought. We remain with purchase of the cement, and to contract the construction company to start the church construction. We pray that we will be able to start church building in January next year 2012.

We thank you for your continuing supports to people of South Sudan. God bless you. Yournew Wol

Food preparation for Sudan orphanage

Above: Food being prepared for 360 orphans at the Panmeth Peryam Ranch with no kitchen built yet. Father, Your Church is trying to do the best we can. Amen.


To recap some of the highlights from 2011, it would have to be summed up as a year of travel for me, besides keeping track of each dollar received by SAM and how it was spent.

In May, I spoke at the Ladies Tea at Mountainview Christian Church in Gresham on the topic "Bloom Where You Are Transplanted."

The first part of August we were at the Oregon coast to attend The Week of Missions at Winema. The rest of August was spent in Minnesota doing a week of camp at Pine Haven Christian Assembly representing missions. Also speaking at Bemidji, Concord and Owatonna.

SAM was represented on the Northwest Schools of Missions in late September and October. Presentations were given in Gates, Marcola, West Salem, Cottage Grove, Vernonia, Keno, Roseburg, Central Point, OR. Dunsmuir, CA, Ronan, Thompson Falls, Lolo, Libby, Lewistown, MT, Shelton, Tacoma, Marysville, WA. Several thousand miles were travelled but it was good to connect with so many!

In October I spoke at a Ladies Retreat in southern Oregon on the topic "Growing Up in Our Love for Evangelism" . It was good to have Moses Bol meet us in Atlanta for the International Conference on Missions in mid-November. Estimate of 4200 miles driven in my car this year plus some with Mom and Dad. I have flown over 9000 miles. A guess of 1500 people I informed of the growth of the Sudanese Church.

Thanks to donors helping me serve the Sudanese Church.

MARILYN'S DESK - Past Year 2011 Summary Report

Paul was looking in Marilyn's file of 1,949 receipts with personal "Thank You Letters" written by her this year. That averages 38 letters a week. Hmmm! I noticed note and receipt #8450 she has written in the last four years We consider her personal notes to you vital to the Sudan African Mission' existence. Marilyn spends many hours every day copying your checks for records and putting them in a safe file. We will be sending each donor a summary of your gifts for the year by Jan. 31st. Send Marilyn a card of appreciation. It would encourage her. God only knows the number written in the last 24 years.

At Paul's desk, he is praising God for the multitude that stands by his side during 2011 in USA and South Sudan.

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Aug/Sep '11


We are praying daily to our God to bless us with funds for the church building. Our building collapsed with extreme heavy rains in our roof over a year ago. We have a very large congregation at Malek worshipping at open place, but during the rain we cannot conduct the services. The plan to have a church building will give a big encouragement to the community to come to church and give lives to Jesus as their Lord. The church members have made 6000 14'x10'x7' concrete blocks for walls of the building. We appeal to contributors for $30,000.00 for rafters, roofing, doors and paint. We want it to appear like the Doctors Guest House in the background.

Church under construction, Hospital in background

At my returning to Aweil after I have delivered the medicines to Malek Christian hospital, I will come to Sudan capitol, Juba to register  church registration and the church constitution.          Thank you very much for your support and we appreciated everything you do for us. May God bless you. Yournew Wol


God is good for us and He has always been leading us in the ministry. I have reported to you that Angelo Atak and Luka Gok came with me to Nairobi for treatment. I have taken them to Dr. Moses who has been our doctor for many years. He conducted some medical tests and gave them good treatment and within a short time their condition improved, compared to their state for past four weeks. They have returned back to Aweil and right now they are ministering at their churches.

After we bought the medicines at Nairobi, we sent the plane load to Malek for Dr. Philip Garang and the nurses and community as well. They were waiting at Malek airstrip to receive medicines. These medicines are a blessing to our Aweil community. When the medicine arrived to the area there were many people suffering from malaria and typhoid because of the shortage of the medicines at the hospital.

Dr. Philip reports many people of Aweil area need medicines and the large number of people were treated. They work 24 hours a day because there is a malaria and typhoid outbreak in the region.  God is good because He has saved the lives of many people from very dangerous diseases. Our Hospital is giving the best treatment to the people of Aweil area.

