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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

March, 2015 Update

Co-Founder of South Sudan African Mission, Marilyn Douglass passes away
February 24, 2015

On January 14, 2015, Marilyn Douglass suffered a massive heart attack which resulted in two stents being put in her heart. After twelve days in the hospital she was released to a rehabilitation facility in Gresham. While still in the care facility on February 20th, Marilyn suffered a severe stroke which left her unresponsive. She passed away on Tuesday, February 24th while her daughter, Bev Douglass Campbell and grandson, Nick Campbell were en route home from South Sudan after attending the Aweil Bible College graduation. Because of her impact on the South Sudan African Mission, we are dedicating this newsletter to Marilyn Douglass. Her celebration of life was held Wednesday, March 4 with Steve Holsinger officiating. Please honor Marilyn with a gift to the South Sudan African Mission. Memorial funds donated in honor of Marilyn will be used to further the education of young women in South Sudan at the Aweil Bible College in Malek.

Tribute to "Mama Marilyn"
--Yournew Wol Kuot

The following was written by Yournew and read at Marilyn's Celebration of Life.

I know that Marilyn was as well loved and respected in the United States as here in South Sudan. It will take time; days, weeks, months and years for me and my people in South Sudan to accept her passing. It will be hard to say bye to Mama Marilyn. I hope that father Paul will get stronger to stand this loss with us all.

Marilyn was a loving mother not only to me but to my people. She did a great job for the people of South Sudan. She has shown us love and how to love. She has shown us how to bring even our own relatives who haven’t heard of Christ before to Christ. Her work with father Paul brings us closer to Jesus Christ. We are bringing Christ's news right now which without Marilyn's efforts together with father Paul we would have never returned to the villages we abandoned during war time.

I will miss mother Marilyn but I will never forget her in my heart. Paul and Marilyn brought me out of oppression in Khartoum, sent me to Zimbabwe Christian College whereby I was able to interpret the Bible to my people which without Paul and Marilyn I would have not been where I am today as well as my people. Many didn't make it back to Malek village and through the church and Marilyn and Paul I was able to return to my homeland with ease.

I will not be able to count all the clothes she made to clothe the poor, orphans and elderly nor the counseling she gave me to commit myself to serving my people through the word of God. Marilyn is godly and God's chosen woman for me and to the people of South Sudan.

No phrases of words are fit to praise Paul and Marilyn and their support to me and the people of South Sudan as a whole. Since 1988 until this day in 2015, their commitment to finish and support what they started has made a difference in our community. The team that Marilyn and Paul raised has reached places no one has preached before. Marilyn is a godly mother to me and to the people of South Sudan.

Mama Marilyn's Service in Malek
Yournew speaking at Mama Marilyn's funeral service in Malek

Marilyn may have gone and left Paul too soon but she will forever live in our hearts.

We are praying for Paul, Bev and Marilyn’s grand children that they take heart and complete for Marilyn whatever she might have left behind to be accomplished.

Christians are mourning in joy that Marilyn has gone to the Almighty God that she has been serving throughout each single day and night that she spent on earth.

Even on her sick bed Marilyn sent Bev, her son Nick and Steve to reach down to us in Malek to let go to harvest the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. What touched my heart is her passing while her grandson Nick and daughter Bev were on their mission back to the states.

Mama Marilyn, you will always live in us and always be remembered, may Almighty God rest your soul in peace.

I may not be at the ceremonial services but I am sharing with you in spirit. All our Christian leaders will be attending with the congregation in Malek to have a funeral for mother Marilyn and for the blessings to the Godly family she left behind with us.

Yours faithfully, in Christ Jesus, Yournew


  • Paul Douglass and family as they adjust to life without Marilyn.
  • New graduates of Aweil Bible College and their future with SSAM.
  • Incoming class of students at Aweil Bible College and the teachers as they begin a new school year.
  • Praise that the trip to Malek, South Sudan went flawlessly with all connections made, our health remained good, we remained safe and the graduation was a testimony to the goodness of God in South Sudan.

ABC Bible College Graduation
Graduating class of 2015 at Aweil Bible College

Aweil Bible College Graduation Held February 20th
--Steve Holsinger

The graduation ceremony at Aweil Bible College is a tribute to the in-country leadership team of South Sudan African Mission. In addition to the responsibility our preachers have for their home churches and the evangelists who work with them, they take turns teaching ABC courses under the direction of ABC principal Angelo Atak. This class marked the reinstatement of the Bible college after some local flooding followed by the collapse of the student dormitory. This year marked another milestone: our first woman- Regina- graduated. These young graduates will be serving in their home areas doing evangelism as well as opening schools in the villages as a means of blessing the community and earning a living. It was very encouraging to see the graduates in their brilliant blue gowns marching in while singing in unison, “I have decided to follow Jesus…no turning back, no turning back!” Pray for these fine young people as they begin their ministries.

We will have more on the trip in future newsletters.

Regina, the first woman to graduate from Aweil Bible College

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