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Mission News

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November, 2012 Update


Dear brothers and sisters we are very excited to greet you in Jesus Christ's name. We are also excited to report and to thank you for supporting our churches in South Sudan. May God bless you for the support you have provided for many years.

Baptisms: In two months, we've had evangelistic outreach of which 73 people were being brought to Christ through baptism.

Our church also has a strong youth and Sunday school and we have done a lot of work with evangelism, Bible studies, Sunday school and youth activities.

Last may God bless you all in America and our Churches in South Sudan.

Requests: We need your support for our church ministries and we hope that God will touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters to support us in God's Mission

--Tito Dahl & William Wol, Warlai Church Evangelists for Christ, Aweil South Sudan

Patients waiting to see Dr. Garang at Malek Christian Hospital

Most of our activities have started the last three months but some remain as a challenge in what we are doing right now. God has tremendously extended his blessing by making changes even though the situation is bad in our communities. Hunger is very still a very serious problem. Every Sunday church attendance is good and average from 50 to 70 members. There are a lot of children including orphans who have lost their parents in the war. The need is for a school, a feeding center and good care for them. The church elders would like these children to be assisted.

In Malual Bai at Awang-Thou church it is in a very good place except the building for Sunday services. Water is another problem that interrupts time of service because the distance between the hand pump and church is about one hour which is very far. If God blesses with a hand pump it will be a great privilege. Communities are excited for this program including the executive chief of the area and the government local administrator of the area. Secondly, things are in a good mood especially in Sunday services. There are many things we don't have but we need help with 200 South Sudanese Pounds ($100 USD) for two month and for table, chairs and the Lord's Supper bread. We struggle to buy juice and bread so we can keep on taking the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

People are receptive to the message and they experience real change in their lives. We do visit every village and God is making a change. In our evangelism, 20 people have a ready been baptized. We need materials for teaching. We need 30 to 50 Bible for Bible studies so that we would be able to have continual Bible studies every Sunday.

Requests: Lord's Supper juice and bread for two months we need 200 SD ($100 USD). We hope that God will bless us with this. A source of drinking water in the church is the major problem because it interrupts services on every Sunday.

--Ezra Lual Evangelist for Malual Bai Church

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior: We are praying everyday that the Lord be with you.

From the month of May 2012 to July 2012, we've baptized 26 people 16 are female and 10 male. We really thank God for these accomplishments.

From Friday and Saturday evening, we evangelize and through this evangelization effort, the church has become big and has grown successfully.

Our Sunday school children's program has become a chance for the church to grow.

Requests: Songs book for Sunday worship Prayer request for hunger, peace and diseases.

--Luka Goc Manot, Malual Kon Church of Christ


  • Pray for peace in South Sudan. Pray for the new government that it will protect the people and lead with justice and integrity.
  • Pray for the new believers who are being baptized in South Sudan through the ministry of Sudan African Mission.
  • Pray for the orphanage at Malek, that those who are leading will have wisdom and share God's mercy.
  • Pray for the Aweil Bible College as it in Jan. 2013
  • Pray for the Malek Christian Hospital, that people will be helped, healed and saved from sin as well as disease.

Receive my warmly and best greeting in Jesus Christ's name;

The SSCOC compound staffs (South Sudan Church of Christ) We have three kitchen staff, Rebecca Abuk, Angeline Awien, and Awal Deng.

We have church clinic staff and cleaners all Awut Koth and Nyidier and other workers who work voluntarily from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. each day for five days a week. Their scope of work includes fetching water, firewood collection, cleaning the compound and washing dishes.

--James Akok Deng, SSCOC Mission Compound Manager

This year Aweil north in particular is worse in terms of hunger and in addition we are really facing some challenges because of lack of rain in our area. Pray for the new nation and this area in particular. The church as a Christian community has set up a meeting to hear some of the issues concerning how to better serve the needs of the school children through programs.

The committee was the combination of different groups, youth, women, elders, evangelists in many. We met together in an effort to reopen the school for children. Children together with teachers and parent teachers association are playing a very great roles in the church and in the school.

--Angelo Atak, Mayom Church of Christ

Aweil East Malulkon Church
June till July this year at least 22 believers had been baptized into Christ in Majak Ajuong Church of Christ.

The church is now engaged in conducting evangelistic and developmental activity meetings with youth and community resource groups in Aweil East especially in Majak and Malualkon where I and Luka ministered.

