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Mission News

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It’s been three years (January 2019) since a US team has been to South Sudan.

TEAM USA: Randy Jones, David Stine, Bev Meyer and Wayne Rowe.

December 31st Bev Meyer, Wayne Rowe, Chairman of the US SSAM Board, David Stine, Executive Director of International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) and Randy Jones, International Aid Director for IDES will be leaving Chicago to fl y to South Sudan to visit the mission and encourage our team there. As you can read in the reports, the people of South Sudan are looking forward to our visit. We will have a busy time there visiting Chelkou Church of Christ, Maruich Church of Christ, Uyon Church of Christ, Dokul Church of Christ, the students at the Aweil Bible College, Malek Church of Christ plus the churches in Juba. While in country we will be visiting with Yournew. We arrive back in Chicago on January 12th. Please pray for travel mercies, our health before and after we travel and our fl ights. (One fl ight is over 17 hours long!) We will try to update our South Sudan African Mission or Bev Douglass Meyer Facebook page as we can.

Happy 95th Birthday Paul Douglass


In 1988, Paul and Marilyn Douglass were sent to Khartoum, Sudan to teach young Sudanese men to repair hospital equipment in a mobile workshop that had been donated by IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service). Because Paul said “yes” the Sudan African Mission was later formed with the purpose of sending young men to Bible College. Paul will be 95 years old in January. There will be an open house birthday party on January 29 from 2-4 p.m. at Mountainview Christian Church, 1890 NE Cleveland Ave, Gresham, OR. If you are unable to attend, please send your well wishes to Paul Douglass, PO Box 2432, Gresham OR 97030. If you wish to honor Paul with a donation of $95 to SSAM, the funds will be used to further the gospel at the Aweil Bible College. SSAM’s mailing address is PO Box 8396, Rochester, MN 55904.

Paul Douglass working on one of his VW Rabbits.

2021 In Review


Despite our world experiencing a pandemic, the South Sudan African Mission has had a good year. We were able to raise over $50K to purchase a new Mobile Medical vehicle. Christians were very generous, and funds were sent to help Kuot get the medical attention he needed.

SSAM continues to thank each and every one who support the mission with prayers and fi nancially. We try to take every dollar given to make a life change in South Sudan.

SSAM visited several churches:
Harvest Christian, Troutdale, OR,
Marcola Christian, Marcola, OR,
Lake Havasu Christian, Lake Havasu, AZ,
Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN,
Westside Christian Church, Roseburg, OR,
Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO,
and attend Winema Week of Missions and International Conference on Mission. If you would like to have an
update at your church, please contact us.

Getting the mobile medical vehicle to Malek was not an easy task

Prayer Requests and Praises

Report from Dr. John

Despite the pandemic, the last three months are full of blessings and things for which we should be thankful. We are thankful for the new vehicle, dollars used for food, medicines and for ABC maintenance.

First, I would like to give thanks on behalf of our brother Kuot who was treated within this month. He had a growth on his right upper eyelid and coincidentally there was a cyst which was also removed from his back. There is no worry about his histological results. We are thankful to the Almighty God for his successful operation which he was concerned about.

Second update is about ABC, the college resumed its operation immediately after a meeting with the team in the USA. Studies started September 30, 2021, and will continue until December 24, 2021. Students will resume classes on December 31, 2021. It is likely that the USA visiting team will meet students at Malek on arrival on January 3 or 4, 2022. Everyone is very busy at Malek with students. We pray that God continues to provide for the team to continue to extend compassion to the people.

Thirdly, the Mobile Medical Clinic Unit has arrived successfully to Aweil as you can see pictures where the congregation and ABC students are waving hands blessing and thanking the Christians in the USA for the gift. We are hopeful that evangelists, medical volunteers, and students can resume medical and gospel camping during the dry season.

Christians giving praise to supporters
who’s giving helped purchase the
mobile medical vehicle

Medical Christian Hospital continues to operate under low resources with admission rate at 15 - 30 patients daily and 35 - 45 mothers giving birth at our maternity per month. We are still excited to receive in South Sudan come January 2022.

May the good Lord bless you all.

It is my pleasure to now take this opportunity to report to you about the Churches of Christ and their activities.

