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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

--Received September 6, 2016

Greetings to you in the name of Almighty God.

I pray that this report will find you well and in good health.

I am glad to give you the reports for our churches in South Sudan and in general about the situation of the recent fighting in Juba between the SPLM-IO and South Sudan government.

The war brought serious hunger and many deaths at the hospitals because of the shortages of the medicines and food coming from East Africa and Khartoum. Even between states there is no free movement so that food items and medicines can be taken to other intra-communities who lack food and medicines.

The hunger in South Sudan is a serious one and in this situation we are praying that the Almighty God shall open doors and ways to the international community to help our young state grow into prosperity and peace that we need most.

Thank you to all the churches and individuals who support the people of South Sudan, specially the children and the mothers. Many people were killed during fighting in Juba, capital city of South Sudan and thousands more were or are now affected by the hunger which resulted in increased deaths of the children and mothers.


In Aweil State we have two congregations in Aweil Town which worship every Sunday and the congregations are growing daily in number and spiritual faith. We also established Bible studies at the church and many young people have joined the lessons and have given their lives to the Lord in baptism.

In Malekalel Church, the building was completed and we are praying that your visit will be possible in the upcoming months to be able to bless as well as to witness the opening ceremony at Malekalel church compound. We can make one ceremony for the church opening and the ABC graduation in January. We will be waiting to hear from you whether you can make a visit to Aweil in January 2017. (This trip is pending due to the civil unrest)

I am also very glad to report to you that Regina Alakiir, the lady who graduated from the ABC 2015 class got married and they have agreed with the husband for her come back and continue to go ahead teaching the ladies at the church. She will work fulltime in the mission. She is very happy that the church called her back to come and work with the women group. The husband supports her work of the Lord. We pray this will be a good program for Regina to engage the women with the word of God. Regina will be teaching the women to read the Bible in Dinka and English.

Regina graduation
Bev giving Regina a hug after she received her diploma


In Aweil East State we have constructed two churches with the local materials. The construction of the church in Malualbaai was completed which cost 51500 ssp (South Sudanese Pound). Uyoon Church of Christ has received 40,000 ssp but is still under construction. We pray for the congregation of Uyoon Church of Christ to complete the praying shelter as well. In July, there was a problem getting all the materials to complete the building


In Aweil mission we have released 40,000 ssp for Warpeach Church of Christ to construct the church with the local materials and pastor Angelo Atak did very good job for his congregation. The team of pastors went there for the visit and opened the church officially. The reception was very good.


  • Santino's wife, Tabitha who has been very ill and in the hospital.
  • Continuing prayer for good governance of South Sudan.
  • Pray for Almighty God to bring lasting solutions to stop hunger and the disease outbreak that is facing the whole of our nation of South Sudan.
  • Pray for the growth of our church of Christ in South Sudan and neighboring countries.

--Bev Douglass Campbell

All of my life I have known Burl and Bernita Shoemake and the impact "Mom and Pop" Shoemake (Burl's parents) had on Dad's life. Within hours of each other on Saturday, August 27th, both Burl and Bernita passed into eternity. Burl and Bernita have been a vital part of the South Sudan African Mission since its beginning in 1987.

Paul, with the late Burl, Bernita Shoemake and Marilyn Douglass
(June 2013)

Paul relates, "In February 1946, I was a lost bewildered soul so I called Burl's parents and asked "who is this Christ that guides your lives?" I went to talk to them at their home. Burl had just left for San Jose Bible College so his bedroom was empty. They asked me to live in their home and take Burl's bedroom and learn of Christ. I took them up on their Christian offer so I could find out how good Christ really is." In the fall of 1947, Paul enrolled in San Jose Bible College and then in Midwestern School of Evangelism in Ottumwa, IA. There he met Marilyn and later married. You know the rest of this story.

Burl and Bernita printed and mailed the SSAM newsletter from their home in Sutter Creek, CA until 2001 when because of failing health they moved to Turner, OR and subsequently Burl sold his printing press. Burl accompanied Paul on one trip to South Sudan in the late 1990's.

Each time I visited with Bernita when I was in Turner, she always asked how the mission was going. She even requested ten extra copies of the newsletter so she could hand them out to her friends. Burl and Bernita were truly friends of myself, the family and South Sudan African Mission.

As of the printing of the newsletter, no details of their memorial service are known. However, if you would like to make a contribution to the South Sudan African Mission in their honor, I know that Burl and Bernita would be pleased.


Please pray for Santino's wife, Tabitha who has been ill and in the hospital. Last information we received is Tabitha is out of the hospital but still very sick and weak.


Sept. 28 - p.m. Monterey, LA Church of Christ**
Oct. 2 a.m. - Mandeville, LA Christian Church**
Oct. 2 p.m. - Forest Park Church of Christ, Crowley, LA**
Oct. 15 - Ladies Breakfast, Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 16 - Northland Christian Church, Kansas City, MO
Nov. 7 - a.m. - Centerville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 11-12 - IDES Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN
Nov. 13 a.m. - Medaryville, IN Christian Church
Nov. 17 -20 - International Conference on Missions, (ICOM)
Lexington, KY Booth 1101**
Nov. 20 - p.m. - Christview Christian Church, Winchester, KY**
**Steve and Deanna Holsinger will be with Bev in Louisiana and at ICOM in Lexington, KY.

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