I am kindly asking you to keep praying for our people so that God will change their hearts and know Him better.


The schedule is proceeding very well and helping many children both from the church congregation and the region. This has impacted largely on the church role in the society and the message of feeding the poor not only with the spiritual food but also physical basic needs.

At the moment, the program is carried out from the church compound. Most of the children who benefit from the program are totally poor and orphans who do not have homes or parents. For better service and effectiveness of the program, we suggest to build a children’s home of which will be dedicated for this program. At the moment, we have already drilled a borehole for water and started fence construction. Then we look forward to construct building premises and services for the children home. This will include spaces organized for prayers, dormitories, assembly halls, staff quarters and toilets for those children with guardians.

They will be operating from their homes and still benefit from the program on food and education. The borehole was done after our request to the Government was in line with our projected vision for future development of the proposed children home.


God is good to bring many Sudanese from the North to Southern Sudan as a result of gaining the Independence of the South Sudan Government. Most of the people from the North who had been displaced by war returned back to the south. Wherever they have been settled, there is a lot required for human habitant, as being the first time homes. Life is hard. There is lack of shelters, no food for the large population of the returnees, no facilities for human use as the resettlement had not been adequately prepared before resettlement started. Most of the returnee from the north do not recognize Christ as Lord since they have been living under the Islamic rule and fear of persecution if found teaching or living like Christ. Some have never heard about Christ since they were born.

I had earlier reported to you that we have received large number of returnees into our churches. Every day many people give their lives to Jesus Christ as their savior through baptism. There are many children and mothers suffering from malaria and the lack of food. Some do not have any place to sleep or to get food. Few who are lucky are the ones who came to church and get some sorghum to feed them for some few days.

Sudan Children
Some of the 350 children staying at the Bible College dorms

The train  tracks to Khartoum had been bombed out during the war but have been repaired and now bring unwanted people weekly from the North. Due to the rapid growth of population in the south, we are in need of Holy Bibles and life is threatened by hunger and many of the returnees have run to the church as their only solution for basic needs. I am appealing to you if you can increase the funds. There are no clear plans to receive returnees and settle them with shelters and food from either the UN or our government. This has put a lot of pressure on church to manage the same and I am appealing to you if you can increase the funds you have been sending to the poor, so that we can be able to provide for those children and mothers who stay at the College dorms and class rooms. Bible College classes are on hold until space is available. This is an emergency!


The Sudan church of Christ is rapidly growing day by day since the influx of returnee from Northern sector. However, Yournew was the commissioner of state Referendum and well offered quality services to people of Aweil in biblical and spiritual way as a Christian leader.

In Malek we have established “Pan Muith Abeer”  orphanage home with total number of 350 children being fed and housed at the Bible College Compound. Yournew is planning with Paulino Malou opened up another centre in Aweil South at Aweil Town 40 miles away as well.

Another in the village of Chelkou we have “panmeith abeer” orphanage home with many children. The Christian community senior secondary school with total of 27 children students, 7 girls and 20 boys. The orphanage home has the total number of  240 children and 20 Christians in the Church  who accepted to be born again and become children of God through baptism.

We need teaching materials for the school classes in Aweil West county. Everyone is struggling for an existence.


Late in July In the beginning of July and the month of August, 2011 there were disease out breaks that occurred. The outbreak of measles killed the total120 children.

And in the August, 2011.  There are acute malaria killed many children under 5 years of age and adults. 96 children and 104 adults died and the rest are still in bed and the medical people are working from 6.00am – 6.00-pm and come back at night to look at the admitted patients.

In August 961 were admitted under 5 years. 143 admitted ages 5-12.  Over 12 years 151 children.
36 of the 1255 children admitted died.

In the month of July 4,940 patients were admitted to the Malek Hospital with major diseases. 

We are here praising God to bless our hospital to progress to be a full qualified hospital and control the serious cases that kill many children and elderly. Remember us in your prayers.      Nurses Phillip, Tito, Lino , & Francis  are the ones watching the patients at night giving medication at all hours. 

Simon, Paul, Daniel and George writes:

Our church is growing well, the membership is increasing every day. Our Bible sharing became very helpful. Many people learned about Jesus and gave their lives to him. You cannot believe for the short time our congregation have grown at this level we are in today.