It is our prayer that the visitors coming in Jan 2022 have safe travels.

Our Evangelists are working for the Glory of God’s Kingdom by winning souls to Christ.

Our Local Churches of Christ are planning to receive the US visitors on behalf of the 33 Congregational Communities across Aweil State.

  1. Chelkou Church of Christ from Aweil West County Ministry where Paulino Malou Bol, the evangelist, and the church is very excited to received you in Jan 2022. We have ten people who joined God’s kingdom. Mama Marilyn Nursery and Primary School is operating very well with total of 400 students with 150 girls and 250 boys. Our Evangelists are preaching the Good News and have planted three more churches in Akuaklang, Nyanriet and Guangnou. Youth Ministry and Women Ministry are doing evangelism as well.
  2. Matich Church of Christ in Aweil North County with Evangelist Daniel Deng Chan. Brother Daniel Deng is working hard and praying with his Congregations. We are looking forward to our upcoming for visitors. The church has baptized 12 people. Matich is one of the Churches in Aweil North County which will welcome the visitors from America where they will all assemble.
  3. Uyon Church of Christ led by Luka Goch Manot in Aweil East County or District. Mr Luka Goch is preparing the church for the January fellowship of the visitors from America. According to Luka there have been eight baptisms the last three months and are happy for the spiritual development as well

Dear Dr. John and the team in the USA...

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus!

Following our visit to Uyoon Church of Christ last Sunday prayers with the Team of Pastors after leaving ABC plus the area Evangelists from Malek Alel Church of Christ, Paulino led the team to the Church of Christ in Uyoon (UCoC) and 17 new converts were baptized into the body of the Church of Christ. Alleluia!

The preacher of the day was Paulino Malou in the book of John 3:16 – 20, for the people who believe in God will have everlasting life and those who do not believe in God will perish.

The Churches of Christ requests the following:

  • Borehole repair as the church members drinking from the river we did baptisms in/at
    Uyoon River, otherwise we request for supporting on fi nancial assistance. Uyoon is one of
    the church’s nominated for the January visit and it will be diffi cult if we cannot have clean
    drinking water for the congregation to avoid disease outbreak, particularly diarrheal cases.
  • Youth fellowship from the active community churches of Christ across Aweil community as
    each church will be represented by 5 youth groups by 10 churches of Christ equal 50 youths
    delegates into Malek-Alel Church of Christ on the fi rst January 2022.

The name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised!.


December 31 - January 12 — South Sudan Trip
January 30 — Harvest Christian Church, Troutdale, OR

Please consider allowing SSAM to come to your church in 2022 to give an update on what is happening with SSAM - please contact us


Click here for previous updates

Help for our Friend, Kuot Ngong Pel

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you concerning our
long-serving driver, Kuot Ngong Pel. Kuot has had a developing
mass on his right eye lid since 2016. He says that it is increasing
every day with itching and swelling.

Kuot has requested funds to go for an eye consultation including
tests that will rule out malignant tumors and/or possible surgery.
Dr. John has confi rmed that an oncologist and ophthalmologist are
needed to examine the mass. This will require him to travel out of
South Sudan.

Kuot have been serving the since 2009, through Malek Christian
Hospital transporting the sick, mobile medical clinic, Aweil Bible
College students, teachers, mission pastors, evangelists, Christians
and SSAM visiting teams.

Your kind consideration and support to Kuot will be highly appreciated and you will receive God’s greatest rewards.

Below is the estimated budget for his treatment:

  1. Return air tickets to Nairobi including cross-border COVID-19 testing & screening
    including possible quarantine costs = $1800
  2. Feeding Accommodation during treatment = $1500
  3. Treatment costs including Laboratory testing, medications & surgery = $2500
  4. Estimated sum for the driver treatment = $5800

If you can help with Kuot’s medical request, please write “Kuot” on the memo
line of your check.

Report by Pastor Paulino


Dear All,
Receive my best greetings to you in Jesus Christ’s name.

This report is in relation to the Good Samaritan teaching in the Bible, showing love to others:
(LUKE 10:25 - 37)

The story of the Good Samaritan is a good teaching parable by showing love to others. We sometimes confuse the love of God and the love of the world. The love of God is a global love that we share through Christ our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us. Therefore, it brings us closer together in one way or the other. Today we are one family in Christ through faith in Him.

