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Mission News

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December 2016 Update

--Steve Holsinger

Dear friends of South Sudan African Mission:

A man with experience working in Africa compared it to emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. Work in Africa, especially in South Sudan, is often frustrating and discouraging. The low point of this year has been the tribal warfare that has been raging across South Sudan. Our mission in Aweil has been minimally affected mainly because there isn’t oil in the area. The primary prize in the fighting is control of the oil fields. Our churches in Atar and Bentiu have been devastated with some killed and many fleeing to refugee centers on the border. The impact in Aweil has been hunger and starvation. All the customary trade routes have been disrupted, creating food shortages. We have sent as much “extra” money as possible to Yournew to provide food for the people most at risk.

In the midst of the struggle, ministry continues. Two new churches were begun in areas of Aweil town. Both are among immigrant groups; one from the Nuba mountains and the other from Darfur. Both churches grew to 300 plus almost overnight! After experiencing such persecution from the North, hundreds of these people are running to Jesus and each congregation has baptized more than seventy adults.

We are also very encouraged with Aweil Bible College. On January 7th, Bev Campbell, Steve Holsinger and Wyatt Brown (Steve’s grandson) will attend graduation ceremonies for twenty more Sudanese young people. A highlight of our trip will be visiting 6 new church buildings and a primary school facility built with handmade bricks donated by church members.

Our first young lady graduate, Regina, has returned to Malek to lead a ministry teaching people to read. Villages will be equipped with “Proclaimers”- solar powered “audio Bibles” that will broadcast scripture so that everyone can hear the word of God. Regina will travel with the mobile medical clinic from village to village.

Because of the progress we are seeing, we are encouraged to keep “dipping away” with our ministry teaspoon! All of the things take money. Would you be willing to help us with a generous year-end gift? You can designate funds for food, Bibles, building materials, Aweil Bible College, Malek Christian Hospital or simply to South Sudan African Mission. Any amount will help and all will be carefully used to spread the message of Christ to the Sudanese.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and yours!

Steve Holsinger, Director, South Sudan African Mission

October/November 2016 Update


Just as the newsletter was ready to print, we received this information regarding a peace agreement signed by the two major tribes of South Sudan. This is a huge answer to prayer but please continue to pray for the citizens of South Sudan that the transition will go smoothly and this will be a permanent end to the war.

Two of the largest tribes in South Sudan, the Dinka and Nuer, have peacefully agreed to end hostilities and merge their two feuding tribes to become a single, peace-loving tribe with a single vision of ‘steering South Sudan back on track’. Initiated by former Kenyan President Daniel Arop Moi, the agreement between the Dinka and the Nuer tribes, represented by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and the Nuer Council of Elders (NCE) respectively, was signed in Nairobi Kenya on Friday, Oct. 21) The discussions mainly centered on the many cultural similarities between the groups, distribution of power and resources – or rather political, fiscal and military domination of South Sudan by the two groups. According to the agreement, the two councils will form a unified Dinka-Nuer Council of Elders. South Sudan Council of elders that will pave the way and oversee a smooth unification of the two; guide and rule South Sudan until such a time when a leader is selected from the group. The agreement is drawing international praise. After the merge, nothing will stop the ‘South Sudan Council of Elders’ from passing into law whatever the peace-loving people of the new tribe want.


This famine was caused by last year's rain shortage and the war which broke out in Juba brought more fear to the commercial exporters who bring in goods from East Africa and Khartoum, Sudan. The few traders who manage to have little food items in their stores sell them for high prices which cannot be afforded by the poor and ordinary citizens who have no jobs or sources of incomes. The hunger in South Sudan is rampant. to the majority of society because of the lack of agricultural knowledge. This is why we have the Food for Life project for our church members and other needy individuals in the community. We are happy with the support that SSAM has been sending. The $10,000 which we received from SSAM we were able to buy 36 bags of sorghum. Each bag was 4500 South Sudanese pounds. The congregations are praying for SSAM so that God will open more doors for them to be able to send more help. Many people have been displaced from villages and forced into towns. If food can be found in the market the poor are not able to buy because of the high prices.

In May and June, I bought a bag of sorghum with 4500 SSP but right now one kg of sorghum (2.2 pounds) is 450 SSP. (9 US dollars). The SCOC (Sudan Church of Christ) is appealing to SSAM that the hunger situation in south Sudan is very severe.

The hunger situation is worsening and we helping less number of people now compared to the number of people we used to help because of the prices. We are appealing to all our church supporters to add more support for what they have been sending to the South Sudanese. We are requesting and praying that the SSAM Board of Directors will be able together with church supporters add a little percentage on top what they have been sending us. The hunger and insecurity is worsening, it is fueled by the recent fighting that broke out in Juba between the SPLM-IO and the Government forces and it has taken South Sudan backward. Hundreds of people are dying every day because of the lack of food and medicine.

Loading sorghum in the market
Loading sorghum on a cart in the market

Bev's note....In addition to the $10,000 mentioned above, SSAM was also able to send $25,000 to the people of South Sudan. Thank you to our friends who read of their need and responded by sending funds.

Sorghum in the U.S. is used almost entirely as a sweetener but sorghum in Africa can be grown and used as a grain.

With Thanksgiving this month, most of us will have more food on our tables than most in South Sudan will see in the next year. It is hard to imagine that a family is allotted 6-10 pounds of sorghum to feed their already hungry family for the next several months. May we never forget how truly blessed we are!

