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January/February 2019 Update

--Steve Holsinger

Years of praying, planning, waiting, repeated disappointments, waiting, and more praying are coming together in South Sudan. Because of the instability of the environment and the uncertainty of the future, our church planting efforts have been confined to the home villages of our lead evangelists. The few exceptions to this rule are the home villages of strong members of the churches within the Kakuma Kenya refugee camp. The bush villages are not generally prime war targets.

Church in Africa
Prior to Christmas Day Services at Malek Church of Christ

We began talking to our in-country leaders a few years ago about someday making Aweil Town our “headquarters” and establishing a strong church in the state capital of Aweil, the national capital, Juba, and eventually other population centers such as Wau, Malakol, Bentiu and Bor. Churches in the population centers can wield more influence and become financially stable more quickly, becoming “church planting churches”

Our January 2019 trip will mark the official “grand opening” of the offices, which will be the headquarters for the mobile medical unit, South Sudan African Mission, and a new church in Aweil Town. Hopefully, this will be a great step in aggressively obeying Jesus’ commission to disciple the nation. It is amazing to see what God has already done through the perseverance of a retired couple and a group of “lost boys”!

I (Steve Holsinger), Bev Douglass Campbell and David and Vicky Barber will be attending a gospel festival in Aweil Town’s Freedom Square that will combine the graduation ceremony of Aweil Bible College, evangelistic gospel outreach and giving Christians the opportunity to become the nucleus of a non-denominational church of Christ (a “church without walls”). We anticipate thousands of people gathering in Freedom Square and the local soccer stadium for this great event hosted by two former governors, Yournew Wol and Ronald Ruay Deng.

Please set aside time to pray for and on Saturday January 19th, 2019. May this be a “red letter day” in the development and growth of the kingdom of God in South Sudan!

If you would like to contribute financially toward the expenses of the festival, mark your gift “festival”. Thank you for your concern for and support of, South Sudan African Mission. We always thank God for you and pray for His blessing and favor in your life.


The team is excited to arrange the upcoming graduation in the heart of Aweil State City. This will mean that we are targeting a larger audience where the Good News will spread and will be taken by individuals, children, youth, men, women, organization heads from the governments and non-governmental organization and other churches from different denominations. We are hoping for the best shot with so little.

This graduation challenges us and motivates us. The challenge is that we want to become the best Bible School in the area. We are doing everything we can to be organized and thrive to be recognized at the standards of private schools in accordance to South Sudan Laws and Protocols of the National Ministry of General and Higher Education in Juba. We have invited the leaders of Nairobi Great Commission Schools to graduation. They will share the expectations and requirements with the local team and the team coming from the USA so that we have a common understand of the requirements of the development of Aweil Bible College.

With prayers for a peaceful South Sudan, we are tasked to develop the college at a professional standard so that young people may connect with God’s grace and compassion for humanity.


  • Pray for every aspect of the upcoming trip to South Sudan
    January 13-27.
  • Long time SSAM Board member Herb Oxenrider passed away on Dec. 2nd. Cards of sympathy can be sent to his wife Noma at 1054 SE Acacia Place, Gresham, OR 97080

-- Dr. John

Four of our men from Aweil have occupied top seats in the Government under the leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit. This includes: list of the alumni leaders from SSAM in South Sudan that have risen as men of God to the government top positions are:

Victor Deng Ngor – served in the state government in 2008 as a deputy governor. He is a graduate of Nairobi Great Commission School and served in the Youth Ministry in Kenya and at Malek-Alel.

Kuach Wek Wol – has served as a member of Aweil State Transitional Legislative Assembly since 2010, and serves also as the State Ministry of Finance in Aweil. Kuach is a graduate of Zimbabwe Christian College.

Ronald Ruay Deng – served as governor of Aweil State after being the minister of Finance and Minister of Commerce and Industry. Ruay graduated from Nairobi Great Commission School and served as principal of Aweil Bible College from 2003 until 2009.

Yournew Wol Kuot Deng – served as governor of Aweil State from 2017 – 2018. Yournew is co-founder with Paul and Yournew graduated from Zimbabwe Christian College and later the congregation in Kakuma refugee camp with the support of Paul and Marilyn and SSAM. Yournew was the first trainee in Bible and mission and has led many to Christ.

These men motivate us to teach and make the college a place for building the hearts of men and women of God. for South Sudan and beyond. Yournew, Ronald, Kuach pledged to meet with the team in Aweil town during graduation. Victor may attend as well.

South Sudan African Mission will be the first Christian group to occupy Freedom Square in Aweil Town. The ABC graduation will be combined with an evangelistic festival and we will share the gospel with many people. The message will change lives by bringing people back to God through his only begotten Son. These converts will form a nucleus of a new congregation in Aweil Town.

Dr. John with two friends in Malek Village


Feb. 17 am. -Christian Church of Yucca Valley, CA

If your congregation would like an update of SSAM please contact Bev at 503.729.4631. A new presentation will be developed after the 2019 trip and we are excited to share with you!


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