--Marko Kuot Yak


After reading in last month's newsletter of the need for a well in the village of Malual Bai, a Christian lady in southern California has donated $8000 for the well. Drilling will begin the first part of December and should be completed in time for Christmas. Other than sending Christ to earth, this has to be the next best Christmas gift this village has ever received. Sudan African Mission and the village of Mallual Bai are rejoicing!

The VBS at Ridge Chapel, a small congregation in Kansas, OK, raised $3,300 for bicycles for the evangelists of South Sudan. These funds are enough to purchase nineteen bicycles!

SAM along with Moses Bol will be at ICOM (International Conference on Missions) in Indianapolis, Nov. 15-18. Look for us in Booth #321. Bev will be speaking in LaCrosse, IN at 10 a.m. and Medaryville, IN at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11.

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October, 2012 Update


I am glad to report to you that God is good to the people of Aweil. You have probably heard in the world news that there were outbreaks of many diseases killing people, especially children in Africa.

Aweil people were blessed with the medicine that SAM sent to Malek Christian Hospital. It saved the lives of many people. We give a million thanks to our supporting brothers and sisters from churches across the United States for what you have been sending to Aweil. You really made great changes in the lives of the people in Northern Bar El Ghazal state. God has put our hearts together to help His people in the remote areas of Aweil. Please pray for us that He will lead us in His ministry of building His kingdom through physical and spiritual implantation in the people of South Sudan.

Dr. Philip Garang is busy at Malek Christian Hospital every day helping the sick. We are hoping that John will finish his training soon and come to take part in the hospital work. He will be very helpful at both MCH and Aweil hospital.

PAN-MITH PIIR YAM (New Life Children's Home)
The plan is to start with 100 children so that we may be able to sustain good care. The cost per child will be $200.00 for a bed, bedding, clothing, and school uniform. The monthly support for food, housing and schooling is $50.00 per child. We pray that in the coming year we may start construction of homes. In our proposed budget we request $80,000.00 for the construction of two block buildings 22 meters by 11 meters. (approx. 73' x 37') We will begin construction as soon as funds are available.

In June, July and August Angelo Atak and I visited these churches that are in remote villages far from roads and towns in the middle of the jungle. In our visits we do the following: 1) Pray for church growth. 2) Preach hope. 3) Ask for community participation. 4) Baptize new believers. 5) Follow up with new Christians. 6) Counsel broken hearts. 7) Pray for the needs of each particular church. 8) Teach worship songs. 9) Pulpit coaching. 10) Teach Sunday School Children. 11) Collect reports. 12) Encourage church unity and faith.

Bulamom is a newly planted church. 75 converted members have been oriented to Bible studies, worship, Sunday School and the importance of prayer.

i baptized 43 individuals at Biok-Bet Church of Christ and more are being converted to Christ and we expect more baptisms in September. I also met with community leaders and Elders as well as the members of the church to assess community needs. We are praying for a water well, a health clinic, a primary school and a church building. While we have no funds for such things at this time, I told them that problems are conquered through prayers.

I went with Angelo Atak to Malual Bai Church of Christ where Ezra Lual is ministering. The Malual Bai church is growing very well and its membership is in good shape. We were amazed to see the involvement of the community members, elders and leaders with the Christians. Their participation shows us that the church will bear more and meaningful fruit. We were warmly welcomed as we shared the gospel of Christ with them. The church was wonderful and prayerful for this joint evangelistic effort and community gathering. Malual Bai is in the highlands where lack of water is a huge problem. Not only is there a lack of water drinking and sanitation, it is not possible to build a building because of a lack of water to mix mud or cement. Pray for this place. There is no school nearby so the children are not taught. The priority prayer requests of this community are a hand pump for water, a primary school, a health clinic and a church building.

--God bless you! Yournew Wol


The Sudan African Mission will be at the International Conference on Missions (formerly National Missionary Convention) in Indianapolis November 15-18. Former "Lost Boy", Moses Bol is planning to attend the convention so be sure and stop by our booth and say "hello". Bev will be in the Indiana/Ohio area November 11-14, if you would like a SAM update.
Please either call or email. 503.729.4631 or email
bev.campbell (
For more information on ICOM check out their website at


Aweil Bible College will reopen in January. Paulino, Angelo, Joseph, Luka, Ruay, Daniel, Peter and Ezra all have agreed to come and teach courses. We request that you to pray and stand behind this great ministry. Pray that God will raise up many leaders in the new nation of The Republic of South Sudan. Through God's help we strongly hope that as we work together in Christ, God's mission will touch every South Sudanese heart with the word of Jesus Christ.


