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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

May/June 2016 Update
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- Steve Holsinger

A recent phone call to some of our ministry partners was humbling. I called a couple of ladies in California who had donated $15,000.00 to provide steel roof trusses and metal roofing for the brick church building constructed by the church in Chilkot where Paulino is the preacher. As I thanked these ladies I was reminded of the importance of careful stewardship of every dollar contributed to South Sudan African Mission. I was reminded who the donors are: these ladies are not wealthy individuals looking for a good tax deductible place to invest extra wealth. This gift represented genuine sacrifice motivated by tremendous love for the Lord and the Sudanese people. I was reminded as well who the recipients are: The people SSAM is reaching out to are among the poorest on the face of the earth! A few dollars can be the difference between life and death and between a hopeless eternity or salvation in Christ. I am grateful that Bev is so careful with funds and the board of directors is setting policies that represent wise stewardship of all funds given to SSAM. Thank you for being a part of this life and soul saving ministry.

Yournew and Paulino with a church member


We are blessed that the ministry work is progressing well in the Aweil Churches despite the difficulties we have been experiencing and worse scenarios we have faced during 2015 into the New Year. Our pastors and evangelists are busy teaching the people the word of God (the Good News) in their local Churches. There are many report from churches that many people are call on daily and the great news is that many people have been baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. More people are attending Bible studies and we pray that they will join the Christian community soon.

You will read more about the churches progress from the report of the pastors and Evangelists which I have filed here along with this report. (Look for more reports in future newsletters!)

Just to summarized the miracle of our church growth:

Malekalel church has had 30 people baptized into Christ and became member congregations of South Sudan of Christ. We have 17 more children of God registered to receive Christ through baptism soon at our new compound in Aweil town.

There were 12 people baptized into Christ and became members of Malual Baai church of Christ, and more people are willing to join our Bible studies in Aweil East State.

In Lol State two new churches were established at Chel South and Chel North under the shepherd-ship of Paulino Malou and our new evangelist graduates from ABC. (Aweil Bible College)

A new church has been planted in a newly formed county under Aweil State at Ayai Payam a place called Rol-Chol. So far we have new members reaching to more than seventy congregational members (74 members) within a period of only two months. Our congregations are growing so fast – we shout alleluia to the higher Lord of heaven and earth.

Santino sent this picture of the displaced persons in Malekal

Please continue to pray for the people in the Malekal region of South Sudan. Because of the length of Santino's report, we will feature Santino's report in the next newsletter.



  • Peace will find its way into the hearts of the leaders in South Sudan.
  • The dire hunger problem facing those in South Sudan.
  • The SSAM staff is South Sudan will remain healthy and strong throughout the ongoing hunger crisis.
  • SSAM Board members as they lead the Sudan African Mission.
  • Bev as she travels presenting the mission to churches and
    individuals across the US.
  • Dr. John as he completes his schooling and makes plans to go back to South Sudan.



Our beloved country is facing hunger at all corners because of inflation of food commodities in the market. The reason we are lacking accessibility is because of the roads from East Africa and North Sudan/Khartoum. Last year's poor harvest affected South Sudan as a whole. The hunger incidence than became the topic and most painful disease which every citizen has experienced in our country. The people are moving from place to place searching for food and most of the vulnerable people are crossing the border daily to North Sudan/ Khartoum in search for labor duties just to be able to buy portion of maize floor in order to feed their children. The road to Khartoum and other refugee camps in neighboring countries are insecure and many end up being killed or die of malaria and diarrheal diseases since there is so safe drinking water.

Our church is trying hard to register those who are most needy and most poorest disables, widow, widowers, orphans and such other people in our neighborhoods who may need our help. The little food items we have to distribute to them was not enough at all but it is we could afford to give them. The portion of food we give only last a few day and they will still need more. We thank God for the work SSAM is doing to the people of South Sudan. The funds that SSAM sends for "Food for Life" was enough for only 66 sacks (50kgs each) of Sorghums which have been distributed to 396 Households, each house received 2Kgs. (about 4 US pounds)

The hunger situation is getting worse daily in our churches. Most of our congregations are in need of support from churches still but our mission to help the needy is the priority.

We are praying that each and every family of our member staff be blessed and will stay healthy away from these difficulties.

We are appealing to the churches of Christ in USA and SSAM Board of Directors to help our congregation with food. The hunger situation is getting worse. Please put us all in your daily prayers, so that our God may open the blessing doors to the South Sudanese and bring the lasting peace to the nation.



I have been busy finalizing my research work which I am defending today, May 20, 2016. I have exams next week starting on May 23. My remaining days are full of work. The results of the exams may come out by June 10th, based on the tentative schedule.

The graduation and return to South Sudan will follow a week after results. It is likely that I will return to South Sudan before the end of June. Will let you know a week before departure once we confirmed the departure dates. I am requesting prayers for success during my busy remaining days in Malawi.
God bless you all.


June 28 - July 3 - Oregon Christian Convention, Turner, OR
July 12-15 - North American Christian Convention, Anaheim, CA Booth #13
July 31 - August 5 - Winema Week of Missions, Oregon Coast
August 9 - p.m. Platte Valley Ladies Fellowship hosted by Riverside Church of Christ, Torrington, WY
August 14 a.m. - Superior, NE Church of Christ
August 14 p.m. - Lexington, NE Church of Christ
August 28 a.m. - Marcola Christian Church, Marcola, OR

If you would like an update on the South Sudan African Mission please contact Bev by email or phone 503.729.4631.

Other venues are pending but have not been confirmed.

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