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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

There are over 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns.

They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!



I was reminded recently of the value not only of what we do and why we do it, but how and with whom we do it. I contacted a charitable organization with the stated goal of eradicating malaria. I told them about South Sudan African Mission and the hospital and mobile medical clinic. I was told, “We don’t work in nations that have active conflict going on. It is too dangerous for our personnel.” Having just returned from South Sudan, I can understand that, but millions of people in South Sudan don’t have the ability to leave until the conflict is over, and their need for medicine and food doesn’t wait either!

SSAM wisely decided years ago that we would not have Americans live in South Sudan, not so much because of danger, but because we do not want to create an unhealthy dependency on Americans or plant the subtle idea that we know better and can do ministry better than they. We don’t and we can’t! Spiritually and economically, it makes much more sense to rely completely on indigenous workers. It would cost more than our entire budget for all of our personnel in South Sudan to send and support one American family! It also would plant the idea that we somehow are better or smarter than they.

We have local pastors and teachers teaching the Bible College classes. We have local folks trained to work in the hospital. All of our preachers and leaders are Sudanese. While foreign workers and their organizations pack up and go home, our partners in ministry are “doubling down” opening new churches and planning for the future.

With Yournew serving as governor, we asked Dr. John, a young man from Aweil to lead the mission with the advice and counsel of a local board of directors. Their task is to pray, listen to the Lord and each other and arrive at consensus through the leading of the Holy Spirit regarding decisions for the mission. Ezra, Joseph, Angelo and John recently spent several days together discussing the future and preparing a budget for the first third of 2018. I am greatly impressed and encouraged with their proposals.

Please pray for these men and all the others who work together to spread the gospel in South Sudan. Thank you for your generous support of this ministry. As we link arms across the oceans, may God be glorified!

Steve Holsinger, Director, South Sudan African Mission

Church in Africa
Luca, Jody, Dr. John, Yournew, Steve and Daniel outside the Aweil office


Dear Steve, Bev and SSAM Board in USA,

May the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you and your families.

We give thanks to the Almighty God that we are doing well in Christ and that we are just about to see the New Year.

May the New Year come with peace and prosperity to all of us. As a fruit of having Steve and Jody’s visitation to the team in Aweil the early days of November, the team in Aweil feel encouraged, blessed and confident to take the mission to another level.

With an aim to expand the body of Christ in South Sudan, the leadership in Aweil in particular and that of South Sudan has agreed to form a body to further the gospel of Christ nationwide. To do this, we realized we need to be united and have trust and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We formed a trustworthy body that prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide throughout the journey to expand the gospel to South Sudanese people and beyond the borders.

In-Country South Sudan African Mission Board will include: Dr. John Diing – Lead person on mission affairs, Angelo Atak - Advisor on ABC operations, Joseph Wel - Advisor on Church Planting, Ezra Lual – Advisor on Church Operations.

The In-Country Board held its first meeting Dec. 4-7 at the Malek Mission Compound to decide on plans for the year 2018 with a strong focus on church growth and development in South Sudan.

Topics discussed:

  • Financial capability of the SSAM team in Aweil.
  • Projects that support churches and church planting in Aweil area (to include churches in Upper Nile if peace return to Bentiu and Fangak where Peter and Santino stay).
  • Decide on ABC development and sustainability.
  • Decide on Malek Christian Hospital development and sustainability.
  • Decide on Aweil office development and sustainability.
  • Decide on mass preaching site (gospel crusading site in Aweil) development and sustainability.
  • Decide on when and how a site may be secured in Juba for mission activities and fellowship.
  • Decide on leadership development and sustainability amongst pastors, hospital workers and evangelists across our local churches.

Dr. John took the board members through the budget and fund allocations. With a desire to transform the team (church) and aspire to be transparent while serving Christ through mission activities, we discussed issues to do with mission financial capability and things to do with integrity to build trust and competencies among the newly formed In-Country Board Members. Meetings will be held at the Aweil SSAM Coordination Office or elsewhere within South Sudan on regular or an emergency basis. We will decide and propose projects, resolve solutions to activities that promote or hinder church growth or development locally.

After discussion for four days of discussion, the Board made conclusions regarding funds, priorities, leadership roles and the annual budget for 2018.

(from Dr. John)

  • Prayers from the Christians in USA and within South Sudan so that the formation of the Board will bring trustworthiness and transparency.
  • The faithful Christians in the USA to continue to raise financial support for the team to function and embrace salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • The SSAM Coordination Office in Aweil be registered and legalized to operate as a faith-based national organization which shall carry under its wings the Malek Christian Hospital, Aweil Bible College and the churches.
  • Prayers that Yournew be with wisdom govern the people of Aweil State and to show biblical leadership to the people of South Sudan.


The church in Malek wishing everyone in the USA Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve.

If you contributed to the South Sudan African Mission in 2017, your statement will be mailed by January 20, 2018. Thank you for your confidence and continued support!


January 14 a.m. Cedar Ridge Church of Christ, Kent, WA
February 25 a.m. – Scottdale, PA Church of Christ

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