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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

October, 2015 Update

--Paulino Malou Bol Dear Steve, Bev and SSAM Members,

I am greeting you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. We are busy doing our work well and successfully at the War-Lai Church of Christ. We have formed a special committee of both men and women to organize the Sunday church service. They are responsible for door to door church activities and to encourage non-believers. God has blessed our church by blessing non- believers. We pray for each unbeliever and we teach them to understand the Bible. We are making a small shelter so we can pray inside during the raining season.

I am back from my treatment after one month away. Upon my return I found that the Chelkou and Marial Baai congregations are doing well, praising, worshipping and praying to God.

I have quickly recovered from my sickness and appreciate the role played by South Sudan African Mission and South Sudan Church of Christ Aweil Mission for having facilitated my travels and follow-up my treatment. I am now healed and doing well. Praise God that I am treated as result of your commitment.

Brothers and sisters, we are very excited for your cooperation with us for so long. Our relationship will remain strong and continue. We pray God will bless the individuals who unite their hands to encourage and support our community through medicine.

Thank you all and may God bless you for your support.


Church report activities in Chelkou church of Christ.

Chelkou’s congregation is doing well and my family is ok. The church members often recall you because of the gifts you gave them when you came from the USA for student's graduation.

Chelkou evangelism is in progress as the two young Timothys are doing their best in the Church. The elders ministry, youth ministry, women ministry, Sunday school ministry are in progress. Agriculture or Ox-plow program is doing well. Though there is a little drought we hope for a good harvest in the near future so that we may eradicate hunger from our families and church members since this project was intended to solve the issue of the vulnerable people in the church.

Chelkou Trinity Basic School is in progress as is children's Sunday school. I have plans to establish a profit making school in Aweil Town in the near future so that it can help with other projects in our local Church.

The goal is to establish schools in all churches so that every church should have little income. Paulino will be Director for the children's education program. In Chelkou we have 250 children and five volunteer teachers in the church who support children in teaching, sports, spiritual healing and giving themselves.


Chelkou congregation‘s achievements:

  • A church building was constructed using local materials and the Christians have participated very well.
  • Ox plow program. The church came up with the initiative of having a church farm to support vulnerable people in our congregation.
  • Sunday school basic day care school is established in Chelkou and we have 250 children registered in the school with 100 girls and 150 boys.
  • Evangelism in both congregations has been achieved as we have 15 persons who were baptized. Seven are women and eight are men. They offered testimonies of not going back to the world.
  • We have assisted Malek Christian Church in the construction of a concrete building and we hope the same will happen in Chelkou.

Paulino accepting gifts from the United States for his village

When the SSAM team was in Malek, South Sudan in February we took toothbrushes, soccer balls, bats, balls, little wooden cars, small dolls which were donated by several indiviuals and churches. Paulino was so thrilled to have a toothbrush to use so he would no longer need to use a twig. We are so blessed!


  • Each of the Christians in South Sudan as they continue to deal with war and food shortage.
  • Wisdom and health for leaders of the South Sudan African Mission in South Sudan.
  • Students at the Aweil Bible College as they continue their studies.
  • Traveling mercies and continued health for Bev as she represents SSAM every weekend in October.


--Pauline Auma, Principal of St. Paul Primary and Secondary School

(Reporting on behalf of community and school pupils and Christians in Malekalel Church of Christ Youth who participated in rebuilding the burned school).

Dear Bev (for SSAM), and IDES

St. Paul’s School located in Aweil South, Northern Bhar Ghazal State is changing lives of the community by giving them maximum and better education according to South Sudan Syllabus.

Our appreciation goes to the entire team that stood with us during the difficult time when the school burned, both in prayers and financial support through our spiritual leader, Yournew Wol Kuot.

The entire community gives thanks to your family and friends who contributed towards the school. The classes started and are currently going on despite the challenge of books and uniforms. Thanks once more and may God bless you as we look forward to meet and work together again.

Community Evangelism
Students at St. Paul's Primary and Secondary School in Malek



In April 2009, I took my first trip to South Sudan which ended up being life changing. Dad (Paul Douglass) had been asking me to move to Gresham and help with the South Sudan African Mission. I had no intentions of leaving my job as an insurance agent in Rochester, MN to work for the South Sudan African Mission. Needless to say on that trip, I fell in love with the people of South Sudan. After I returned home, the needs of South Sudan continued to nag at me but I kept convincing myself I did not want to leave my family in Minnesota, my church family or my job. But the thought continued to go through my mind, "do I want to just be a good insurance agent the rest of my life or do I want to go work for a mission and make a small lasting impact to those a world away?"


Oct. 11 a.m. - Lemon Grove Christian Church, Lemon Grove, CA

Oct. 18 a.m. - New Testament Church, Keokuk, IA

Oct. 18 p.m. - Lancaster Christian church, Lancaster. MO

Oct. 25 a.m. - Mountain View Church of Christ, Winchester, VA

Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 - Int'l Conference on Mission, Richmond, VA Booth #426. Steve & Deanna Holsinger & Bev Douglass Campbell will represent SSAM.

Nov. 13 & 14 - Int'l Disaster Emergency Service Board of Directors Meeting, Noblesville, IN

Nov. 15 a.m. - Centerville Christian Church, Centerville, IN


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