We very much appreciate the continued support by providing food to the twenty-eight households, the most vulnerable families in our local churches of Christ. The food distribution was very nice and welcomed by the local congregations. They say thank you very much for your support in the ministry.

The leadership in the Chelkou Church of Christ appreciates the support that you have donated to the families who are most affected and in dire need of the love of God than the love of the world. May the good Lord kindly bless you abundantly in the name of Christ.


Mobile Medical Unit — Goal Reached!

Praise to our Lord, SSAM’s goal has been reached!!!

The funds have been wired for the purchase of the 2021 Mobile Medical Vehicle. Thank you to all who have sent money for this new vehicle to be used in the Lord’s work in South Sudan.

As this newsletter goes to print, the team is making arrangements to pick the vehicle up in Juba.

Look for pictures in the next newsletter!

Prayer Requests and Praises

Report by Pastor Anthony


Dear Bev and all brothers and sisters in the USA,
Report is from Matuic Church of Christ - Aweil North Ministry.

I am very happy to write this report to your offi ce and SSAM. I appreciate your encouragement to us to continue our work.

Regarding my life situation, it is fi ne only that COVID-19 has affected everybody and life has become difficult. There is still lockdown for everyone to stay at home.

I appreciate the support you have sent to us during this diffi cult time, but God is with us. I pray for you to continue the work. We are praying for you that God will give guidance and wisdom to extend the work forward not backwards. Our churches are operating even if there is lockdown. I serve in Matuic Church of Christ in Aweil North with Daniel Deng Chan and work part-time because my work is in Malek in Aweil Bible College to teach the students to evangelize in the churches and villages within Aweil South Ministries. Daniel and I are working as a team, while I am at Aweil Bible College. Daniel continues giving sermons in the church service. Transportation is a problem sometimes because the distance to Aweil North is far away.

COVID - 19 has disorganized our school calendar this year. ABC went for a month break and students returned to classes on June 6. The other schools are reopening this time and it is a cultivation time, the support that you give to us will help us purchase food for the family while they continue with the work in the fi eld I am praying for you, convey my sincere greetings to your family.

Yours In Christ’s Services, God bless you.

Students attending A.B.C.

Report by Pastor Angelo


This a report compiled for Aweil North Ministry – Mayom Deng Church of Christ

Dear Bev,
This is to update you about our situation. Our local churches are doing well and our church school children are also enrolling back to school. We have been facing a lot of challenges due to COVID – 19 threatening.

On behalf of Aweil Bible College, we have reopened after the students went for short break as part of our cultivation at home. Our local churches are sending their thanksgiving for the food support from Christian brothers and sisters in USA. May our loving God send a blessing to them.

Yours In Christ’s Services, God bless you.

Report by Ezra Lual


Dear Bev and the team,
This report is from Aweil East Ministry, Malual Baai Church of Christ

Greetings. How are you doing in the Lord? May God bless the churches with the support they give to us.

Malual Baai and Mangar Tong Churches of Christ are doing well. Since it is the rainy season, we shall have baptisms very soon. Mangar Tong and Malual Baai churches are cultivating, though the weather is very poor. This year we have done the best we can with the hope of a good yield.

My family is doing well. My fi rst-born daughter is in Primary Four (P4) though COVID -19 caused a great gap for studies for the children.

Our Evangelists Mr. Wilfred Tong and Wilson Gar are doing well with their families. They are the ones taking care of churches by conducting Sunday services while I am teaching in the Aweil Bible College. They are a great help to me.

Winema Week of Missions

The leaders brought up the issue of improving church shelters as evangelists raised concerns of the under-tree churches where rainfalls and sun disturbs them in worship.

Leaders were advised to continue to talk to the evangelists and congregation to be patient and continue to worship the Lord wherever they are, in their houses and under the trees.


