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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

There are over 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns.

They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!


May/June 2019 Update
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Articles from this newsletter have been gleaned from a recent report from Dr. John.


Since its inception in the year 2003, ABC has graduated evangelists who by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ return to their home villages. Many converts are turning to the Lord on daily basis. The evangelists continue to provide basic education to their churches where most of them are praying and training Sunday school children as well as elementary education under a tree. The needs are in much demand. South Sudan African Mission works to alleviate their conditions by providing safe drinking water, shelters, clothing, food and medicine to the ones in most need. By doing this, the community is touched by the work of our trained evangelists who work directly with the members of their community. In so doing; they are bringing lives to Christ.

Church in Africa
2019 Aweil Bible College Graduating Class

The ABC campus at Malek Mission compound is under construction. The Ministry of Higher Education needs the facility to be semi-permanent if they are to recommend Aweil Bible College as one of the national operating colleges in South Sudan. So far, leaders are being trained, and appointed into public, political and community posts in their hometowns, states and in the capitol of Juba. We are proud to say that we are contributing to building a nation by producing God-fearing leaders. We are looking for funds to complete the roofing of three-room block of ABC classes. An estimated amount of about $25,000 is needed to complete the classes (roofing and furnishings). The ABC classes are due to start the first week of June.We have been in touch with the team in Kenya from Nairobi Great Commission. We see this as a good partnership as far as Bible School is concern.


Malek Christian hospital is an evangelist run clinic in the village of Malek. The clinic has been operating as a missionary hospital since 2003. The hospital is fenced, has a 40-bed capacity and works seven days a week now. We have recorded about thirty thousand cases between January and April. Because of this high number of cases and being the only functioning hospital in the area of former Aweil South, we have signed a partnership agreement with the government for the improvement and development of Malek Christian Hospital as community hospital. Both the government and the Malek Church of Christ will be operating the hospital and raising resources. This agreement has been signed between the Malek Church of Christ representative, Aweil SSAM Coordination office representative, State Minister of Health and Malek County Health Department. The government has registered and recognized Malek Christian Hospital as a County Hospital and we are both looking forward to combining resources to improve the condition of the community. This allows the community and the government to put more effort and support in more services like immunization and delivery rooms for the mother. We await to see what this partnership will bring to the services we offer at Malek. Philip was in Juba to further his studies and he came back to help in the month of February.

The challenges that we are facing includes measles outbreak in the months of March and April. We have been busy with emergency admissions at the hospital in an isolated room.

We monitor the situation before the patient is discharged. Malaria and typhoid are very common and are the leading diseases in our hospital. We currently have the highest number of patents ever admitted. We are expecting more patients in the wet season to come.

Lastly, we would like to express our thanks to South Sudan African Mission for their great support. May God bless you all for extending your compassion to the people of South Sudan through medical supplies!


  • Health of the Christians during the rainy season which brings malaria and other diseases.
  • Aweil Bible College as it begins classes in June.
  • Smooth transition partnering with Malek Christian Hospital and the South Sudan government.


Outside the Malek Christian Hospital waiting for treatment



June 1 & 2 – New Testament Church, Keokuk, IA 50th Anniversary celebration
June 7-9 - Bev participating at the Ladies Retreat at Pine Haven Christian Assembly near Park Rapids, MN
June 22 – Ladies Brunch, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
June 23 a.m. – SSAM presentation at Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
July 28 – Aug. 2 – Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast (Steve, Deanna, Bev and Dale will be attending)
Aug. 4 a.m. – Cedar Ridge Church of Christ, Renton, WA
Aug. 11 a.m. – Concord Church of Christ, West Concord, MN

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