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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

There are over 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns.

They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!


August/September 2019 Update
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Dear Steve, Bev and Christians in the USA,
We have faith that you have been well in the Lord.

Please pass on our most cordial greetings to the congregations and families that have been supporting our churches and have given the compassion of Christ to the people of South Sudan.

The months of June and July have not been so good for the people in South Sudan. The long-awaited hope for peace had almost disappeared after the opposition leader rejected his return to Juba, which he postponed to November. The roads to and from Khartoum are partially shut down because of the insecurity in Sudan, after the removal in power of President Omar Al Bashir in the Republic of the Sudan.

In the month of May, we reported to you about the wildfire that burned down houses that have affected some of our evangelists including relatives of Pastor Angelo Atak where three of his immediate relatives were burn to death. At the time after the fire incident, we afforded to have some food items collected, used clothes and shoes were donated to those who lost their clothes and other belonging to wildfire.

Church in Africa
Santino and Peter


The Church of Christ in Juba send their greetings to USA churches of Christ. We are very happy with the contributions we are receiving in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been progressing well with church activities. We are encouraged and we are still praying in the school building hoping we shall get our own place for worship.

We conducted door to door evangelism and ten non-members have believed in Christ and joined Juba Church of Christ.

The church is happy with the Bibles Dr. John brought us. There is still a need for additional Bibles, if funds are available. Be blessed. Santino & Peter


  • Continued prayer for government leaders as they meet in November.
  • Santino and Peter as they minister in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.
  • Dr. John and the in-country Board of Directors.
  • The Aweil Bible College students.


Some of the church members in Juba with Peter and his family



Sept. 22 – Ridge Chapel, Kansas, OK
Sept. 29 – Christ’s Church, River Road, Ottumwa, IA
Oct. 6 – Faith Christian, Anchorage, AK
Oct. 13 – Concord, MN Church of Christ
Nov. 3 – LaCrosse, IN Christian Church
Nov. 8, 9 – IDES Board of Directors meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 14-17 – Int’l Conference on Missions, Kansas City, MO
Booth #944 Kansas City Convention Center

Church in Africa
Aweil Bible College


Churches in the Aweil area provided the manpower to make the bricks for the building which will house the Aweil Bible College. Through the generous donations of some in the U.S., the metal roof and the trusses were provided to complete the building.


***This news article appeared after Dr. John’s report. Keep on praying!***

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar agreed to form a transitional government by the middle of November as originally planned, an official said on Wednesday.

The two men signed a pact a year ago to end a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, displaced one-third of the population, and wrecked the economy.

Machar's rare visit to the capital Juba - the first this year - comes before a November deadline to form a power-sharing administration, a key part of the deal agreed on by the rivals to end the ruinous conflict.

"The parties agreed to establish the government in time. When I said 'in time' it means on the 12th of November," Information Minister Michael Makuei told journalists after Kiir and Machar met over three days.

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