Bev was able to participate in a Community, Health and Evangelism (CHE) training workshop in Peoria, AZ Sept. 10-14.

"Community Health Evangelism is a means to help people in the church to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of their people, and to reach out in love to their communities. This is done through training in the prevention of disease promotion of good health and how to live an abundant life.

In Bev's words.... I thought several times during the week "but we are working in South Sudan which is a 4th world country....we can never implement most of these ideas." But South Sudan will continue to be a 4th world country if we (SAM) do not go in and help them understand that there may be a healthier, better way to do something. We can go into a village, train the community and then let them implement the practices and at the same time teach Christ.


Sylvia Lentz has recorded an instrumental worship CD of her piano playing. Piano with Rice is a ministry for starving children and her focus in on South Sudan. The cost of the CD is $15 with all proceeds going to the Orphanage being constructed in Malek, South Sudan. To request a CD, please send $15 to Piano with Rice, c/o Sylvia Lentz, PO Box 601, Scottsbluff, NE 69363.

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September, 2012 Update


Greetings in the names of our lord Jesus Christ "Amen".

We wanted to say big thanks to our American brothers and sisters who have stood behind our churches in Atar. We cannot "pray in rain" so we have built our churches through your contributions.

The church we built is big enough to accommodate a total of four hundred people we have here in Atar. Our congregation is encouraged and increasing every Sunday. Because of the great number coming from north Sudan, these people have found a home with freedom of worship. New people are testifying that they want to receive Jesus Christ and submit to the Lord.

Beginning construction on the church building in Atar, South Sudan which is now nearly completed.

We thank God for blessing this (building) program with a lot of support from many expert builders, energetic men, and God- loving women who have stood with us through the building process until the building is completed and ready for dedication. Dedication will be soon with church leaders and commissioners of the area invited to come and see the blessings of God.

Our churches are two, one is now near the canal and the other is the one we have constructed in Atar. One may have 40-50 children and besides their parents and visitors which come from the north as "returnees". Pray for these children that they are going to be a blessing to the church growth in south Sudan.

Lastly, am very thankful to my sponsors and the American people for the greatest support that they give to Sudanese churches in Africa. Pray for my family. My plan is to a have a workshop with 48 evangelist and people but they need writing materials e.g. exercise books, blackboards, chalk or marker pens.
And I do also suggest if there is funds, we need to make our Sunday school children uniforms to be a form of motivation as we have done in Camp Kakuma which was actually good encouragement to Sunday school children. They have three days of programs with Bible teaching, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

Our challenges are lack of clear water. People drink dirty water which causes sickness such as typhoid and stomach pain.

Mosquitoes along the river Nile have become problem as it causes malaria. We now have a malaria outbreak which is killing children. I do appeal also the SAM team and contributors, if they can support us with funds so that we can buy mosquitoes net and bed sheets for our women groups to keep them protected. There is no clinic so people are using herbal medicines.urin

Update on Yournew which was received on Sunday, August 26th

Greetings to you all in the name of Almighty God. I hope you are doing well in the Lord. We are doing well in Aweil except there are heavy rains in South Sudan which have destroyed all the crops and have left nothing. We are busy doing God's work in the Aweil churches. The ministry work is going well. The only problem facing is the poor internet in Aweil, which makes it hard to send your our activity updates. If we have network in Aweil, we should be sending you the reports while we are there. I am working on the Evangelists reports and I will send them to you as soon as I finish them.
Yournew Wol, South Sudan Church of Christ Ministry, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Aweil State, Malek Mission

Devotion from SAM Board Member Myron Wells at a recent board meeting

At the moment Southern Sudan is not doing all that well! Here are some statistics I pulled off of the internet:
In this nation of 8.26 million more than half of the population is below the age of eighteen; 72% of the population is below the age of thirty; only 27% of the adult population is literate; 51% of the population live below the poverty line; 38% of the population have to walk for more than 30 minutes one way to collect drinking water; 83% of the population live in mud huts called tukuls; 50% of the population uses firewood or grass as the primary source of lighting and 96% of the population cook with it; for the most part the women do the work while the men loaf; the old men with cows take young brides while the young men struggle to come up with a means of buying enough cows to give to the father of the girl they want to marry; for the most part the people of South Sudan view Christianity as Catholic and many are into ancestor worship; the SPLA, the Sudan's People Liberation Army, is accused of rape and abuse; the new government is also accused of graft and deceit; 98% of the income is through oil which at last report, has shut down the pipeline running through Northern Sudan because of a disagreement in price per barrel that the North must pay.