October 31 — Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
November 12 — International Disaster Emergency Service Board Meeting
November 18-21 — International Conference on Missions Richmond, VA Booth #515 (Bev & Dale Meyer and Wayne & Leona Rowe will be attending)

Please consider allowing SSAM to come to your church in 2022 to give an update on what is happening with SSAM - please contact us


Click here for previous updates

Yournew Appointed To South Sudan Parliament

On May 12, 2021, we were surprised by the presidential decree announcing Governor Yournew as a member of Parliament within the Reconstituted National Transitional Assembly. We are praising God for using Yournew to help his people at a higher capacity.

Let us be praying for Yournew that God will use
him and others to keep the country peaceful.

-- Dr. John


<<< Yournew Wol Kuot


A Note from Yournew Regarding His Appointment

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ:

I am glad to have this opportunity to write and inform you about my appointment with the National Assembly of the Republic of South Sudan. The strong recommendation came from the people of Aweil South Malekalel where I have been teaching the message of Christ for many years.

I thank God that the president of Republic of South Sudan accepted the request of the people of Aweil South and appointed me to represent them in the Juba Parliament. To our supporter friends from SSAM in the US, I would like them to know that I will be representing Awiel South County which is one of the fi ve counties of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State. It has a population of 800,000 people where we minister in ten Churches of Christ.

I look forward to working together with the many honorable members and government offi cials to play my part in sharing the message of Christ and making politics work together at the heart of the South Sudan constitution.

Please put me in your daily prayers so the message of Christ can capture the hearts
of South Sudan members of Parliament.

Love in Christ,
Yournew Wol Kuot

Yournew encouraging and supporting his people in Malek, South Sudan

Mobile Medical Unit Vehicle Update

As reported in the last newsletter, the South Sudan African Mission in Aweil, South Sudan is in desperate need of a new mode of transportation. The current mobile medical vehicle is quite frankly, worn out. To date, we have received $20,900 toward the $55,000 which is needed. When you send your gift please indicate in the memo line that it is for the Mobile Medical Vehicle.

<<<<Attempting repairs on Mobile Medical Vehicle





Prayer Requests and Praises

Report from Dr. John
MAY 19, 2021

Dear sister Bev and the team in the USA

Accept greetings from the Christians in Aweil and South Sudan.We thought of waiting for everyone to submit their reports concerning individual church activities, but the rainy season has started, and everyone is busy with crops plantation. This update will cover the activities that are ongoing currently in Aweil.

We have to say once again to our Christians in the USA and American people for support. Thank you. Because of the crop plantation and cultivation is going on this month and next month, we have allowed students to go plant crops with families and parents as they resume classes on the June 06. This opportunity also gives teachers time to go plant crops with their families. It is our prayer that we will have a good harvest this year by God’s mercy and grace.

Aweil Bible College

The team responsible for ABC allocated budget headed by Angelo Atak raised a concern of rising prices with government policy to reduced dollar exchange rate in the market as a factor that will be affecting them as classes resume in June. The budget on ABC has not been easy since the classes resumed in February this year. The budget allocation has been altered but funds continue not to be enough because of the market rices. Now that the rainy season has arrived, prices will go up higher and we need prayers and support from our brothers in the USA. We are aware if we attain the recognition we need from the government, we will be able in the future to sustain the college as one of the higher education centers in the country. We need the team in the USA to continue thinking about the college development until we can stand alone.

Hunger in South Sudan this year has worsened by the pandemic and insecurity. The issue of hunger was raised by the local board members. We know that we have just received three months funds. It is enough and we say thank you to all of you who supported us. But we are still requesting to look out for us in your prayers. Many people are forecasted by the United Nations Survey in South Sudan and Aweil is not excluded from the list of state that will suffer hunger and starvation this year.

Many churches missed food due to shortage of food and the higher food prices in the market. The dollar rate dropped to 45 per dollar while the prices of food commodities remain higher. For that very reason, particular food for the needy was purchased in a critical time of needs to respond to our elderly, little children and widows in our local churches of Christ in Northern Bahr Ghazal State, South Sudan. The food aid assistance is being received in various churches with thanks and appreciations by the multitude of needy people who are at risk and will likely to be affected by hunger due to food shortages across the country. Many people who received the food rations will be able to eat one or two meals for one and half to two weeks.

