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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

May/June, 2015 Update

It is unusual for SSAM to combine our monthly newsletters but because of travel schedules and time constraints, we have done so for May and June.

--Steve Holsinger

How do you achieve a balance between responding to pressing human need and being aggressive in planting churches and preaching the gospel in a nation devastated by war and wracked by poverty? Other than the oil industry, there is no viable economy. There are encouraging signs in farming, but progress is slow.

On our recent trip we taught the Sudanese evangelists an acronym that describes the approach SSAM wants to take in the ministry in South Sudan. The word is RAISE.

The “R” is for relationship. The love between our leadership team in South Sudan, the Douglass family, the board of directors and you, our donors, gives the ministry great strength.

“A” is for accountability. Paul and Bev have worked hard to teach and require accountability for every dollar donated to SSAM. In a cash economy receipts often are not provided, but our men have been insisting on it.

The “I” and the “S” stand of indigenously sustainable. This stirred up a lot of discussion, but the men are confident that they can teach their congregations to take more financial ownership of the ministry. It is obvious to everyone that there is a great dependency that we cannot allow to grow. The first step toward an indigenously sustainable mission is the leadership team on the field embracing the idea and setting achievable goals. Our South Sudanese friends have done just that!

The “E” is equitable. Often on the mission field those who speak English well have an inequitable amount of influence and authority. It takes concerted effort on the part of both American and South Sudanese leaders to keep things balanced.

One reason we traveled for many hours over rough roads to visit every church location on our 2013 visit was to emphasize our concern for, and partnership with, each church, every evangelist and all of the elders in each village. We are making progress! Thank you for sharing with us in the process of helping to RAISE up leaders and churches in South Sudan.

Meeting with the evangelists to discuss future plans of SSAM

--Simon Kuac, Paul Dut & George Deng

Receive my warm greetings in Jesus Christ‘s name. I hope you are fine all over there.

Dear All, the church at Makuac Amiir has been busy with its normal activities such as; Bible study, Sunday services, Evangelism and Sunday school. Meanwhile, we have newly baptized (41) people in the last three months.

Thanksgiving, we thank SSAM for their generous support, both financial, materials, prayers, and medicines which we received through mobile clinic vehicle. May God bless our USA donors, SSAM Board and Christians who work day and night to raise funds for our SSCOC (South Sudanese Church of Christ) Mission programs.

God Bless You all

May 31 - Tyler Street Church - Sacramento, CA
June 14 - Jackson Church of Christ, Jackson, CA
June 29 - July 5 - Ore. Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 19 - Bear Creek Christian Church, Rochester, MN
July 26-31 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
Sept 20 - Siletz Church of Christ, Siletz, OR
Oct. 18 - New Testament Christian Church, Keokuk, IA
Oct. 25 - Mountain View Church of Christ, Winchester, VA
Oct. 29- Nov. 1 - International Conference on Missions



  • Almighty God to continue blessing our church to develop and grow.
  • My health and health of my family.
  • Peace for South Sudan to find its way inside the hearts of our leaders and politicians--many people will starve this year because of war displacement; many families cannot plant crops because they are displaced from their homeland.
  • Pray for the people receiving medicine in Malek Christian Hospital that they may be cured with the medicines we are able to provide.


I am glad to have this opportunity to report to you the work of the church ministry in the five counties of Aweil and how my treatment went in Khartoum.

I spent twenty one days outside Aweil, the ministry continued well with lots of teaching by the evangelists in their local villages.

My treatment went very well. After doing all the predictive test values, the doctor came up with different diagnoses which includes (1) High blood pressure, (2) Suggestive Enteric Fever (Typhoid Fever) and (3) High Cholesterol Level. Thanks be to God that I have been improving thereafter. There is not as much pain in my left arm like before. I hope after I complete the medicines that I was given I will be better than this.

I have no words that best express how grateful I am to Sister Bev and to SSAM board of directors for the quickest response possible that resulted into prompt arrest of my illness in Khartoum. Without medical funds raised by SSAM I would have not gotten help as quick as this from any other source. You have been standing with me during the good and worst times in my life. Thank you!

Christians across our churches are calling me and saying a lot of praises to SSAM for finding funds for medical aid to Yournew (to me). Malek Church members are overwhelmed of my return well and strong to resumed serving the church. Thank you!

SSAM appreciates the contributors who have helped with Yournew's medical expenses. We sent $6,500 and to date we have received $2,905 to help with Yournew's medical treatment.


After receiving the email from Bev that IDES was able to grant us the funds for the school which was burned down by a wildfire, I informed the community and the Christians that they can now prepare themselves with local resources and manpower so that when the funds reach our account in Aweil we could immediately begin construction on the school.

Meanwhile the caretakers of those poor children were left without a single classroom – it is God answering their prayers through Church of Christ in Malek, SSAM and IDES in USA. They are and will be celebrating when the Malek Christians present to them the materials they need for rebuilding their school back to a better classroom for the children. I have no words to express what myself and my fellow congregational members have in our heart to thank IDES for the funds for St. Paul Primary School.

Thanks to IDES again for this important input to our community and our Christian members in the village of Malek.

$9,500 from IDES has been sent to Yournew to be used to rebuild the village school.

Village School
The village school which recently burnt

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