So the BIG question for us, the SAM Board of Directors, is HOW do we continue the good work Paul and Marilyn Douglass have done? How do we sculpt the methods of evangelism to be more effective through the native evangelists? How do we truly make the work in Sudan become a Sudanese work, driven and supported by the Sudanese, instead of by the American dollar, as we fan the flames of conversion of all of Southern Sudan? And how do we help without hurting? How do we help them sustain their work without developing and continuing an unhealthy American dependency? I believe these are the questions we have to wrestle with as we continue the wonderful work of winning the world's newest nation for Christ.

Water Buffalo from IDES

IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service based in Kempton, IN) had designated funds to purchase water buffalo. Because of their generosity and thinking of SAM, the mission should be able to buy six or seven water buffalo for use in South Sudan. The water buffalo will be given to the people who have a plow from SAM's plow program.

Funds from Anchorage to help the Christians in Atar

Faith Christian Community in Anchorage, Alaska has a poor box at the front of the auditorium. Members are encouraged with a "remember the poor" sign on the front of the box to contribute money each week to help the poorest of the poor around the world. Santino Makol sent a request for funds to help feed the refugees coming to Atar from North Sudan, and shared the need for mosquito netting, food and medicine to help the people of Atar. A request for $18,340.00 was presented to the poor box mercy team and was immediately approved. Lives will be saved and the gospel preached to these refugees because of this gift. We are grateful for generous partners.


  • Pray for peace in South Sudan, Pray for the new government that it will protect the people and lead with justice and integrity.
  • Pray for the new believers who are being baptized in Atar and the Aweil area through the ministry of Sudan African Mission.
  • Pray for the orphanage at Malek, that those who are leading will have wisdom and share God's mercy.
  • Pray for the Bible College as it begins this Fall with 20 students.
  • Pray for the hospital, that people will be helped, healed and saved from sin as well as disease.

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August, 2012 Update


During the rainy season transportation and communication are very difficult with roads turning to mush and communication lines down. We were becoming concerned because we had not heard from Yournew either by e-mail or phone. He was able to connect with his satellite phone on July 20th for just a few minutes before we lost the connection. He is healthy and other than the usual difficulties of life in an undeveloped nation everything is fine.

SAM Christian Hospital

The hospital continues to be very busy and people are being blessed. Yournew, Joseph and the other evangelists at the mission are able to share the gospel with those who wait for treatment or accompany their relatives. Refugees and orphans continue to come into the area from the North. North Sudan gave notice to all ethnic South Sudanese (many of whom are teachers, workers in the government and business owners) regardless of religion, Christian and Muslim alike that they had to be out of the country by mid April. Basically all of the black people remaining in North Sudan were forced out. Some are camped just a few feet across the border with boxes of their possessions forming walls and a tarp for a roof. Many are people were born in North Sudan and have lived there all their lives. Those with friends or relatives in Aweil are coming with little or nothing. The Christians in Aweil are doing the best they can to accommodate the needs of these refugees. The recent gifts from International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) are being put to use providing food and medicine for these grateful people. Yournew reported that Aweil Bible College is resuming classes this Fall, with various evangelists coming for a month at a time to teach. Since the dormitory has been used to accommodate orphans, part of the hospital will be used to house 20 students. We are encouraging Yournew to focus on quality and do what we are able to do at this point with the resources that are available. Pray that the preachers will have great wisdom about which students to accept.


After several years of successful ministry in the Kakuma Kenya refugee camp, Santino has gone to his home area of Atar to establish a church. He reports, "I have a team of 12 doing door to door evangelism and 25 have been converted to Christ and have joined our church of Christ "congregation". Youth are engaged with songs and Bible study and we are conducting Sunday school. Children are memorizing Bible verses to help with their future growth. To inform SAM, many people are going from North Sudan and they are suffering with no food to eat and no medicine. In spite of the great challenges we face, we are sharing with them the Christ who died for them."

Because of your generosity, SAM has been able to send funds for food and a gift of $9200.00 to this young congregation to insure that they will not spend the next rainy season meeting under a tree! Santino arranged for transport of steel roofing material and poles for framing and the people will make bricks or stucco (mud) for the walls, providing a meeting place for the church and a shelter from the elements through the week for those they are assisting. The funds will provide some thatch houses and a public latrine as well.