We pray that God bless you so that you can support with Bibles. We do have some Bibles but are not enough for Evangelists and Christians at large. May God bless South Sudan as a new country so that we can be able to rebuild our nation South Sudan by teaching them the word of God. Thank you and God bless.      signed  " Us 4 men who preach together".

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Mar/Apr '11


Yournew writes...."If you make your visit to Malek Church, you will be happy to see what our Lord is doing in Aweil. The congregation of Malek has grown bigger and bigger. These days God is changing people who say we are great by believing in tradition Gods. We have elder people in Malek who would never think of giving their lives to Jesus Christ but God brought them to His church and about 35 people were baptized at Malek church. And more other new members will be baptized soon.

There is a high need for the medicines, and we do not have drugs/medicines in the Hospital of MCH."

Helping those in need, in Sudan Africa

A typical Church family in the Malek Church. Mom and Dad are struggling to have food for their four existing children. Yournew brought sacks of food (leaning against their house)and a bicycle for dad to come to the market and the Church compound for daily food. $30,000.00 were sent to Yournew for the extreme poor.


The following letter received from an Orphan whose parents were killed in the war. Yournew found them homeless naked and hungry. Yournew maintains a small apartment in Nairobi to store his possessions and use as a staging center for relief supplies in Nairobi. Five orphans call his apartment home when they are not in a boarding school on the edge of Nairobi. Yournew is "Dad" and their anchor. One of them writes:

Dear Paul Douglass & Marilyn,
"It has been quiet sometime since last year. How are you doing? Hope that you are doing well. For me I am also doing well in my study. I believe almighty God will stretch his hand to bless and open Several doors for you in this year. This is to let you know that I am proud of you I cannot forget to say thank you in every Second I receive fresh air or any step I move in my entire life. I have to appreciate the tireless support you did for me. You have enlighten my future not only me alone but even other Southern Sudanese whom you had given hand of support. I would like also to appreciate pastor Yournew Wol and his team who have work hand in hand with you to build our society to shine not only spiritually but also Academically.
I will finish high School this year Nov. 2011. I am doing 2 sciences, 3 language, 2 Humanities. This last year final results were quiet challenging, But I got D+ so this year I am high in national examination, which I will do in Nov. May the almighty God Keep you healthy". Signed "Daniel Deng"

Orphan #2 writes: Dear Paul & Marilyn Douglass,
"It's my humble & gratitude time that I got to say how are you doing? Hope that you are fine, as I am. My studies are going on well though things are hard at times, but God's will everything is possible. These are the subjects I am taking Physic, English, Mathematics, Chemistry,, Geography, Business, History. I also study Kenya's Kiswahili language May almighty God bless you for your kindness the support that gave me in my studies I will never forget it. I will seat for my final exams on October to November these year 2011, I wish you a good stay. Bye" Signed "JOSEPH AKOT ".


The people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for independence by 98.83% in an internationally monitored referendum which was provided for in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed in January 2005 between the government of Sudan led by the National Congress Party (NCP) and the former rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM). The interim constitution provides that the six year interim period commences on 9 July 2005. Recently, it was said by different officials from the NCP and the SPLM that the Republic of South Sudan will be declared on 9 July 2011.

Machar said South Sudan is already an independent state by the declared vote of the people in that referendum, which he said was supreme over any other decision or law in the process of choosing a final destiny in the self-determination's exercise. What will happen on July 9, he added, will be mere formalities ending the six years of interim period and celebrating the already achieved independence.

The Vice President earlier explained that the debate would now center on whether to decide on an official Independence Day based on the revolutionary spirit that sparked various struggles for 55 years, or based on the final decision of the people of South Sudan who chose independence over unity as their final destiny.


South Sudan! Oh God!
We praise and glorify you For your grace on South Sudan The land of great abundance Uphold us united in peace and harmony
Oh motherland!
Arise! Raise your flag with the guiding star And sing songs of freedom with joy For peace, justice and liberty Shall forever more reign
Oh great warriors! Let us stand up in silence and respect Saluting our martyrs whose blood Cemented our national foundation We vow to protect our nation. So Lord, Bless South Sudan!

Paul's comment. Do you see the influence of Christianity in this anthem?

Street Orphans being fed, clothed, and housed.

