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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

The South Sudan African Mission began in 1988 when IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) of Noblesville, IN sent Paul and Marilyn Douglass to Khartoum, Sudan.

As a result of South Sudan African Mission, Aweil Bible College was founded and in 2007 with eighteen in the first graduating class. To date there has been over 75 graduates. The Malek Christian Hospital, funded by SSAM, opened their doors in October 2009.


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It’s been three years (January 2019) since a US team has been to South Sudan.

TEAM USA: Randy Jones, David Stine, Bev Meyer and Wayne Rowe.

December 31st Bev Meyer, Wayne Rowe, Chairman of the US SSAM Board, David Stine, Executive Director of International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) and Randy Jones, International Aid Director for IDES will be leaving Chicago to fl y to South Sudan to visit the mission and encourage our team there. As you can read in the reports, the people of South Sudan are looking forward to our visit. We will have a busy time there visiting Chelkou Church of Christ, Maruich Church of Christ, Uyon Church of Christ, Dokul Church of Christ, the students at the Aweil Bible College, Malek Church of Christ plus the churches in Juba. While in country we will be visiting with Yournew. We arrive back in Chicago on January 12th. Please pray for travel mercies, our health before and after we travel and our fl ights. (One fl ight is over 17 hours long!) We will try to update our South Sudan African Mission or Bev Douglass Meyer Facebook page as we can.

Happy 95th Birthday Paul Douglass


In 1988, Paul and Marilyn Douglass were sent to Khartoum, Sudan to teach young Sudanese men to repair hospital equipment in a mobile workshop that had been donated by IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service). Because Paul said “yes” the Sudan African Mission was later formed with the purpose of sending young men to Bible College. Paul will be 95 years old in January. There will be an open house birthday party on January 29 from 2-4 p.m. at Mountainview Christian Church, 1890 NE Cleveland Ave, Gresham, OR. If you are unable to attend, please send your well wishes to Paul Douglass, PO Box 2432, Gresham OR 97030. If you wish to honor Paul with a donation of $95 to SSAM, the funds will be used to further the gospel at the Aweil Bible College. SSAM’s mailing address is PO Box 8396, Rochester, MN 55904.

Paul Douglass working on one of his VW Rabbits.

2021 In Review


Despite our world experiencing a pandemic, the South Sudan African Mission has had a good year. We were able to raise over $50K to purchase a new Mobile Medical vehicle. Christians were very generous, and funds were sent to help Kuot get the medical attention he needed.

SSAM continues to thank each and every one who support the mission with prayers and fi nancially. We try to take every dollar given to make a life change in South Sudan.

SSAM visited several churches:
Harvest Christian, Troutdale, OR,
Marcola Christian, Marcola, OR,
Lake Havasu Christian, Lake Havasu, AZ,
Hope Summit Christian Church, Rochester, MN,
Westside Christian Church, Roseburg, OR,
Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO,
and attend Winema Week of Missions and International Conference on Mission. If you would like to have an
update at your church, please contact us.

Getting the mobile medical vehicle to Malek was not an easy task

Prayer Requests and Praises

Report from Dr. John

Despite the pandemic, the last three months are full of blessings and things for which we should be thankful. We are thankful for the new vehicle, dollars used for food, medicines and for ABC maintenance.

First, I would like to give thanks on behalf of our brother Kuot who was treated within this month. He had a growth on his right upper eyelid and coincidentally there was a cyst which was also removed from his back. There is no worry about his histological results. We are thankful to the Almighty God for his successful operation which he was concerned about.

Second update is about ABC, the college resumed its operation immediately after a meeting with the team in the USA. Studies started September 30, 2021, and will continue until December 24, 2021. Students will resume classes on December 31, 2021. It is likely that the USA visiting team will meet students at Malek on arrival on January 3 or 4, 2022. Everyone is very busy at Malek with students. We pray that God continues to provide for the team to continue to extend compassion to the people.

Thirdly, the Mobile Medical Clinic Unit has arrived successfully to Aweil as you can see pictures where the congregation and ABC students are waving hands blessing and thanking the Christians in the USA for the gift. We are hopeful that evangelists, medical volunteers, and students can resume medical and gospel camping during the dry season.

Christians giving praise to supporters
who’s giving helped purchase the
mobile medical vehicle

Medical Christian Hospital continues to operate under low resources with admission rate at 15 - 30 patients daily and 35 - 45 mothers giving birth at our maternity per month. We are still excited to receive in South Sudan come January 2022.

May the good Lord bless you all.

It is my pleasure to now take this opportunity to report to you about the Churches of Christ and their activities.

It is our prayer that the visitors coming in Jan 2022 have safe travels.

Our Evangelists are working for the Glory of God’s Kingdom by winning souls to Christ.

Our Local Churches of Christ are planning to receive the US visitors on behalf of the 33 Congregational Communities across Aweil State.

  1. Chelkou Church of Christ from Aweil West County Ministry where Paulino Malou Bol, the evangelist, and the church is very excited to received you in Jan 2022. We have ten people who joined God’s kingdom. Mama Marilyn Nursery and Primary School is operating very well with total of 400 students with 150 girls and 250 boys. Our Evangelists are preaching the Good News and have planted three more churches in Akuaklang, Nyanriet and Guangnou. Youth Ministry and Women Ministry are doing evangelism as well.
  2. Matich Church of Christ in Aweil North County with Evangelist Daniel Deng Chan. Brother Daniel Deng is working hard and praying with his Congregations. We are looking forward to our upcoming for visitors. The church has baptized 12 people. Matich is one of the Churches in Aweil North County which will welcome the visitors from America where they will all assemble.
  3. Uyon Church of Christ led by Luka Goch Manot in Aweil East County or District. Mr Luka Goch is preparing the church for the January fellowship of the visitors from America. According to Luka there have been eight baptisms the last three months and are happy for the spiritual development as well

Dear Dr. John and the team in the USA...

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus!

Following our visit to Uyoon Church of Christ last Sunday prayers with the Team of Pastors after leaving ABC plus the area Evangelists from Malek Alel Church of Christ, Paulino led the team to the Church of Christ in Uyoon (UCoC) and 17 new converts were baptized into the body of the Church of Christ. Alleluia!

The preacher of the day was Paulino Malou in the book of John 3:16 – 20, for the people who believe in God will have everlasting life and those who do not believe in God will perish.

The Churches of Christ requests the following:

  • Borehole repair as the church members drinking from the river we did baptisms in/at
    Uyoon River, otherwise we request for supporting on fi nancial assistance. Uyoon is one of
    the church’s nominated for the January visit and it will be diffi cult if we cannot have clean
    drinking water for the congregation to avoid disease outbreak, particularly diarrheal cases.
  • Youth fellowship from the active community churches of Christ across Aweil community as
    each church will be represented by 5 youth groups by 10 churches of Christ equal 50 youths
    delegates into Malek-Alel Church of Christ on the fi rst January 2022.

The name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised!.


December 31 - January 12 — South Sudan Trip
January 30 — Harvest Christian Church, Troutdale, OR

Please consider allowing SSAM to come to your church in 2022 to give an update on what is happening with SSAM - please contact us

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