"Panmith Piir Yam" in Dinka (New Life Children's Home), has a cyclone wire fence surrounding the ranch. We have registered over 360 children. The County government has donated one borehole. Children have clean drinking water from the borehole drilled within the fence. The orphans are being taken care of by the young ABC graduates. They teach these children morning and evening devotions and Sunday classes. We request our donors to help these children to get classrooms. The ABC students and graduates are ready to help teach these children. The government and other private schools demand fees. These children don't have a capacity or parents to pay fees.


"Is SAM still providing plows and bicycles to the people of South Sudan?"

Yes! $360.00 provides a plow and a bag of seed to Sudanese famers to help them grow food for their own family and enough to share or sell. Bicycles cost $175.00 each. Since bikes wear out quickly in the harsh environments, this is an ongoing need. Individuals, Sunday school classes and VBS programs have been providing bicycles for the evangelists and plows for Sudanese farmers.

"Why don't I get more news regarding the evangelist I support?"

Communication is a constant struggle. We do the best we can to get news from the field. This is the situation for nearly all of our men as it is a 35-50 mile trip to get to a source to use the internet which may or may not be working at any given point. "Snail Mail" is unreliable at best and unavailable in most places. There is only 53 miles of paved roads in the entire country and no private vehicles in most regions.


  • Pray for continued peace in New South Sudan, so that the gospel can go forward unhindered.
  • Pray that new supply sources and supply routes will be established to get food and supplies to people who have previously been getting their provisions from North Sudan.
  • Pray for the health and safety of each of the evangelists and workers.
  • Pray for continued health for Paul and Marilyn Douglass. They are in the midst of downsizing and moving to a small home. Both continue to deal with chronic health concerns.
  • Praise God for His provision. Funds continue to come in as needed because our supporters are faithful. We thank God for each of you!
  • Pray for the board of directors, that God will give us wisdom and direction to plan for the future of this ministry. Steve
    Holsinger will be leading a team to Aweil in December to visit each of the evangelists and their villages to assess needs and receive input from those

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July, 2012 Update


The new South Sudan government has mandated new regulations for all hospitals in South Sudan including the Malek Christian Hospital. Dr. Garang has been with the Malek Christian Hospital since the beginning which has been over three years but he does not meet all the qualifications which are required by the new government. While Steve and Paul were in Nairobi in May, they met with John K. Kuany. John meets the government qualifications and will work along Dr. Garang in the hospital.

SAM Christian Hospital
Malek Christian Hospital

John is a 27-year old fourth year medical student pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine at Kampala International University. He also has a Certificate of Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care and a Certificate of Community Health Worker. He is fluent in English and Dinka. Dr. John has volunteered at the Malek Christian Hospital and is a member of the South Sudan Church of Christ in Malek.

The following is from John: "It has never been easy for me, seeing the south Sudanese people dying, starving, and battling society, but against all odds, I have never cursed the future. The time will tell. There is hope on everyone's lips. We are going to be a great nation and we shall be people of God rather than being forced to obey the Sheriah Law of Khartoum.

While working with Christian Disasters Emergency Team with Tearfund (Tearfund is UK Christian relief and development agency) all I was doing was diagnosing, and treating minor ailments and educating patients in disease prevention, immunizations, and nutrition and environmental health. I was called Dr. John by all my patients, and my colleagues. This caused me to want to further my studies to become a medical doctor, something I am passionate about.

It was 16th October 2003 when I lost my Mom to preventable tetanus. My Dad had his right leg paralyzed and both eyes blinded after a battle he fought at his 35 year of age in Malek Alel war. He died in April 2005. Both were preventable deaths which gave me more reasons to be a medical doctor to people of South Sudan. I am not trying to win your minds but those are experiences I haven't deleted in my memory.

I have been impressed by Christian missions like Tearfund, SC-UK, UNICEF and many other not excluding IRC. It was not until I was voluntarily helping at Malek Sudan Church of Christ (SCOC) now known as South Sudan Church of Christ (SSCOC) that I appreciated Christ's love that Yournew and his team showed me. They were welcoming and comforting. Their prayers and words of hope that everything will never be the same again were comforting.

In summary, I am a Christian medical student who started my journey from farmer, pastoralist and illiterate family to study in Kampala city of Uganda. I want to be able to create hope in those who lost hope and to tell others the power of Christ in me and in them. I will always serve voluntarily or as a team member in the Church of Christ where ever it is.

I request your prayers toward my completion of my college degree in two terms time.