Above: Street Orphans are being fed, clothed and housed daily at the Malek compound. Hundreds stager in every day in need of food, blankets or medicine. This group, who are rejected in North Sudan, have been fed along with the Aweil Bible College students at the Malek Compound for over a year. There are eleven workers on the compound staff counting five medical staff and six staff preparing food for 100 people daily.


Funds have steadily come in designated for the Children's Ranch. Not hundreds but thousands of black street Children, who were living on the streets of Khartoum, are now living in rag tents on the edge of Khartoum are now arriving by barge full or the back of trucks arriving in Aweil Town, Malek and Malual Kon Areas. They are not accepted as part of the "Brown North". The North says their citizenship is in the Black South so are sending them home. This is a common picture at the gate of our compound, in the market and in Church. Over 7,000 very poor refugees from the North Sudan came to the Aweil area in South Sudan since December. Some so fortunate as to have the shirt on their back. Hundreds, on a large barge, came up the Nile river from Khartoum to Aweil State with stories of thousands more like them waiting in rag huts near the outskirts of Khartoum in North Sudan. Truck loads arriving hourly.


Hospital Equipment for Sudan Africa

Above: One truck load being offloaded from the airplane on to the SAM pickup at the Malek airport. Another load of Hospital equipment will be taken from the plane to the hospital. Doctor Garang reported he was out of medicine. $25,000.00 was sent a month ago just for medicine. Part of the 52 Bible College students are shown loading the Medicine. $50,000.00 a year is sent for medicine.


Yournew and I have written many letters back and forth in the last year concerning a descriptive name for the "360 Acres". We wanted a name the native Dinka people could admire, relate to and understand. We came up with Panmiith Piiryam for a name. When the Dinka people read this they see "South Sudan New Life Children Home".

Do you readers think we can learn a new word in your vocabulary? Panmiith Piiryam literally means "Beginning of new living for children" . "Pan" is ok but "miith" with a double "i" is against our English but it sounds like an "ee". Same with "Piir" sounds like our word " peer" followed by yam.

Am I trying to sell a name? No, I want a name that a nation can be proud of and children can trust in and live up to.

Panmiith Piiryam will be a place of hope for decades to come. God Bless Panmiith Piiryam!! COMMENTS PLEASE!!!

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Jan/Feb '11


Acerage ReportThis is a common picture at the gate of our compound, in the market and in Church. Over 7,000 very poor refugees from the North Sudan came to the Aweil area in South Sudan in December. Some so fortunate as to have the shirt on their back.

Hundreds, on a large barge, came up the Nile River from Khartoum to Aweil State with stories of thousands more like them waiting in rag huts near the outskirts of Khartoum in North Sudan. Truck loads arriving hourly. Thousands of children. Some pictures too violent to print here. Seriously you would not sleep tonight. You would cry to me saying they are not real!

Now that the voting is over and the South can focus on its internal problems, we can move forward putting together the Children's 360 acres. Or at least a part of it.

Nearly $30,000.00 has been designated and set aside to wire to Yournew as soon as he comes to Nairobi when the referendum voting is complete on January 18th.


Some of you read on my facebook Sudan African Mission page just before Christmas time "No Merry Christmas in Sudan" because of voting election turmoil and 18 bombs were dropped just north of our compound by the North Sudan Airforce..... BUT THEN I RECEIVED THIS LETTER FROM YOURNEW!

"If you make your visit to Malek Church, you will be happy to see what our Lord is doing in Aweil. The congregation of Malek has grown bigger and bigger these days. God is changing people who say were great by believing tradition Gods. We have elder people in Malek who would never think of giving their lives to Jesus Christ. God brought them to His church and about 35 people were baptized Christmas Day on 25th December, 2010 at Malek Church. 80 more new members were baptized so far in January 2011." Yes, Yournew has been busy as High Commissioner of the election but also winning souls to Christ.

World News flashes are full of Yournew's reports!

"Speaking in an interview with Sudan Tribune from Aweil on Friday, Yournew Wol Kuot, chairperson of the state referendum high committee, said 95% of the registered voters in the 265 polling centers in the state have cast their votes."