(from Yournew)

  • Santino's wife and family.
  • Pray for South Sudan for good governance.
  • Pray for Almighty God to bring lasting solutions to stop hunger and disease outbreaks that facing the whole of our nation South Sudan.
  • Pray for the growth of our churches of Christ in South Sudan and neighboring countries.
  • Pray for funds for the feeding program because more are dying every day.


SCOC has received $25,000 from SSAM, the equivalent of 750,000 SSP to secure food for the poor and needy who were risking starvation after the Aweil people faced a crisis due to the internal conflicts that drove the country to a lockdown from other ports as a result of insecurity at most of the borders. Pastors and South Sudan Church of Christ congregations give their appreciation to Bev, Steve and SSAM for the mercy shown to the needy during this hopeless time. This gave them hope in life and they believe that Jesus is watching their suffering.

This hunger has covered the whole country. We were able to buy 186 bags of sorghum and we managed to distribute to 806 families and each person received about 3- 10 kg of sorghum depending on the number of vulnerable people in each household.

Grain Distribution
Grain distribution at Malek


As of the printing of this newsletter the trip into South Sudan is still on hold. A team from the US would like to go to Malek to attend the Aweil Bible College Graduation and to encourage our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Please pray that this trip will be possible and for the safety of those going.


Dear Steve and Bev, SSAM,
Greetings, Thank you very much for your concern. South Sudan has become a war zone. Our people do not want to change from hatred to a lovely brotherhood. People are suffering from many things including diseases, hunger and being killed by wild animals because they are being forced out of their homes to hide in the bushes.

I would like to inform you that my wife has been sick. The doctor's exam said that she had an ectopic pregnancy. But later on they decided to operate on her and found it was not ectopic pregnancy so left the child in the womb. These are the problems facing me and my wife.

I have gotten my four month salary from Yournew so decided to take my wife to Nairobi for further check up. On Saturday we went to doctor and had a scan. The doctor advised us that because she is late in her pregnancy she will be good and she will deliver normally.

I have informed Bev and Yournew about her through Facebook and they are aware of her sickness. We are requesting all of your prayers and thank you.
Yours in Christ,


Nov. 7 a.m. -Centerville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 11-12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 13 a.m. - Medaryville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 17-20 - International Conference on Missions (ICOM), Lexington, KY Booth 1101
Nov. 20 - Christview Christian Church, Winchester, KY


September 2016 Update

--Received September 6, 2016

Greetings to you in the name of Almighty God.

I pray that this report will find you well and in good health.

I am glad to give you the reports for our churches in South Sudan and in general about the situation of the recent fighting in Juba between the SPLM-IO and South Sudan government.

The war brought serious hunger and many deaths at the hospitals because of the shortages of the medicines and food coming from East Africa and Khartoum. Even between states there is no free movement so that food items and medicines can be taken to other intra-communities who lack food and medicines.

The hunger in South Sudan is a serious one and in this situation we are praying that the Almighty God shall open doors and ways to the international community to help our young state grow into prosperity and peace that we need most.

Thank you to all the churches and individuals who support the people of South Sudan, specially the children and the mothers. Many people were killed during fighting in Juba, capital city of South Sudan and thousands more were or are now affected by the hunger which resulted in increased deaths of the children and mothers.


In Aweil State we have two congregations in Aweil Town which worship every Sunday and the congregations are growing daily in number and spiritual faith. We also established Bible studies at the church and many young people have joined the lessons and have given their lives to the Lord in baptism.

In Malekalel Church, the building was completed and we are praying that your visit will be possible in the upcoming months to be able to bless as well as to witness the opening ceremony at Malekalel church compound. We can make one ceremony for the church opening and the ABC graduation in January. We will be waiting to hear from you whether you can make a visit to Aweil in January 2017. (This trip is pending due to the civil unrest)

I am also very glad to report to you that Regina Alakiir, the lady who graduated from the ABC 2015 class got married and they have agreed with the husband for her come back and continue to go ahead teaching the ladies at the church. She will work fulltime in the mission. She is very happy that the church called her back to come and work with the women group. The husband supports her work of the Lord. We pray this will be a good program for Regina to engage the women with the word of God. Regina will be teaching the women to read the Bible in Dinka and English.

Regina graduation
Bev giving Regina a hug after she received her diploma


In Aweil East State we have constructed two churches with the local materials. The construction of the church in Malualbaai was completed which cost 51500 ssp (South Sudanese Pound). Uyoon Church of Christ has received 40,000 ssp but is still under construction. We pray for the congregation of Uyoon Church of Christ to complete the praying shelter as well. In July, there was a problem getting all the materials to complete the building


In Aweil mission we have released 40,000 ssp for Warpeach Church of Christ to construct the church with the local materials and pastor Angelo Atak did very good job for his congregation. The team of pastors went there for the visit and opened the church officially. The reception was very good.


  • Santino's wife, Tabitha who has been very ill and in the hospital.
  • Continuing prayer for good governance of South Sudan.
  • Pray for Almighty God to bring lasting solutions to stop hunger and the disease outbreak that is facing the whole of our nation of South Sudan.
  • Pray for the growth of our church of Christ in South Sudan and neighboring countries.

--Bev Douglass Campbell

All of my life I have known Burl and Bernita Shoemake and the impact "Mom and Pop" Shoemake (Burl's parents) had on Dad's life. Within hours of each other on Saturday, August 27th, both Burl and Bernita passed into eternity. Burl and Bernita have been a vital part of the South Sudan African Mission since its beginning in 1987.