Looking forward to share with you in Christ", John Kauny

CHILDREN HOME (Panmith Piir Yam) Ministry & Feeding Program

Started in June, "Panmith Piir Yam in Dinka" (New Life Children's Home), has a cyclone wire fence surrounding the ranch. We have registered over 360 children. We have the 1st (14' by 20' ) tent on the Ranch. The County local government has donated one borehole. Children have clean drinking water from the borehole drilled within the fence. The orphans are being taken care of by the the young ABC graduates. They teach these children the morning and evening devotion and Sunday classes. We request our donors to help these children to get classrooms. The ABC students and graduates are ready to help teach these chldren. The government and other private schools demand fees. These children don't have a capacity or parents to pay fees.


Aweil Bible College suspended classes due to the large number of refugees which have been displaced since Sudan became an independent nation last July. Literally thousands of South Sudanese had been living in north Sudan but have been ordered out of the country. Reports are that there are anywhere from a half million to a million and a half who have left north Sudan and are now living in South Sudan. Many have come to the Malek area and are being housed and cared for there.

Even with limited funds and limited space, classes have reopened at the Aweil Bible College with twenty of the top students. SAM is always more concerned with quality rather than quantity and a lot is expected from these students.


Sudan African Mission recently received two grants in the amount of $25,000 each for food to feed the orphans which have been displaced from the north and are currently housed on the Malek Orphanage Property and for medicine to be used in the Malek Christian Hospital. South Sudan is such a difficult place to sustain life and the $50,000 grant will literally make the difference between life and death for many. If you do not know anything about IDES please check out their website at


Paul had surgery for a herniated disk on Friday, May 12th. He is still having some pain in his legs but is progressing well. Both Paul and Marilyn are keeping up to date with the mission and have appreciated the notes which they have received wishing them well. The Sudan African Mission has been a part of their lives for 25 years and it will continue to be very near and dear to their hearts. The SAM Board's desire is to continue the legacy which has been started by Paul and Marilyn.


The Sudan African Mission will have a display at the Oregon Christian Convention in Turner, OR June 26-July 1 and also at Winema Week of Missions on the Oregon coast July 29-August 3. Paul and Marilyn will be representing the mission in Iowa the end of June.


If you would like to schedule a presentation by the Sudan African Mission or would like more information on the mission, please feel free to contact Bev Campbell at 503.729.4631. or email: bev.campbell (

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April, 2012 Update


Twenty four years ago God called for someone to go to Sudan. Marilyn and I responded to that call with a weeping heart. Our hearts were crying "How can we, as little and weak as we are do such an enormous job?" God answered us with the show of His mighty power in years to come.

Building the fence at the Children's Ranch

In the wave of His mighty hand Marilyn and I were there in Khartoum. I blinked my eyes and knew we were in a place where we both needed help again. God led us to Yournew Wol, a very black native man from the jungle of South Sudan. In turn, Yournew called out to his powerful friends Michael Wek and Kuac that wanted The Church in their remote area of Sudan that had never heard of Jesus Christ. Thousands and thousands have accepted Christ.

Again our quivering voices called out in unison to Christians we knew in America. "Will you help us!"

With excitement Marilyn and I stepped in behind Christ Jesus as He marched with His banner of Love held high, waving powerfully, in the path before Him. Yes, you know the rest of that march, when you stepped into that group of Christians marching behind Paul and Marilyn in their quest for Sudan. You have seen the power of God.

Yes, tens of thousands have joined the march by accepting this Christ during the last 24 years. Their own Patriarch, The Ethiopian Eunuch, had once preached the same Christ 2000 years ago.

Two years ago, Paul and Marilyn saw their age creeping up on them. They also saw mighty leaders with their notable ministries fail and become non-existent at their death in the last 50 years. So Paul and Marilyn observed this and chose five prominent Church leaders as Directors of the non-profit 501c3 corporation called Sudan African Mission. (SAM). Paul has called on these 5 directors for guidance and help many times. They have given Paul much confidence in directions for many years.

When the hour came that Paul and Marilyn needed to be replaced, the SAM Directors would step in to choose someone who could carry on the SAM ministry.

Six months ago Paul told the SAM Directors the time had come for a new SAM leader. Two weeks ago the five SAM Directors thought it wise to have Myron Wells and Steve Holsinger step in and help Paul and Marilyn with SAM's every day decisions and office management. Pray for The Church in Sudan and the SAM Directors.


Please receive my warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been long since I left Nairobi to Malek with relief supplies in early January 2012. This trip has been was very successful and all went well as planned. We were received by our pastors and the community at large with jubilation and lots of praises unto the Lord by all ages both young and old for the arrival of the medicine. Some prescribed medicine was used immediately by waiting sick people. These drugs were not anywhere in South Sudan. From January until today, there has been high rate of typhoid breakout and malaria in the Aweil area and the drugs were timely and of great help.

