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Situation In Sudan Is Causing Panic In Aweil

The unfolding political situation that has subjected many to humanitarian crisis is worrisome.

South Sudanese fleeing Khartoum

According to the foreign minister of South Sudan, over one million South Sudanese are trapped in Khartoum,
most of these people were there to look for jobs, medical services, education and more. Without government plans in place for emergency evacuation or resettlement after escaping war out of Sudan to the South Sudan border. Christians are calling for friends of South Sudan and the fellow Christians to help flee South Sudan nationals out of Khartoum, Sudan or by providing temporary shelters, clothing, food, medicine, counselling and transport out of the war to safety zones.

Some of the loved ones who were seeking medical services from some of our local churches are trapped along with others.

Pray for the victims and their needs as our team on the ground stand ready to support the arriving mass of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to border areas of Aweil (Northern Bahr El Ghazal State) which is one of the most accessible states by road from Khartoum.

They say that the warring parties did not give them a break to begin the peace mediation - this war can last for months or even years leaving borderline states like Aweil helpless.

The border of Sudan and South Sudan is only open to Aweil. In the past years the border has been closed for weeks to months subjecting people in Northern Bahr el Ghazal and neighboring villages to lack of basic living commodities like food and medicine. With this large-scale political war turned tribal in the north, the South-North Borders are tense, the trading is not possible. Now we will have to wait for goods to come all the way from Mombasa Port in Kenya to come into Juba where trucks will travel through bushy and nearly inaccessible roads to Aweil. Conditions will worsen during the rainy season.

Aweil is currently experiencing an infl ux of refugees from North Sudan. Food and medicine are urgent needs. The roaming population and those in poor housing attract infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid, meningitis, skin infection, malaria. The government has no contingency plan.

We are requesting prayers toward our unfolding situation as our Christians and communities need food, medicine, clothing and shelter. Any gift in dollars from all of you will be used to change a suffering life to see the mercy of the Lord by His people to His people.

Leaving Khartoum

Yournew To Return To
South Sudan African Mission

When Paul and Marilyn Douglass fi rst went to Khartoum, Sudan, Yournew Wol Kuot Deng was one of eight men the Sudanese government gave Paul to learn the mobile workshop.

The workshop had been donated to the Sudanese by IDES (international Disaster Emergency Service). Yournew was later baptized and the rest is history as we say. Yournew has had various government appointments and has served his people well. Recently, Yournew was removed from his parliamentary seat and will now be going back to Aweil. He will be serving at the community level in Aweil with Dr. John and Christians in churches as he provides mentorship and guidance to young leaders at church and at community level. SSAM is so happy to have Yournew back with the mission.

Dr. John and Yournew

Yournew with his people In Malek South Sudan


July 25–30 : Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
August 27 : Central Church of Christ, Gering, NE
September 17 : Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO

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Sunset over Aweil


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