Paul, with the late Burl, Bernita Shoemake and Marilyn Douglass
(June 2013)

Paul relates, "In February 1946, I was a lost bewildered soul so I called Burl's parents and asked "who is this Christ that guides your lives?" I went to talk to them at their home. Burl had just left for San Jose Bible College so his bedroom was empty. They asked me to live in their home and take Burl's bedroom and learn of Christ. I took them up on their Christian offer so I could find out how good Christ really is." In the fall of 1947, Paul enrolled in San Jose Bible College and then in Midwestern School of Evangelism in Ottumwa, IA. There he met Marilyn and later married. You know the rest of this story.

Burl and Bernita printed and mailed the SSAM newsletter from their home in Sutter Creek, CA until 2001 when because of failing health they moved to Turner, OR and subsequently Burl sold his printing press. Burl accompanied Paul on one trip to South Sudan in the late 1990's.

Each time I visited with Bernita when I was in Turner, she always asked how the mission was going. She even requested ten extra copies of the newsletter so she could hand them out to her friends. Burl and Bernita were truly friends of myself, the family and South Sudan African Mission.

As of the printing of the newsletter, no details of their memorial service are known. However, if you would like to make a contribution to the South Sudan African Mission in their honor, I know that Burl and Bernita would be pleased.


Please pray for Santino's wife, Tabitha who has been ill and in the hospital. Last information we received is Tabitha is out of the hospital but still very sick and weak.


Sept. 28 - p.m. Monterey, LA Church of Christ**
Oct. 2 a.m. - Mandeville, LA Christian Church**
Oct. 2 p.m. - Forest Park Church of Christ, Crowley, LA**
Oct. 15 - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Nov. 7 - a.m. - Centerville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 11-12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 13 a.m. - Medaryville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 17 -20 - International Conference on Missions, (ICOM)
Lexington, KY Booth 1101**
Nov. 20 - p.m. - Christview Christian Church, Winchester, KY**
**Steve and Deanna Holsinger will be with Bev in Louisiana and at ICOM in Lexington, KY.


August 2016 Update

--Bev Campbell

I recently read a quote by Prakah Yer that said "Passion and teamwork can turn a bunch of ordinary folks into an unbeatable winning team". Everyone likes to be on the winning team and I am reminded often of the ordinary folks that have sacrificed to make the South Sudan African Mission a winning team.

I meet ordinary people just like myself at the Oregon Christian Convention, the North American Christian Convention, the Week of Missions on the Oregon Coast, and a group of ladies from around the panhandle of Wyoming and Nebraska or the International Conference on Missions. Ordinary people who are business men or women and ordinary people in churches across the United States who want to be a part of the winning team known as South Sudan African Mission.

There are ordinary people who provide meals, extend hospitality and welcome me into their homes and churches when I travel. Ordinary people who pray for me, the SSAM Board of Directors and the people of South Sudan. Ordinary people who drop me a note with a word of encouragement and ordinary people who often times gives sacrificially to SSAM.

The South Sudan African Mission is just a group of passionate, ordinary people working together to do an extraordinary work for God in South Sudan!

IDES Medicine
Medicine purchased with funds received from IDES

Thank you to IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) of Noblesville, IN for partnering with SSAM to purchase medicine for the citizens of South Sudan.


In the last newsletter we reported that Peter Gatdet had not been heard from for quite some time and was in hiding. Peter is from the Bentiu area of South Sudan where most of the conflict is taking place over oil resources. Peter took his family to Juba so they would be in a secure place but returned to Bentiu and then had to flee. Many Christians were captured by rebel forces during the fighting. Following is a brief report from Peter.

Hello Steve and everybody there:
I am safe and fine here.
I witnessed terrible conditions the 7th to 10th of July when the incident occurred. Yournew and Luka kept in touch with me on the phone and directed me on how to get to safety. Individuals were targets, I had to flee to the late Paulino Matip's house where I am now. I have recovered my confidence.
I will be back to Bentiu within this month soon and will be in touch.
Pass my greetings to all Christians there, Paul's families and your children.
Thanks. Peter G

Evangelists Prayer Circle
Peter and the rest of the evangelists in our prayer circle before we left Malek, February 2015.

To date $2,630 has been received for Bibles for the people of South Sudan. That is 526 Bibles!
$34,564.13 has been received for the hunger crisis. $25,000 was sent on August 8th and the balance will be sent on September 1.



  • Safety of Peter and the others in the Bentiu region of South Sudan.
  • Well being of and health of Yournew and the SSAM evangelists and their families.
  • Peace will find its way into the hearts of the leaders in South Sudan.
  • Bev as she travels for SSAM.


  • Praise for the passionate, ordinary people who work together to do an extraordinary work for God in South Sudan.

--Pete Letheby of the Grand Island Independent

The following article is was first published in the Grand Island Independent newspaper in Grand Island, NE. Space does not allow us to print the entire article. Paul Douglass still keeps in contact with Moses and recently visited with him in Grand Island.

Lost Boy of Sudan
Moses Bol Aken with his two children

"He has lost his parents and seven of his eight siblings. He has spent almost half of his 37-year life on the run from danger or in refugee camps in four different countries. He has encountered gun-wielding rebel militias, countless diseases, malnutrition, poisonous snakes (he lost a sister to a snake bite), poisonous scorpions and lions.

Aken is one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," about 26,000 boys who were orphaned or uprooted during the endless civil war in that country. The war began in 1983 and continued until 2011, when South Sudan voted for independence.

"There was no good life over there," Aken said. "Nobody could even understand what a good life could be. I've witnessed men, women and children dying every day."

He was one of the fortunate ones. He is alive today and has lived in Grand Island since 2007, and is studying at York (Christian) College. He hopes to return to his homeland as a Christian minister.