Yournew Wol Kuot took his time to help with the food distributions and encouraged these needy believers. He added the current Covid-19 situation that SSAM board leaders in USA, individuals Christians and churches are trying the level best to contribute cash to purchase food for you. He added that it is a great commitment to donate this food to you at this critical time. Let us pray for USA and SSAM for their health.

Malek Christian Hospital

Malek Hospital has begun to be so crowded with sick patients and mothers who are either coming for assistance during their deliveries or those sick with pregnancy related illness. Our wards continue to be congested with very low medical supplies. We are praying that our supporters continue to pray for the sick at Malek.

Malek Christian Hospital has received some packages of Anti-Malarial, Respiratory infection medicines and Anti-diarrheal Drugs since it is malaria and diarrhea season.

Under Tree Churches

The leaders brought up the issue of improving church shelters as evangelists raised concerns of the under-tree churches where rainfalls and sun disturbs them in worship. Leaders were advised to continue to talk to the evangelists and congregation to be patient and continue to worship the Lord wherever they are, in their houses and under the trees.

Address Reminder

In an effort to be more efficient a new mailing address has been established. Please send all correspondence to:

South Sudan African Mission,
PO Box 8396,
Rochester MN 55903





June 6 — Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN
July 25-30 — Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
August 29 — Worthington, MN Church of Christ
Sept. 12 — Monterey, LA Church of Christ
Sept. 19 — Forest Park Church of Christ, Crowley, LA

As the pandemic begins to lessen, please consider allowing SSAM to come to your church to give an update on the wonderful things happening in South Sudan.

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us


FIRST QUARTER 2021 Updates

Thanks for the Memories!

Thanks for the memories! I have been a part of the mission since 2009 and I have made numerous trips to Africa. What an adventure! I told the SSAM board of directors three or four years ago that I would serve as Executive Director until age 70; 70 came and went! In December I chaired my last board meeting and announced my resignation effective January 1.

Deanna and I continue to pray for the mission, and I intend to continue as a supporter, encourager, mentor, and teacher as opportunities arise and our health remains good. May God bless South Sudan African Mission and each of us as we continue to support Bev and the SSAM board and our indigenous leaders on the fi eld in South Sudan.


<<< Steve Holsinger speaking at
the 2019 Aweil Bible College
graduation ceremony


2020 In Review

Like many of us, our lives were dramatically altered because of COVID-19 in 2020. Bev was able to speak at Hope Summit Christian Church in Rochester in March and at Northland Christian Church in Kansas City in September. In spite, of not being able to visit churches, attend Winema Week of Missions or ICOM, we have had a very good year financially and from all reports the church in South Sudan has continued to grow.

In April, an appeal was made for face masks since they were nearly impossible to obtain in South Sudan. Bev put on her Facebook page the need for masks, and over 500 masks were able to be shipped to South Sudan. The masks were distributed to the citizens of South Sudan including government offi cials and according to Dr. John, made a positive impact on the country.

Students in front of Aweil Bible College
in Malek, South Sudan

We look forward to being able to travel again to churches and attend conferences in 2021.

Dear sister Bev and the team in the USA,

I hope this email fi nds you well.

Everyone at Malek Mission Compound is busy teaching and orientation of new students. We have been developing semester lectures as we started teaching since Monday. Students will need uniform and sustainability of their feeding programs in the months to come. We urge all of you that we are counting on your faithful support. Each and every student is extending their heartfelt greetings to the supporters in the USA.

Concerning the number of baptisms, we have been recording our baptism since January 2020. After launching a mobile medical clinic till we were interrupted in April, 94 new converts and believers were baptized in the period of three months. We had 33 baptisms at Wathmuok Church of Christ around June/July 2020 and 13 baptisms around September/October 2020. 25 new believers were baptized in Uyoon Church of Christ in November 2020. in May 2020, we had 30 baptisms at Chelkou Church of Christ and 50 baptisms at the same church in January 2021. Meanwhile we had 8 baptisms at Dokul Church of Christ in September/October and 6 in November. This brings us to a total of 259 baptisms since January 2020 until date.

We are praising the Lord for the glory and grace.


With the departure of Steve Holsinger from the South Sudan African Mission Board of Directors, the board has appointed Bev Douglass Meyer as Executive Director.

