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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

July, 2015 Update

--Steve Holsinger

In our last newsletter I shared the acronym RAISE, (Relationship, Accountability, Indigenously Sustainable, and Equitable). When I shared the acronym and the philosophy it expresses with the leaders in Aweil, I felt almost cruel. “How do you tell people who have next to nothing, that they need to contribute more and take more responsibility for changing their situation?” “How do you teach people who earn so little, and have so little, that they need to give 10% or more to the Lord and His work?” I did it because it is biblical and right. I am so glad that I did!

I shared with the Aweil leaders how the new church in Pagak (In Jonglei state) had built a new church building with no money from their U.S. partners. I asked an elder in Pagak how they had done this in an extremely poor refugee camp and he responded, “First you build God’s house, then you build your own.” Since we left Aweil, the church in Malek has been busy! You can see for yourself the work they have done using local labor, local money and local materials to build a much needed new church building in Malek. Other villages are following suit.

Old Building
Picture of the old building

Inside New Building construction
Reconstruction of the inside of the building in progress

Outside of new building under construction
The outside of the building during reconstruction

Chilcot village where Paulino preaches has enough hand-made bricks to build a new building there as well. Our friends in South Sudan are managing a budget, planning for the future and giving sacrificially in response to our input. It is humbling to witness the word of God at work in the heart of good, godly leaders. We are partnering together to build God’s household of faith in South Sudan. Thank you for your praying and giving that has made it possible.

From Yournew:

I am glad to inform you that all our churches in Aweil are growing and we are busy teaching in our local churches. We have started rebuilding the Malek church because the old one which had been built with grass and local materials only lasted twelve years. The reason we want to rebuild it, it is because the grass and supporting poles are starting to fall apart and it is not useable in the rainy season. We talked it over with you during your visit to Malek of our plans to enlarge the church building.
Yournew Wol


  • Peace for South Sudan to find its way inside the hearts of our leaders and politicians.
  • Many South Sudanese are starving because of the ongoing war.
  • Sympathy is extended to SSAM board member Myron & Donna Wells family. Donna's mother, Ruth Jessup passed away in May.
  • Santino in the Malakal area of South Sudan where heavy fightig is continuing.
  • Wisdom for the SSAM board members and Bev as she represents the mission.


Dear Bev and Steve, and other SSAM Board members,
Malek Christians and the community are very happy to pass this email and warm greetings to all, the SSAM board and to all fellow Christians and donors in USA.
Our network is very unreliable at times and we would like to update you on more activities that are going on with the church and Aweil mission ministries, but we sometimes don't succeed in doing so.

Malek Church:
The Christians in Malek have been so concerned about their church at Malek. Since we established the church compound, ABC and MCH clinic in Malek the church which was built with local materials (grass thatched and mud made walls and local timber poles) has been deterioting. The anthill has been cracking our fence and church down and is consuming a lot of resources in a short period.

We have come up with a plan to rebuild the church with a roof and brick. The Christians in Malek are so busy with the Lord’s work. They are putting the iron sheet on as the roof and bringing up the wall with the burned (red) bricks that was locally made by the Christians themselves.

St. Paul Primary school reconstruction:
Since the funds were an urgent request due to the untimely burning of the church supported village school in Malek, we have tried our level best to improvise. With plans made prior to the funds that were received from IDES we came up also with a plan to make simple classrooms with iron sheets roofs and bamboo sticks.

The new structures looks simply amazing. The children are already found playing their football around the school compound and sometimes they are singing the songs of praise unto Almighty God for immediate blessings that led to seeing their school being returned to normal in few months after being burned by the wildfire.

As soon as the structure is completed, we will compile for and IDES the expenditures of the funds sent to Aweil mission for the rebuilding of St. Paul Community Primary School.

We may not be able to express how glad we are about the funds we received from IDES, but to say thank you. The funds have raised the mercy and the name of our risen Lord so highly in Malek Village.

We will update you soon after completion of School and church reconstruction projects.

Attached herein are the photos for both church and St. Paul Primary School structures.

St. Paul Primary
St. Paul Primary School in Malek village

We are thankful for the support that SSAM is capable offering to South Sudanese evangelist and our medical team in Aweil and those in upper Nile states. God bless you all.
Faithfully in Christ’s Service, Yournew.

June 29-July 5 Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 12 a.m. - Concord Church of Christ, West Concord, MN
July 19 a.m. - Bear Creek Christian Church, Rochester, MN
July 26-31- Winema Week of Mission, Oregon Coast
August 16 a.m. - Central Church of Christ, Gering, NE
August 16 p.m. - The Church at Loveland, Loveland, CO
Sept. 20 a.m. - Siletz Church of Christ, Siletz, OR

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