After a few years of relative stability, conflict recently broke out again in South Sudan. Most of Sudan's neighboring countries have experienced years of war, too, creating a turbulent and unstable part of the world.

Aken's unsettling journey began at age 5, when long walks through adversity and long months in refugee camps became the norm.

"The furnace-like heat of dry season compelled us walk at night, even though that was the best time for lions to hunt us." Aken said. "In the rainy season, solid ground turned to mud that made walking like wading through tar. And when the rains finally stopped, the grasses and spiny bushes grew taller than a man, blocking passage and harboring snakes and other predators.

"But our worst enemies were often not disease or the elements but other humans," Aken continued. We were taken for prey, good for robbing, killing or enslaving."

In all, he spent 15 years of his young, homeless life in refugee camps. Aken was fortunate to be reunited with is only remaining family, his mother and a sister. At Kakuma, a provisional refugee camp with a population of 150,000, he met Paul and Marilyn Douglass, missionaries and graduates of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. In the Douglasses, he found a powerful friendship, a conversion to Christianity and a new purpose.

It was at Kakuma I first heard rumors of resettlement of the "Lost Boys," kids like me," he said. "Two years later, I was flying to Nairobi, Kenya, and then onward to Amsterdam and New York. I stepped onto American soil on May 21, 2001.

Aken concludes the article by saying "How do you keep walking when your companions are dropping by the roadside, when malaria wracks you with chills and then burns you with fever., when you're pretty sure you're being sized up by predators?" Aken said, "You keep going because there are people you want to embrace again. The ones in Heaven are safe, and they will wait for you, but the ones still on Earth need you right now."


Sept. 28 - p.m. Monterey, LA Church of Christ
Oct. 2 a.m. - Mandeville, LA Christian Church
Oct. 2 p.m. - Forest Park Church of Christ, Cowley, LA
Oct. 15 - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Nov. 6 - a.m. - Centerville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 11- 12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 13- a.m. Medaryville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 17-20 - International Conference on Missions, Lexington, KY
Nov. 20 p.m. - Christview Christian Church, Winchester, KY


July 2016 Update

--Myron Wells, SSAM Board of Director

I have on my bookshelf of Bibles one that I cannot read. I do not even know which language it is written in. Along the pathway of ministry someone handed it to me but for all practical purposes it is useless because I can't read it. How wonderful it is to have Bibles in the language I understand.

Bible Translators tell us when people hold the Bible and read it in their native tongue for the first time their response is one of joy and often tears. Even though our students at Aweil Bible College can read English it is still a struggle for some of them. God has put it in our hearts to purchase Bibles, not only in English, but also in Dinka and distribute them to all who can read in their own language. It will not only be an assist to our South Sudan Churches but to our mobile medical clinic as it visits rural villages. Along with physical medicines we can present the ultimate spiritual medicine to those who can read and they will treasure their personal copy of the Bible and read it to others. We also believe the Bible in Dinka can be used as a tool to help the Dinka women learn to read. What a victory that will be as the word of God continues to bring more and more people to Jesus. Yournew tells us we can purchase Bibles for five US dollars each. If you would like to share in our effort to flood South Sudan with the word of God mark your donation "Bibles."

If you, the church you attend, your adult Bible class, vacation Bible school, children's Sunday school, would like to purchase Bibles for South Sudan please write "Bibles" in the memo line and mail to SSAM.



Most of the rest of the newsletter is Santino's report. Pray for Santino, his family and some of our SSAM evangelists who have not been heard from in quite some time.

Santino (at the 2015 ABC graduation)

Dear Bev and Steve:
Receive my sincere greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore I hope that you and South Sudan African Mission board of directors, and contributors are doing well in the Lord.

It has been quite some time without communication from our side. The situation is not favorable to us here in Malakal. There are a lot of difficulties facing us here. The Network Company has pulled out of the area because of the war which is going on a regular basis in the area. Most companies who are operating incur losses every day.

The Atar community is a Dinka community located between the Nuer and Shilluk tribes. These two tribes rebelled against the leadership and turned against the Dinka tribe and are now affected by the war. Most have run to Malakal town for safety. Our church members are praying in a former school that was built by the state government.

Malakal has become landlocked due to the war crisis. There are no roads or river transport. The Khartoum government has closed their borders so no commodities can come into Malakal from northern Sudan. There are some commodities that come by air transport but the whole town depends on them and they are not enough for the population which has been displaced in Malakal.

Displaced citizens of South Sudan living in the Malakal area.

Atar has been devastated by the war. Many people, almost five thousand have been abducted by the rebel groups. The commissioner of Atar county is trying to trace the abducted people through the United Nations. Information is that some of them are displaced in the rebel area of Fangok. Relatives are worried about their loved ones, including one of our own evangelist.

There is inflation in South Sudan and a crisis in every town. Hunger is on the minds of every household every day. Rebel groups did not give the people of Atar a chance to cultivate their crops in 2015 so many people are now starving to death.

Last but not least many faction leaders arrived to Juba capitol including Dr. Riek Machar and the government of National Unity was formed. The peace treaty is very fragile.

Some of our colleagues remain in the bush, such as Peter Gadet and Johnson Olony from Shiilluk tribe. Gabriel Tang said they are not part of the Addis Ababa agreement. Atar communities are still worried about an attack any time because Atar the community is a minority tribe surrounded by the Nuer community around Malakal.


  • Atar congregations and those who have been abducted by the rebel groups.
  • Peter Gadet and Johnson Olony who are in hiding because of the war.
  • Health of Santino and his family.
  • Permanent peace for South Sudan.
  • Those who are refusing acceptance of the peace agreement.
  • Funds for Bibles for South Sudan.