The daughter of Paul and the late Marilyn Douglass, Bev has worked with SSAM since October 2009. She has represented SSAM at churches across the United States and at various conferences. In addition, Bev has done the general offi ce work such as sending receipts, the newsletters, and correspondence with the team in South Sudan. Bev will continue doing these duties just as she has done in the past. Bev and her husband Dale, live in Rochester, MN.

Prayer Requests and Praises

New Medical Troup Carrier Needed
February 5, 2021

A recent statistic says there is only 124 miles of paved roads in South Sudan which is approximately the size of the state of Texas. The Toyota Troup Carrier has been a vital part of the South Sudan African Mission the past seven years and has been a great blessing to the ministry. Roads in Aweil State of full of ruts and potholes and oftentimes vehicles are required to go off the road just to fi nd a “smoother” place to drive.

To quote Dr. John, “We are happy that we were blessed with the Troup Carrier seven years ago of which without such gift the work would have been rather diffi cult. The back door is almost falling off. A replacement vehicle is very important for the ministry to keep the mobile team rolling across to the villages with medical and evangelist teams.

Repairing the Mobile Medical Vehicle

Our truck had a mechanical breakdown this morning when we were heading to Malek and we had to return to Aweil for repair. It is still with the mechanic now and we don’t really know what the cost will be.”

An estimate for a new vehicle quote is $57,000 which includes taxes. The vehicle can be purchased in country in Juba. Will you prayerfully consider helping SSAM purchase a new vehicle? Please mark your checks “vehicle” and we will use every dollar given to purchase a much needed new medical Troup Carrier?

Aweil Bible College

We received 18 students on Sunday evening, January 24 for the Aweil Bible College. Joseph, Paulino, Daniel, Luka, Ezra, and Anthony are fulltime teachers. Anthony is currently acting as Education program Manager at SSAM offi ce. Anthony has a degree in education after his advanced diploma in Bible and Mission from Nairobi Great Commission School.

We struggled to put everything together, but we managed to make sure that the beddings, cooking utensils, stationery and teaching materials were prepared. There are four young ladies among the students, and one young man coming from Lake State (this place is known for communal wars among the tribes. This young man came purposely to bring Jesus Christ to solve the long-term and epidemic feuds/wars at his villages after completing Diploma Program in Bible and Mission.

Our local board members will be meeting on ebruary 6, 2021 to revisit our priorities as we enter the new calendar year of 2021 with new policy.

Prayers are also needed so that tutors (professors) get encouragement and good health to serve the Lord through the transfer of knowledge to their brothers and sisters. In short, the team of students coming in are people with dreams to train leaders. Credit goes to the SSAM team in the USA. Without them this dream is nearly impossible. The entire community of Malek and Aweil are happy for the initiative happening at Malek.

May the good Lord reward all our supporters abundantly.

Get to Know SSAM Board Member Wayne Rowe

I was born and raised in La Grande, Oregon. I enjoyed all kinds of sports and hiking in the mountains. I began attending Sunday school at an early age, riding the Sunday School Bus, as my parents did not attend. I became active in youth groups and enjoyed growing and learning.

I graduated from Puget Sound Christian College where I majored in Bible with a minor in Missions. During my years at Puget Sound, I traveled to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary doing a missionary internship for my studies.

I have been ministering with Marcola Christian Church for the past 13 years. My wife Leona and I enjoy the challenges and rewards of ministry. We spend our time enjoying and loving our four biological boys, and an orphaned brother and sister, whom we helped raise.

I have been working with the South Sudan African Mission as a board member for the past four years.

Bev Douglass Meyer with Wayne Rowe

New PO Box for Correspondence and Donations

In an effort to be more efficient a new mailing address has been established. Please send all correspondence to:

South Sudan African Mission,
PO Box 8396,
Rochester MN 55903





March 7 — Lake Havasu City, AZ Christian Church.
April 9 — IDES Board of Directors meeting, Noblesville, IN
April 18 — Scottdale, PA Church of Christ
April 29 – May 1
Western Montana Ladies retreat, Pinehaven Christian
Children’s Ranch, St. Ignatius, MT
June 6 — Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN

If your church or mission committee would like a SSAM update
please contact us



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