"As I may have told you already that the beginning of the poll was encouraging, I must confirm to you again that some of the polling centers are now empty because they have completed receiving people coming for voting. There are no more people coming because majority of the registered voters voted overwhelmingly in the first days of the polls. Everyone had wanted to be the first to vote and that was why there were long queues when the voting processes started last Sunday," said Yournew Wol.

Wol said people started coming to the polling centers as early as 4:30 am, especially at Salva Kiir polling center and Maper Akot in Aweil town and some other centers outside the state capital.

"The turning out during the first three days of the voting processing was overwhelming. Everybody wanted to be the first to vote and that some people starting arriving at the polling station as early as 4:30 Am. By 10 am on Sunday 9, both Maper Akot and Salva Kiir polling stations received more than half of their registered voters," said Yournew Wol.

Referendum results in Aweil give secession option significant lead

Jan18, 2011 (ABYEI) - Poll officials from all 265 centers in northern Bahr el Ghazal said preliminary results appear to show a significant lead for secession. This comes following the conclusion of South Sudan's week-long independence referendum vote which officially ended on 15 January.

Below...Clearing land for the Children's Ranch. The need is great to have houses right now! But we have to do it "God Speed". Oh if we could just snap our fingers! Poof!! Many are homeless now.

Children's Acerage


I wish I could knock on your door and step in as you welcome Marilyn and I into your front room with a hug. and a big smile. We would lay our head upon your shoulder and cry a pray of thanksgiving for you being a part of our lives. We would laugh with joy for having a part in the Sudan African Mission that God is leading. Thank You and Merry Christmas and yes, Happy New Year.
With Christ for the Sudanese, Paul and Marilyn and Bev.


Speaking to Sudan Tribune from Aweil town, capital of Bahr el Ghazal on 18 January, Yournew Wol Kuot, chairperson of the referendum high committee in the state described turnout on the last day of voting as "low", saying majority voted during the first three days starting Jan 9th. The official said only a handful of voters cast their ballots on 15 January. The majority of voters began celebrations following announcement of the local results, at individual polling centers.

"The reports we have from various centers show the majority returned and voted", said Yournew Wol, adding that they still do not have the official results. The voters were returning to the polling centers as they originally came to apply for voter registration cards.

"We do not have official results but we are getting reports from individual polling centers that the majority voted for separation. They are extremely excited and started dancing about the birth of their new nation," he said.

He said official results will be announced after the receipt of results from all the centers on Jan. 30,2011: "For now, we have completed the voting and counting at individual polling centers. They are packing them ready for collection. They will go to the county headquarters, where individual counties will announce their results before being moved to the state for reconciliation and compilation before announcing the results and sending them to Juba," he said.

Yournew Wol said results started to come in after the polls closed yesterday on the evening of 15 January: "The results started trickling in immediately after the polls closed on Saturday evening. Our polling officers did not sleep on Saturday because voters were eager to know their local results. They counted through the night and started calling immediately after completing counting.

We never slept as well. I believe you did not reach me during the last day of voting if you tried calling me because my number was busy receiving calls from our polling officers, wanting to share with us excitements from their centers," he said.

South Sudan's referendum vote for its independence ended on Saturday; a vote most people believes will split Africa's

Sudan Hospital

Those walls just didn't happen. My vision of a nice Hospital was transferred to Yournew and so it was built with hard work from him and you.  What a team. We We and WE!


Largest country into two different states after decades of long civil war in which more than 2 million died and 4 million displaced. Fighting between the regions ended with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on 9 January 2005. The agreement permitted the south Sudanese to decide their future in an internationally monitored referendum during which south Sudanese chose between the two options of secession or unity of the country. FINAL VOTE..99.8 of voters turned out and 97% voted to become a new country called "South Sudan".


Yournew's time has been consumed being High Commissioner of the election process. Medicine supply is low at the hospital and clinics. He could not get away from his responsibilities to fly the 1000 miles to Nairobi, Kenya to get medicine for the Hospital. He is to be in Nairobi by the time you read this.


Funds have steadily come in designated for the Children's Ranch. Not hundreds but thousands of Black street Children, who are now living on the streets of Khartoum, are now living in rag tents on the edge of Khartoum waiting to be put on a barge or the back of a truck, to ship to Aweil Area. They are not accepted as part of the "Brown North". The North says their citizenship is in the Black South so are sending them home.

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