Congratulations to Dr. John on his recent completion of studies and graduation from at the College of Medicine in Malawi. Just as this newsletter was nearly completed an email was received saying that because of a glitch between the school and the government of South Sudan, he is having difficulty getting back to Malek. Pray that the issues will be resolved and he will be able to return to Malek soon.

Santino (at the 2015 ABC graduation)


Steve Holsinger, SSAM Director of Operations, is available for speaking engagements. Steve has led mission trips to many nations during 45 years of ministry. And has many stories to relate regarding the work of God in the world. Contact Steve at (907).727.4191 or email gaholsinger (


June 28 - July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 12-15 - North American Christian Convention, Anaheim, CA Booth #13
July 31 - August 5 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
Aug. 9 - p.m. Platte Valley Ladies Fellowship hosted by Riverside Church of Christ, Torrington, WY
Aug. 14 - Superior, NE Church of Christ
Aug. 28 - Marcola, OR Christian Church
Sept. 28 - p.m. Montery, LA Church of Christ
Oct. 2 a.m. - Mandeville, LA Christian Church
Oct. 2 p.m. - Forest Park Church of Christ, Crowley, LA
Oct. 15 - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 p.m. - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO


May/June 2016 Update

- Steve Holsinger

A recent phone call to some of our ministry partners was humbling. I called a couple of ladies in California who had donated $15,000.00 to provide steel roof trusses and metal roofing for the brick church building constructed by the church in Chilkot where Paulino is the preacher. As I thanked these ladies I was reminded of the importance of careful stewardship of every dollar contributed to South Sudan African Mission. I was reminded who the donors are: these ladies are not wealthy individuals looking for a good tax deductible place to invest extra wealth. This gift represented genuine sacrifice motivated by tremendous love for the Lord and the Sudanese people. I was reminded as well who the recipients are: The people SSAM is reaching out to are among the poorest on the face of the earth! A few dollars can be the difference between life and death and between a hopeless eternity or salvation in Christ. I am grateful that Bev is so careful with funds and the board of directors is setting policies that represent wise stewardship of all funds given to SSAM. Thank you for being a part of this life and soul saving ministry.

Yournew and Paulino with a church member


We are blessed that the ministry work is progressing well in the Aweil Churches despite the difficulties we have been experiencing and worse scenarios we have faced during 2015 into the New Year. Our pastors and evangelists are busy teaching the people the word of God (the Good News) in their local Churches. There are many report from churches that many people are call on daily and the great news is that many people have been baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. More people are attending Bible studies and we pray that they will join the Christian community soon.

You will read more about the churches progress from the report of the pastors and Evangelists which I have filed here along with this report. (Look for more reports in future newsletters!)

Just to summarized the miracle of our church growth:

Malekalel church has had 30 people baptized into Christ and became member congregations of South Sudan of Christ. We have 17 more children of God registered to receive Christ through baptism soon at our new compound in Aweil town.

There were 12 people baptized into Christ and became members of Malual Baai church of Christ, and more people are willing to join our Bible studies in Aweil East State.

In Lol State two new churches were established at Chel South and Chel North under the shepherd-ship of Paulino Malou and our new evangelist graduates from ABC. (Aweil Bible College)

A new church has been planted in a newly formed county under Aweil State at Ayai Payam a place called Rol-Chol. So far we have new members reaching to more than seventy congregational members (74 members) within a period of only two months. Our congregations are growing so fast – we shout alleluia to the higher Lord of heaven and earth.

Santino sent this picture of the displaced persons in Malekal

Please continue to pray for the people in the Malekal region of South Sudan. Because of the length of Santino's report, we will feature Santino's report in the next newsletter.



  • Peace will find its way into the hearts of the leaders in South Sudan.
  • The dire hunger problem facing those in South Sudan.
  • The SSAM staff is South Sudan will remain healthy and strong throughout the ongoing hunger crisis.
  • SSAM Board members as they lead the Sudan African Mission.
  • Bev as she travels presenting the mission to churches and
    individuals across the US.
  • Dr. John as he completes his schooling and makes plans to go back to South Sudan.



Our beloved country is facing hunger at all corners because of inflation of food commodities in the market. The reason we are lacking accessibility is because of the roads from East Africa and North Sudan/Khartoum. Last year's poor harvest affected South Sudan as a whole. The hunger incidence than became the topic and most painful disease which every citizen has experienced in our country. The people are moving from place to place searching for food and most of the vulnerable people are crossing the border daily to North Sudan/ Khartoum in search for labor duties just to be able to buy portion of maize floor in order to feed their children. The road to Khartoum and other refugee camps in neighboring countries are insecure and many end up being killed or die of malaria and diarrheal diseases since there is so safe drinking water.

Our church is trying hard to register those who are most needy and most poorest disables, widow, widowers, orphans and such other people in our neighborhoods who may need our help. The little food items we have to distribute to them was not enough at all but it is we could afford to give them. The portion of food we give only last a few day and they will still need more. We thank God for the work SSAM is doing to the people of South Sudan. The funds that SSAM sends for "Food for Life" was enough for only 66 sacks (50kgs each) of Sorghums which have been distributed to 396 Households, each house received 2Kgs. (about 4 US pounds)

The hunger situation is getting worse daily in our churches. Most of our congregations are in need of support from churches still but our mission to help the needy is the priority.

We are praying that each and every family of our member staff be blessed and will stay healthy away from these difficulties.

We are appealing to the churches of Christ in USA and SSAM Board of Directors to help our congregation with food. The hunger situation is getting worse. Please put us all in your daily prayers, so that our God may open the blessing doors to the South Sudanese and bring the lasting peace to the nation.



