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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

The South Sudan African Mission began in 1988 when IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) of Noblesville, IN sent Paul and Marilyn Douglass to Khartoum, Sudan.

As a result of South Sudan African Mission, Aweil Bible College was founded and in 2007 with eighteen in the first graduating class. To date there has been over 75 graduates. The Malek Christian Hospital, funded by SSAM, opened their doors in October 2009.


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Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Brothers & Sisters in Christ across the Christian Churches & Churches of Christ:

Paul Douglass and Dr. John at Oregon City Falls

For those we have met, fellowship, chats or talked, ate a meal with or even lived together at your peaceful homes, or those precious gifts given me and my family, may the blessings and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ come upon you.

There are no more words left in me that describe your love, kindness and hospitality. I am blessed to say that this kind of fellowship has been my taste of a contagious and lasting love in Christ during my visit to United States between September 15 and December 07, 2022. This kind of feeling can only come from God. The Bible tells us that there is happiness for those who trust in God (Psalm 34). Indeed, I left my son behind with a broken thigh and through prayers, I am glad to inform you that he was able to walk straight again after 12 weeks. You prayed for my visa and it was provided through His merciful gift. My spiritual retreat is a thing of the Lord. I am overjoyed in the Lord with all we received from you. Thank you.

From Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport when I saw Bev coming out of the car with Dale it was like a homecoming. The excitement on their face about my safe arrival was obvious. As we drove away from Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, one thing stood out, the network of roads, the lakes, the green and colorful trees of Minnesota (now, cold, snowing and dry frames of trees), the bridge over Mississippi river and Then the farms (corns and soybeans), an amazing scene. I have never seen something large like that for corns/beans before.

I continue to be amazed and left wondering at shopping malls, restaurants, homes, schools, churches name them. Thanking God of Bev & Dale for being such wonderful sister and a brother in Christ. I have never been hesitant to ask and I always get my answers back with kindness and comfort.

Not so much time, but met, spoke and relate to so many brothers and sisters on our way to and from the churches in various states; the state of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and others which I cannot differentiate. I have been to many homes most of our visit. The welcoming prayers, the meals, the chats, the testimonies we shared among one another were amazing. I wished I could readout the names in pair and couple of families that I have shared homes with but our Lord has their name registered in the book of life. I only have to say thank you for an overwhelming hospitality and generosity accorded to us during our visit to your homes and to your churches.
God bless you.

Wow! How amazing I felt. I felt like I have visited everywhere in the USA. 10 years ago (May 2012), Paul Douglass (at his about (85 years old) was in Nairobi. Since then he is never seen coming back to Africa. I got no idea what to tell him, where to begin, what does he remember? Who knew from South Sudan that Paul continues to drive a car. He welcomed us to his house at Gresham, OR and made me a hot cup of coffee. No words would describe the joy we felt after greetings full of long hugs and smiles. I still feel the Paul Douglass in him that we call “father Paul” by many South Sudanese. To my surprise, Paul still carries with him around his surrounding a volcanic stone he collected 20 years ago from Malek-Alel (the village bear the stone name). We love Paul. We love the service God called him for in Sudan about 35 years ago. Everything about Paul is about South Sudan and the people of God in the States. God bless him. Is it not wonderful how God work? The connection. The unity. The care. The love and the leadership that he provides for the nourishment of His flocks. Sister Bev and Brother Dale did so very well. It was great that even without proper preparation of my trip, we were able to see in persons many of you who by faith in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ have been a huge support in prayers and in all finances that have support a ministry that has started as two men meeting in Khartoum Sudan (a land that was declared Islamic state) to the today’s multitudes of congregations in a newly found home to people who suffered religious oppression for over 30 years. And now the compassion is undescriptive with profound impacts. Thank you.

Warm American Hospitality for Dr. John

By the time you read this, Dr. John will be back home in South Sudan. Thank you so much for the warm hospitality of so many Christians across the United States. During his nearly three months stay we visited 20 churches, one school group and several lunches or dinners, International Conference on Missions, and an IDES meeting in 14 states. God was gracious to us as we travelled well over 6,000 miles plus an airline flight to the Pacific Northwest. We are disappointed that we were not able to see more Christians while Dr. John was visiting. Next time…

Lunch in Vancouver WA

Generosity Fuels SSAM Constructions

Just as Dr. John arrived, in the US, FAME (Indianapolis, IN) sent $23,500 for an addition onto the Malek Christian Hospital. Construction will begin soon. Another lady blessed SSAM with funds to build a church building in Pananthony. God is so good!

Overlooking the Columbia River Gorge

Thanks to Bev & Dale for the care and for making me feel at home. My days away from my family were made much shorter than I thought because of them. I have so many new things to learn and experienced through their generosity, patient, love and kindness. I can never repay but to carry along in my heart. In as much as I wanted to be back to South Sudan to see my family, we have shared so much in common and we were almost used to each other already. I leave you love and blessings in Lord’s Mighty name! Amen!

Dr. John with Bev's grandchildren, Whitewater State Park, MN

Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO

First time experiencing snow


Jan 24- Feb 3, 2023 : Trip to South Sudan

Please consider allowing SSAM to come to your church in 2022 to give an update on what is happening with SSAM - please contact us

Bev and Dr. John present the SSAM booth at ICOM

Westside Christian Church, Roseburg, OR

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