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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service
to the People of South Sudan

The South Sudan African Mission began in 1988 when IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) of Noblesville, IN sent Paul and Marilyn Douglass to Khartoum, Sudan.

As a result of South Sudan African Mission, Aweil Bible College was founded and in 2007 with eighteen in the first graduating class. To date there has been over 75 graduates. The Malek Christian Hospital, funded by SSAM, opened their doors in October 2009.


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— July 8, 2020

Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. I would like to give updates on the funds sent on June 26...

We have purchased food items, medical supplies and other miscellaneous items with the funds you recently wired.

We were able to meet with the evangelists and taught them to evangelize the individuals, families, churches and small towns. We made a map of places where the Word has not reached. As a result, Michael and Maror went back to the new church at Wathmuok Church of Christ last Sunday and 20 new believers were baptized into Christ. Praise the Lord!

Report from Dr John

The training was how to make disciples that make other disciples as commanded by the Lord as in Mathew
28: 18–20. Disciple making training covers scriptures that command us to repent and believe, be baptized,
keep praying, go make disciples, have unconditional love, continue to worship with perseverance, practice Lord’s Supper, and give and gather, and begin long term discipleship and the circle begins again.

All of the evangelists who attended this one-day training did appreciate the initiative and they want to be trained on a regular basis as this strengthens their faith and motivates their spiritual wellbeing. They are giving thanks to SSAM and Christians across the churches in the USA and elsewhere who are thinking about their faith and the condition they are facing.

This training came to my mind after learning that many Christians are depressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Many relationships are breaking apart and many Christians are pulling back to the world due to the difficulties they are facing. Our evangelists are equipped to help strengthen faith in the members of their congregation through counselling and household prayers where their spirit will be lifted and then live in perseverance.

The evangelists of the newly opened church at athmuok have requested a bicycle ($300 US) for their work during the pandemic. It is hard to move between villages on foot during this time. Sometimes you spend the whole day moving just to meet with an individual who need prayers but if they are given bicycles they can move freely and return to the family and continue with the farm work.

In Christ, John, for the team.

Church in Africa
Food distribution in Juba

Church in Africa
Wathmuok Church of Christ members after the baptisms

Nearly 500 Masks Sent to Malek, South Sudan

After an appeal from Dr. John for face masks to be used during the COVID pandemic in Malek and Aweil, an appeal was put on my personal Facebook page for masks. Once again, you did not disappoint. I am sure our mail man wondered what all I had ordered since packages were being delivered daily for a while.

There are no commercial flights in or out of South Sudan because of COVID but I found out that DHL delivers to Juba, South Sudan. 500 masks were collected and sent. The cost to send 22.2 pounds to Juba was nearly $900 but we know that it was money well spent. Unfortunately, an additional 250 masks arrived late for a total of 750 masks. I will take those masks on our next trip to South Sudan.

Dr. Johnís Response to Learning of Masks Coming to Aweil and Malek

Oh great! How awesome it is for us all. These masks will be used during the rest of the pandemic period by the lucky individuals who will get them from us. Thank you and prayers. God bless the beautiful people of God who helped with this gift to the South Sudanese. We can never forget your care for all of us.

Morise Ateny Bol’s Thanks

Thank you very much for the great contribution of face masks for us in South Sudan. We have never had this
before. We are really happy and may God bless you, your family and people of America. All the evangelists and communities are very happy, especially in Aweil and Malek.

Covid-19 in South Sudan Update

In March SSAM sent a special appeal letter asking for financial help for the COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan. To date we have received $19,212 plus an additional $25,000 from IDES (International Disaster
Emergency Service). $45,000 has been wired to be used for Personal Protection Equipment, food and medicine. We praise God for the overwhelming response!

Santino and Peter Gadet in Juba

The Church of Christ in Juba is sending their greetings to USA churches. We are very happy about what you are doing for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This quarter we have been progressing well with normal church activities. We are still encouraged and pray one of the days we shall get our own place for worship.

We are conducting more door to door evangelism and ten of nonmembers believed the Church of Christ and have been baptized. The Church of Christ continues to grow in Juba!

Last Sunday we were very blessed with God’s message from Church of Christ in Gudele where Peter Lasu is ministering

Be blessed. Santino & Peter



  • That God protect evangelists, MCH healthcare workers, volunteers and leaders as they support their community during this difficult time.
  • That God will strengthen the government of South Sudan as 10 states are forming state and local government at the county level, and that the leaders will be able to help communities withstand this economical and pandemic crisis.
  • That God will bless our friends, brothers and sisters in the USA to continue praying and supporting their families as well as fellow Christians and communities in South Sudan and elsewhere.
  • That we will be able to continue supporting Malek Christian Hospital even during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • That God provide the leading and vision as we spread His Gospel till no place is left.



Because of Covid-19 pandemic, most speaking engagements have been cancelled or postponed until 2021.

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please contact us

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