I have been busy finalizing my research work which I am defending today, May 20, 2016. I have exams next week starting on May 23. My remaining days are full of work. The results of the exams may come out by June 10th, based on the tentative schedule.

The graduation and return to South Sudan will follow a week after results. It is likely that I will return to South Sudan before the end of June. Will let you know a week before departure once we confirmed the departure dates. I am requesting prayers for success during my busy remaining days in Malawi.
God bless you all.


June 28 - July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 12-15 - North American Christian Convention, Anaheim, CA Booth #13
July 31 - August 5 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
August 9 - p.m. Platte Valley Ladies Fellowship hosted by Riverside Church of Christ, Torrington, WY
August 14 a.m. - Superior, NE Church of Christ
August 14 p.m. - Lexington, NE Church of Christ
August 28 a.m. - Marcola Christian Church, Marcola, OR

If you would like an update on the South Sudan African Mission please contact Bev by email or phone 503.729.4631.

Other venues are pending but have not been confirmed.


March/April, 2016 Update

Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

- Steve Holsinger

New York Times feature writer Nicholas Kristoff has been wading through the swamps of Unity State, South Sudan, to interview refugees from the civil war that has been raging the last three years. "Better the hippos than the soldiers" one mother told him. Soldiers who have not been paid are being allowed to pillage and rape in lieu of money. This conflict has created the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet with multitudes now facing rampant disease and starvation. What is at the heart of this war? It is a war of the heart, based on the heart hatred of one tribe against another. The two most prominent tribes are the Dinka, (tribe of Yournew Wol and most of the other leaders and preachers who are supported by South Sudan African Mission) and the Nuer.

The Nuer primarily occupy the Southern section of South Sudan. The Times writer recounts meeting an eight year old boy who had fashioned a very realistic rifle out of clay. When
asked why he made a rifle rather than a toy truck, he replied, "I need my rifle so that I can shoot the Dinka." Asked why he wanted to kill the Dinka he replied, "because they are always killing us." Some of my Nuer friends told me that they were taught as children that the Dinka have horns! A peace agreement has recently been formed between the Dinka President and his followers and the Nuer Vice President and his rebel soldiers.

What can be done? The solution is also a matter of the heart. This mission began with a heart connection between Paul and Marilyn Douglass and some young men from a very different culture and background. Now, many years later, South Sudan African Mission is working with both Dinka and Nuer. While most of our men are working in Aweil State among the Dinka, two of our men, Santino Makol (Malakal region) and Peter Gadet (Bentieu) are Nuer. Both are working in war zones. Through our Nuer friends at Faith Christian Community in Anchorage, we have helped establish three new "churches without walls" in Maiwut County, which is predominately Nuer. Our friends from both tribes consider themselves first of all members of the "Jesus tribe"- the church of Christ. When I took a Nuer brother, Peter Rom from Anchorage- into Dinka territory in Aweil, he was welcomed and accepted- more than that- he was loved! The heart of Jesus is able to mend this heart war. Keep praying and supporting this important and effective heart and nation-changing mission and heal the hatred that is at the root of it.

- Philip Bol

I would like to extend my sincere greetings to the godly families, brothers and sisters in USA.
In the community of Aweil, we are doing well in Christ.

There has been a rise in diseases this year. For example at the Malek Christian Hospital there were a record 2,920 malarial disease cases, 22 deaths attributed to malaria cases alone and seven non-responding but living patients sent to Aweil Civil Hospital for further care, four of those case have been reported as deceased.
The healthcare conditions in Aweil are getting worse. The admission records for this quarter, there were 2,416 admitted patients, 45 of these in three months time had typhoid fever which indicates a need for health education.

We also manage acute watery diarrhea which is caused by poor hygiene.

Because of inflation and increased tax rate in the country the pharmaceutical companies have increased their prices and have limited our purchases. The community turnout is high and the little we can afford is out of the pharmacy in less time than in previously.

The team is comprised of Philip Garang, (clinician) Philip Bol (pharmacist) and Lino Agou (in-patient nurse). Lino also serves the Malek church as administrator and head of the choir.

Dr. Garang with a patient at the Malek Christian Hospital



  • The recent peace agreement will be honored by all involved and peace and security will soon come to South Sudan.
  • Well being and health of Yournew and the SSAM evangelists and their families.
  • Dr. John as he completes his final months of studies in Malawi.
  • SAM Board members as they lead the South Sudan African Mission.
  • Bev as she travels nearly the entire month of April.
  • Praise--The dozens of individuals and churches who give sacrificially each month so the South Sudan African Mission.



The students at Aweil Bible College have performed well in their course studies. They have shown commitment toward Bible study and they are coming up as good speakers of God's Word.

The team in Aweil is asking SSAM to continue supporting ABC in such a way that we may grow into a national theological college and grow through diplomas and the degree program.

High prices have already affected our ABC budget. Getting food items here in Aweil has become very difficult and the ABC administration is facing a shortage of food most of the time. Life in South Sudan is difficult.

2015 Aweil Bible College Graduates



Please continue to pray for Joyce Penn. She has completed her radiation but is currently at her home in Scottsbluff, NE undergoing chemo treatments for cancer. Cards may be sent to 1002 Schmid Dr, Scottsbluff, NE 69361.