Church Growth
The church of Christ in South Sudan is growing bigger and more stable spiritually as you will see the same reflected in the evangelists' reports below. Our evangelism by healing the sick through medical care, taking care of the poor, orphans and the homeless, and counseling services just to mention a few has been the strong points for the church. Our evangelists have been working effectively by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Bibles are in high demand in all our congregations as people grow and thirst to know more about the Lord.

As you will also realize in Pastors reports below, there have been many baptisms and the next level is to nature the new Christians and take them through bible studies on Christian teaching. Please stand with us in prayer and keep the new born Christians growing and staying in the Christian faith and each Pastor keep on with their good work and their families to stabilize in faith.


The well worn path to the back door of the Malek Hospital
brings food, counseling and supplies to the sick.

We are very grateful for the support we have been receiving for Malek Christian Hospital for many years and the same praise is said by the government & community as being outstanding all the time really saving the lives of many thousands. Many people say "What if the Church of Christ had not set up this hospital." All we say is "God loves the People of South Sudan and has touched someone's heart, somewhere to give and support the medical services". We appreciate all the contribution.

The hospital staff has been working very hard serving and nursing the sick and we pray and thank God for their tireless commitments to their tasks.

Mr. Phillip Garang has served us very well for many years. He has performed effectively in line with the growth of the hospital, We have identified two young men (clinical officer and Lab technicians), who are finalizing on their government test for registration, we want on staff.

Peter Gadet Reports on Bible studies
Bible studies is our weapon in Bentiu Church of Christ. We have Bible classes on every Saturday and Sunday after the prayers. Both Youth and Adults participate. We conduct it in government school. Many young boys and girls are learning how to read the bible and understand. Many turned to Christ and are baptized. We give hope and encouragement to all parents. Bibles are kindly needed.

Cooks at work in the kitchen

Paul and Marilyn praise many servants in South Sudan who are working hard to feed 360 hungry mouths at four different cities. All of these children are orphans because of decades of war.

The Orphan Mission Children Mission School program was kicked off in four counties where Church of Christ is operating Orphan School of Aweil West with 360 orphan children: 200 boys, 160 girls supported by Sudan African Mission. Aweil Town with a population of 90,000 has a total number of 400 children and plan for Aweil Town Orphan Children is in progress. Yournew Wol has played very great role in implementing orphan ministry program:

Program Location
Orphan School Aweil West
Orphan School Aweil South
Orphan School Aweil Town
Orphan School Chekon

Regards, report by Paulino Malon

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Mar. '12

Taking six steps back and then look ahead. By Paul

Sixty five years ago, in 1947, at age 20, I picked up the phone and called a Christian family in Portland. My begging voice quivered as I said "I need help and I know you have knowledge of Jesus Christ and I know I need a Saviour. Will you help me"?

I went to Elder Pop Shoemake's home to listen his testimony about Jesus. I knew this was the answer for me. I immediately took Christianity serious. At Church, the preacher said for us Christians to "Go" into all the World. All of us sat there listening, but no one was going.

I determined to go to a Bible college and learn to preach to win lost souls. San Jose Bible College here I come.

BUT Marilyn wasn't there. I needed a help mate! The next year my heart led me on a long 2000 miles journey in my 41 chevy to Ottumwa, IA for 4 more years of intensive Bible training at Midwestern School of Evangelism.

Paul and Marilyn 1951
Hope you recognize this couple as in 1951

The men's dorm was on the 2nd floor of the cafeteria. Early one morning I heard the clack, clack, clack of a girl's shoes walking in frigid weather at daybreak to cook breakfast for the students.
Hello!! She lacked a car, I lacked knowledge how to cook. She knew what it was to work under adversities. I didn't need baggage but a helpmate for my life's work. Hmm! Thump, thump down the steps to the cafeteria. Hi, Marilyn! my name is Paul. Later that week I saw her playing the organ at a tent revival meeting challenging lost souls with songs. That pump organ had one broken foot pedal but Marilyn had no problem. I knew she was the one! We were made for each other with like goals.Ah, yes (62 years ago) I was asking "Will you marry me? Yes, we set the date May 14, 1950. You know the rest of the story.

I worked my way up within The Church serving as a Teacher, Deacon, Elder, Bible College Teacher. Then Public High School Teacher, University level teacher and then at sixty years old it was time for retirement. BUT God was not done with me yet.