Nick Campbell with some of the children in Malek (Febr. 2015)


April 3 a.m. - Centerville Christian Church, Centerville, IN
April 7-9 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
April 10 a.m. La Crosse Christian Church, La Crosse, IN
April 17 a.m. - Fredonia Church of Christ, Fredonia, KS
April 20 p.m.- Ridge Chapel Church, Kansas, OK
April 24 a.m. - Antioch Christian Church, Pittsburg, MO
May 14 p.m. - May 15 a.m. - Westside Christian Church, Roseburg, OR
May 22 a.m. - Gates Community Church of Christ, Gates, OR
June 1 a.m. - Marcola Christian Church, Marcola, OR
June 28-July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 31-Aug. 5 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
Oct. 15 a.m. - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City MO
Oct.. 16 - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Nov. 11, 12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 17-21 - Int'l Conference on Missions, Lexington, KY

If you would like an update on the South Sudan African Mission please contact Bev by email or phone 503.729.4631.

Other venues are pending but have not been confirmed.


February, 2016 Update

--Report from Feb. 8

The figures released in a UN report describe some of the worst conditions yet in more than two years of a civil war marked by atrocities and accusations of war crimes, including the blockading of food supplies.

Conditions are "escalating" the UN said, with already over 2.8 million people needing aid, almost a quarter of the country.

"Nearly 25 percent of the country's population remain in urgent need of food assistance, and at least 40,000 people are on the brink of catastrophe," the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN children's agency UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) said in a joint statement.

Families have been doing everything they can to survive, but they are now running out of options," said UNICEF country chief Jonathan Veitch.

Those worst affected are in the northern battleground state of Unity, (Peter Gadet and Santino Makol work in this region) which was once the country's key oil producing region, but is now the scene of some of the heaviest fighting, including the mass abduction and rape of women and children.

The counties of Mayendit, Koch, Leer and Guit are hardest hit, with people there surviving by scavenging swamps for water lilies and fish, but those will dry up in the dry season in coming months.

It warned that people there were already "destitute" and the situation is likely to deteriorate."

Famine in South Sudan


-- Dr. John

I would like to inform SSAM that one of our longtime colleagues, Ronald Ruay Deng who was trained at The Great Commission Bible College in Nairobi under the sponsorship of SSAM, was chosen as Governor of the newly established Aweil State, one of the 28 states formed by the presidential decree a month and a half ago.

Loading medicine and supplies into the Mobile Medical Clinic

Honorable Ronald Ruay Deng has been serving Northern Bahr el Ghazal state since 2009 in a different position. Ronald Ruay is the youngest governor of the 28 newly appointed state governors. This is a true testimony that our church is part of a peace promoting institution in the country through the preaching of the gospel of Christ and training of the leaders for now and the future. To demonstrate the mercy and love of Christ, the mission in Aweil is to bring the good news where it has never been heard before in their native languages.

Our congregations across the country are sending messages of congratulations and requesting prayers for wisdom and peace of mind so that he may be the light among the leaders for peace and good governance.

We had a time of prayer with Ronald and he accepted some advise and wise counsel before facing a new world of governorship of Aweil, the newly created state.


  • Peace and security in South Sudan.
  • God to deliver His children out of hunger and diseases.
  • The health of Yournew and his family. The health of our evangelists and the hospital workers and their families.
  • Funds to continue to come into SSAM's account so that God's word will be delivered to those who need it.
  • Dr. John to continue to his life saving course successfully this year and return to help his people.
  • Wisdom for the Aweil team and that of SSAM so that His kingdom may be extended beyond our capacities.


We visited Chelkou Church of Christ at Paulino's request. The aim was to give moral support and encourage the congregation at the new church to be strong in the faith. Our team was warmly welcomed. Neighboring churches gathered together to celebrate the new site. Our team was comprised of seven elders of the Aweil Mission, Yournew, Dr. John, Joseph Wel, Paulino Malou, Angelo Atak, Ezra Lual and Daniel Deng.

The visitation was fruitful. There were two community leaders who attended the celebration and opening ceremony of the new church building.

The opening of the church in Chelkou


The afternoon of February 8th, several from the local area met at Mountainview Christian Church in Gresham to pray for the needs of the South Sudanese. We know several from across the country were also joining us in prayer. The above prayer requests were individually brought before the throne of our Lord.


Apada Church of Christ recently started in an area about about three miles away from Aweil town. The population is mostly returnees from Khartoum. Apada Church of Christ is one of the fastest growing among our new churches in Aweil. In the second week of October we baptized 32 new members into the church. The following Sunday, 70 were baptized. Among the new members, were two Muslim women. They have both shared their testimonies in front of the church. One of these two said, "Christ is the Lord, Christ is a real Son of God who by His grace is full of mercy and everlasting love, our God is a living God." AMEN!


Febr. 21 a.m. Molalla Christian Church, Molalla, OR
April 3 a.m. - Centerville Christian Church, Centerville, IN
April 7 - 9 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
April 10 a.m. - LaCrosse Christian Church, LaCrosse, IN
April 17 a.m. - Fredonia Church of Christ, Fredonia, KS
April 20 p.m. - Ridge Chapel Church, Kansas, OK
April 24 - a.m. Antioch Christian Church, Pittsburg, MO
May 14 p.m. May 15 -a.m. - Westside Christian Church, Roseburg, OR
June 28 - July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 31 - Aug.. 5 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
Oct. 15 a.m. - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 - p.m. Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Nov. 11-12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 17-21 - Int'l Conference on Missions, Lexington, KY

If you would like an update on the South Sudan African Mission please contact Bev by email or phone 503.729.4631.

Other venues are pending but have not been confirmed.


January, 2016 Update

Dr. John was able to spend his break from his studies in Lilongwe, Malawi in the Aweil area of South Sudan. We are going to focus on portions of his report and pictures for this newsletter. Dr. John is very well respected and loved by the people in his country and he is very appreciative to SSAM and its contributors for allowing him this opportunity. Look for more in future newsletters.


Early in the morning on December 1, I woke up with the hope of arriving in Juba that evening but unfortunately I had a layover in Addis Ababa and had to sleep there for half a day. Being the first time I spent a night in Addis Ababa, the city seemed busy and every national and seemed to live in harmony and peace with each other.

The ups and downs of the city population was observed but I got the impression that everyone was nice to one another--a quality I consider a positive to a civil society like that in Addis and a thing I thought lacked when I arrived in Juba. I believe if we accept Jesus, He will surely accept us back and we will prosper and grow much stronger than we are today.

When I arrived in Juba, I asked for a lift on the first motorcycle I saw. He asked if I spoke the Dinka language claiming that other customers will end up taking you to their residence and then refuse to pay the travel fares because they can easily threaten the cyclist. My heart melted in anguish at the possible loss of brotherhood among the civilians. This incident left me wondering if the peace between the rebel leaders and the government is all we need for a better South Sudan. I keep saying and will continue to say that our church has a role to play in the peace of South Sudan. Apart from bringing the lost to Christ, the Church of Christ in South Sudan is a peace promoting institution where we proclaim one tribe under the kingdom of Christ. To be a great nation we need to behave as if we are one, in one country, one tribe as humans of the same blood and same values.


I was there on the day Malek Church planned to distribute the little they have to the needy and it turned out to be so little because the food could only cover the most needy households of orphans, widows/widowers, those with disabilities who cannot work and those settling from warring states. We made an effort to encourage food production through cultivation and planting of crops in an area identified as a good harvest by the church. The "Food for Life" has been so vital for so many years and we need more support to maintain the project.

Food for Life
A widow recieves Food for Life food


Because of the celebration of Christmas Eve at most of our churches across the state, I set the time for the Malek medical and evangelist team to visit January 2 and 3rd. The mobile clinic at the village of Makuac Amiir addressed common illnesses ranging from bacterial respiratory disorders, diarrheal diseases, skin diseases, malaria and typhoid fevers, and mass de-worming in both children (2 years and above) and adults in all walks of life.

The two day visit was described by Lino and Philip Garang (our primary Health Care Clinician at Malek Christian Hospital) as the hardest work we have implemented in all the visits and camping we have conducted since before I went to Malawi. The medicine dispenser said that he recorded more than 1600 patients in the whole process within a period of two days.

One thing is clear. People who are far from the Malek Christian Hospital are unable to come to Malek because the transportation is expensive and the cost of living is high. It is very hard for the mothers and fathers to leave the role of the hunt for food and follow up the child's sickness at the health care unit.

The community indeed praised the Lord and the mobile clinic team for the mercy they gave to their village which was the first doctors to camp in their village and only the second visit by car. Brother Steve was the first to come in 2013.


  • God will help me finish the 18 month course successfully so I can get back to help my people.
  • God will help us build His foundation of physical and spiritual healing in South Sudan (particularly Aweil) to benefit the needy people of South Sudan.
  • God will bring changes the leaders can embrace and they will avoid the
    things that make them slide back into conflict. Pray that they will have a natural love for humanity so that South Sudan can become a land of hope, prosperity and peace again.
  • God will keep our evangelists and hospital workers and their families in good health and at peace.


Steve Holsinger and the SSAM board is hosting a special afternoon of prayer on Monday, February 8, at Mountainview Christian Church, 1890 NE Cleveland, Gresham, OR from 1 - 3 p.m. If you are unable to join us in Gresham, please pause and ask God to put it in the hearts of the leaders in South Sudan to work out their differences so there will be peace in their country, to bless the nation with a good harvest and to bless the work in South Sudan.


Dr. John
Dr. John doing a physical examination

I would like to emphasize the issue of car maintenance services to be considered by the SSAM Board and Bev. The car needs repairs on the brakes. The tires, including the spare are smooth and the driver is worried that the tires may burst anytime which could result in other obvious risks. All the churches I travelled to with Yournew and our team were asking the time the mobile medical clinic shall resume the routine circular of camping--of which I promised them the continuation when I have completed my courses.

In late December last year and the first week of this month I made critical observation on the children that I prescribed and had given anthelmintics (for de-worming). I felt badly to realize that most of the children attending our mobile medical camp didn't have scar for a BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin), a vaccine given at an early age to prevent Tuberculosis during adulthood. The scar is observable by inspection on the outer upper arm of a vaccinated child. Even one to fifteen year old children would tell us that they have never been visited by a doctor or have they ever visited a doctor's office, a case rare in the USA today.

I know that we are asking so much from SSAM beyond your capacity, but in the situation where there is nothing more to hope for, where the wars and lack of physical infrastructures has limited everyone's capacity, we are calling out for a community that God has used to give mercy to those who severely need it. This is correct in John 3:16, "God so loved (the greatest devotion) the world (the greatest number) He gave (the greatest act) His only begotten son (the greatest giving ) and whoever believes (the greatest condition) in Him should not perish (the greatest mercy) but have everlasting life (the greatest result)".


Febr. 8 - 1 -3 p.m. Afternoon of Prayer, Mountainview Christian Church, 1890 NE Cleveland, Gresham
Febr. 21 a.m. - Molalla Christian Church, Molalla, OR
April 7 -9 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
June 28 - July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 31 - Aug. 5 - Winema Week of Mission, Oregon Coast
Oct. 15 - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 - a.m. - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO

Other dates are pending but have not been confirmed as of yet. If you would like a SSAM update, please contact Bev at 503.729.4631.


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