A quarter century ago, Wow! In 1987 at age 60, I lifted my eyes to see a war torn country on a far away continent called Sudan. There was no one there to tell them of the Christ we knew. How could someone as weak and poor as I could make such a journey? To leave our children and grand children was a challenge. Years later we saw they were not left behind were closely following..

I knew with tools and help I could lift a car or a truck or even a house. I knew how to establish from scratch several congregations of Christians in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oregon. We heard the call to be on a Mission field. I lifted my heart to God crying "Here am I ,Lord help me to go to that lost nation in the far away Africa Jungle".

In the wave of a mighty hand Marilyn and I were there in Khartoum. I blinked my eyes and knew we were in a place where we both needed help. God led us to Yournew Wol, a native very black man from the jungle of South Sudan. In turn, Yournew called out to his powerful friends Michael Wek and Kuac that wanted The Church in their remote area of Sudan that had never heard of Jesus Christ.. Again our quivering voices called out in unison to Christians we knew in America. "Will you help us!
Ah yes, you know the rest of the story.

Thank You, Marilyn for hearing my proposal. Thank You Christians that heard our cry. Thank You God for hearing your feeble servants cry for a display of power. Now will you help Marilyn and I step aside and write a book on "Letting God Work Through Us" Will it happen? God help us! Maybe at 85 God will help us retire to a new role. Marilyn is already working on her book.

Please Pray for us in a new retirement task. . Let me insert the update report of the growth of The Church in Sudan.


The following id Yournew's own description of what happened in remote Sudan.
There has been a great increase of church congregations in the Aweil State In South Sudan. Our evangelists are very busy as God touches the hearts of those who surrendered their lives to come back to South Sudan from Northern Sudan.

They find love and peace with God at home. All the communities in Aweil state, where Church of Christ is established have faith and adore the name of Christ and are dedicated to raise their children in the Love of Christ.

The ABC graduates are conducting inhome visits. They talk to each and every family member about Jesus Christ. They raise their hands together and pray above those who are sick. They give counseling to those who are widowed, those who lost their love ones and to those who have lost hope in life.

The common and simple answer they always get back from such people is, "Thank you, thank you so much for saving my life." And they always answer back, "Thank Christ the Savior and our Lord who sent us to serve them."

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) randomly settle at where their parents had lived. Some of those places don't have water sources. Those who got water wells drilled in their dry areas are giving thanks to South Sudan Church of Christ.

We are giving thanks back to our donors, and supporters, and SAM and all supporting churches that have saved them from thirst and deadly waterborne diseases of dirty swamp, ponds, and natural holes. Those diseases accounted for 20% of the deaths in the region. Where these wells were drilled, the influx of returnees (IDP)s we see sickness is still at a peak and we are continuing to request support for those who hopelessly return from Northern Sudan. There are more demands for safe drinking water than before because of many returnees coming back from Northern Sudan. Evangelists of the Church of Christ's help with settling those who come to their homeland. Our ABC Evangelists preach Jesus Christ words to those who never heard Him. They build faith in Christ who have no hope.

Aweil Bible College was started early in the year 2003 and has graduated over 100 evangelists. There are 70 graduates actively engaged in church work. They are spreading the gospel of Christ in their own villages. They have helped so much. Most of African traditional religions in our region turned to God the last 25 years. Each Grad's Church has baptized more than a hundred people this year. The growth of our churches has distinctly employed our young evangelists from ABC. Those in ABC classes now hardly have time for study in Malek.

Malek Christian Hospital is located in area with an estimated population of more than 300,000 people. More than 2000 from northern Sudan came to Malek County alone. Dr. Garang reports that most of these people are living on the church compounds and are treated at Malek Christian Hospital. The Church is providing water, food, shelter and medicines to thousands free of charge thanks to you donors.

RELIEF FOOD Past year Summary report
The fund sent by SAM donors and supporting churches has been helpful to those returnees who return with no relatives to settle them. Malek Church helps returnees by providing food for the family of those returnees for three weeks until they find a relatives or a place to settle. They praise God and give thanks to all our churches and to donors who support us do the spiritual and physical works. The children are given to us by God! Food paid for by you contributors and cooked by ABC Bible College students and compound workers.

CHURCH BUILDING Summary report
We give thanks to all our supporters for raising part of the funds for our church building construction. The cement blocks of about 17,000 pieces (big size) are bought. We to purchase of the cement, and to contract the construction company to start the church construction. It is common for 1000 to meet under the trees and tents. We pray that we will be able to start church building soon.

We thank you for your continuing supports to people of South Sudan. God bless you. Yournew Wol.

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